Friday, January 12, 2007

Exiting the Burbank Airport Parking Structure

I have so much material tonight but for now we will focus on the adventures of leaving the Burbank Airport parking structure on a busy Friday night.

Kim exists the parking structure and thinks "Hmm, which line will be quicker-uh oh merging from the right so lets go all the way to the left" BIG MISTAKE!

Raj (female) was working in the left lane. After 4 cars were through it was now my turn. I hand Raj my credit card and ticket at 9:38. Raj proceeds to pound with her index finger on the register ...........pounds some more.......pounds some more......I am sitting there, the cars are lining up behind me and for some reason, as the minutes tick by I am not even slightly annoyed, rather I am intrigued by the horrible customer service. I have been sitting here, two feet away from Raj for approximately 10 minutes and she has said nothing. I am simply wondering if she will ever say anything again, it is possible that I could die here and the last sounds I will ever hear are of her pounding on the register. I ponder what I would do if I were Raj. (1) I would stop pounding, surely that is not going to do anyone any good (2) I would apologize profusely to the customer (3) I would make some sort of hand motion (who me? LOL) to tell the cars behind the first car to go to another line. (4) Get help, in the next lane there are two people in the same booth, maybe one of them can assist. More pounding......More Pounding....I am now amused (for some reason) and I decide that if I am sitting here, I might as well take some pictures:

Note my reflection in the window as Raj pounds:

Two workers in the next booth over:

Long Line of Cars Behind Me

More Pounding (look at those arms go at it)

Still Waiting at 9:59PM

At approximately 10:03 Raj hands me the little clipboard, my credit card, and a pen. She indicates that I should sign the receipt. I sign it and hand her back the clipboard. I hold onto the pen just to see if Raj knows how to converse. Finally, Raj speaks: "You still have my pen" I say, "Oh, here you go" and I hand her the pen. I receive no "thank you", no "I apologize for the delay", no, "It's freezing cold, I'm sorry you have had your window open for the last half hour". I leave and still slightly amused and not angry I head directly towards San Gabe (Thats a story for another night).


kays said...

I'm dying here with laughter! Only you would take her picture-LOL
You should forward this incident, with pics, to customer service at the airport. BTW, how do you know her name is Raj?

Kim Thomas said...

She had a name badge. LOL

SquareBob said...

With all the traveling you do through Burbank, do not not have an assigned parking spot in the employee lot yet????

Had that been me, I would have been fuming, and would have been on my phone calling the parking company or someone...

At least it was memorible

Raj said...

Mrs. Kim Thomas (Indian accent) I must beg for your forgiveness… I apologized a thousand times.

Forever sorry,

Teri said...

I cannot believe you just sat there, I would have been furious.

queen b said...

at any point during this did you turn your car off to conserve gas? that would have been a nice hint to Raj.

LOL, I can't believe you were sitting there taking pictures, though I guess you had to entertain yourself somehow!!

James said...

i would have killed joke haha

Jon E. said...

I am proud of you, I would have become very irritated, said something rude and then say "have a nice day". You must of been burnt out from travel.

mtc said...

Devil's advocate here. Did you ever think that Raj has to sit with her window open in the freezing cold for HOURS as opposed to the inconvenient 30 minutes you did? Also, you were very generous in your amusement... as most of the responses here confirm, everyone else would most likely have lost it on Raj (probably myself included) so how are we to know she hadn't come across the average huffing and puffing impatient customers all evening?

I'm not condoning her rudeness. I say, "NO!" to that... but I was just offering a smidge of a compromise here.