Monday, November 24, 2014

Thank You, BFF

So anybody that knows Jane knows that she has a small bladder and Brooke has one just like hers. Being a person that rarely goes to the bathroom the constant bathroom stopping I don't get. A few weeks ago Jane told Brooke that she should never pass up the opportunity to use the bathroom. Saturday I think I was in 7 public restrooms since Brooke said she needed to not pass it. Tonight we were ready to leave Disneyland (like in the car) and Brooke announces she needs to pee. Back down the elevators at the parking structure we enter the bathroom and I notice she has no shoes. I start to somewhat let her have it and she says "Mom you just shouldn't have passed the bathroom". Thanks, Laura. I love you!!!!


Jane said...

Brooke I am so proud of you!

Sara Watson said...

haaaaaaaahahaha. what a little sponge :)