Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1, 2006: 6:30PM-8:30PM

As I sit on the plane, heading home from Phoenix, this is a reflection of the last two or so hours:

After work, I went to a restaurant with a couple of the girls I work with. (Names are withheld for confidentiality) I had some wine (which is unusual for me) and now I remember why I rarely drink wine. Wine and I don't agree, it does not pass go, it does not collect $200.00, it just goes directly to my head. So after the wine, and the great conversation, we go outside and get the car from the valet. I am then driven to the airport for my 8:30PM flight. Here is a picture of the valet guy:

*Note: While we were at the restaurant, we discussed the fact that I did not like carrying a purse and I simply carry my wallet and Treo.*

Back to the story, I get out of the car at the airport and walk from the car up to security. At which point, I cannot find my wallet. (The distance from the car to security is only about 500 yards). I proceeded to tear apart my laptop bag, go through all my jacket pockets and I couldn't find it anywhere. Luckily, I still had my Treo so, I called the 'person that dropped me off' as I noted that the battery on my Treo was at 3%. It is at this point that I kicked myself for giving Jane McKay my super battery AND I let her keep her other one as well (which means I did not have my spare). I ALWAYS have two Treo batteries, but of course, not today. Anyway, so I get a hold of the 'person that dropped me off' and she pulls off the side of the road and searches her car for my wallet. Unfortunately, she was unable to find it. I retraced all of my steps, checked with security and was still unable to find my wallet.

I decided to try and get through security with my work badge. Shockingly, this worked but I was then subjected to some serious screening. I was hoping when they took every item out of my bag that magically my wallet would appear but unfortunately it didn't. Note all the marks and heart shaped hole punches they make on your boarding pass if you don't have a government issued ID:

My cell phone is now officially dead and so I find a pay phone. Frankly, I was surprised to even find one (What kind of a person still uses these things) and it took me a couple of seconds to remember even how to operate this archaic mess of a phone. I am now sitting on the floor, powering up my laptop, and calling my husband on the payphone. As you can see below, it is a very pathetic scene. My laptop needed to be on so that I could plug my Treo into it so it would charge. I informed David that he had to meet me at Burbank airport because I had no money to get myself out of the parking structure. I also told him he needed to cancel all of my credit cards. Luckily, this was my small wallet and all I had in there was my personal AMEX, my work AMEX, my ATM, Hilton Honors and Southwest card. Fortunately, before my flight this morning, I had taken all my receipts out otherwise I would have the AP police all over me.

So now, as I sit here, on the plane, I am left to ponder the following seven things:

(1) How am I going to get to San Francisco on Monday without ID or a credit card?
(2) Is it possible that the wine was the reason I lost my wallet?
(3) If I carried my wallet in a purse would I have lost it?
(4) How am I going to get my Starbucks tomorrow since I don't have any money?
(5) What possessed me to give away my great Treo battery?
(6) Why won't this stupid woman next to me stop talking? She is interrupting my blogging!
(7) If I was only in Hawaii, none of this would have happened..

My laptop battery is now dead, my IPOD battery is dead, my Treo has charged up to 7% and this blog entry is done.


Anonymous said...

Wow, all I can say is, Wow.

cap'n jeff said...

I am sure this has already occurred to you, but did anyone check the lost and found at the restaurant where you enjoyed your glass of vino? As much as you frequent Phoenix I am shocked you require ID at all. I figured the TSA staff were on your Christmas Card mailing list by now...

Just remember, it could always be worse, look how lost you felt when your Treo died! But seriously, I am truly sorry this has happened.

Jane said...

Kim is my technical expert and always prepared. In her attempt to get her protoege up to speed I am fortunate to have two Treo batteries (the super battery lasted 2 full days with out charging by the way).

Let me be your life expert. I own two drivers licenses. One in which I carry in my very small wallet, and one that my husband carries so that when we go to the bar I do not need to carry the small wallet for id (I will say that I am getting id'ed less often these days, however that was the original intent when he started carrying the "lost license" 10 years ago).

Just like having two treo batteries a girl has to have a back up plan. Tucked away in a special pocket in my swiss army bag is my passport. Tucked away inside of my passport is a credit card that is rarely used (not just a credit card but a credit card with a photo on the front).

Looks like a owe you a bottle of wine!

Kim Thomas said...

cap'n: Yes, we did check the restaurant but I didn't want to bore you with ALL of the details ;)

jane: You are so my hero!

SquareBob said...

Well, at least I got lunch before the wallet was lost.... :-)

Plankton said...

Guess I should have taken you to the airport but you might have lost your wallet at The George and Dragon anyway.

Kim Thomas said...

I finally know who plankton is!!!!!! I have been wondering since you first appeared.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I have been anonymously enjoying your blogs for a while now. Now I feel the need to speak up and send you a big cyber hug.((((((((KIM)))))))). I can so relate to what your going through. I lost my wallet once to the tune of $825 plus change and credit cards, ID, ATM card and checkbook. It was horrible to replace all of it and I will never forget it. May Santa bring you extra of all the things you lost.

PS I think this Jane chick sounds like someone I could learn from. I think I will have to "loose" my Drivers License to get an extra...:) for "just in case" future usage.

Queen B said...

LOL, it's probably stuck under a table at George 'n Dragon. You should have mentioned in the blog that was where you were, it would have made everything very clear!

Dora said...

Well there's another thing we have in common! Wine and I just do not get along at all.

I agree with Jane. I have 2 driver's licenses as well. It's well worth the $4.00 DMV charges for a replacement. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmn the anonymous driver called the restaurant the the valet parking to see if the wallet was there - there restaurant no - valet still waiting to hear but will drive that way home Monday to check

dawn :) said...

breakfast is on me this morning. shall we meet at marston's or bonnie? perhaps we should skip the mimosa's - but, then again, you have nothing left to lose!


Kim Thomas said...

To the anonymous hugger. I am 99% sure I know how you are and you know that I love you dearly. ((((((((((((Anonymous))))))))))))

Kim Thomas said...

To Jane:

You need to do a guest spot on the show "A modern girl's guide to life"-You would be perfect!