Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My Awesome Dallas Layover

About two weeks before heading to Orlando I was on the phone chatting with Sara and decided to book an alternate flight home. This flight would give me a 4 hour stop in Dallas. PERFECT! 

Last Thursday Brooke and I were able to spend a good 2.5 hours with Sara and Avery! While I wanted to hold her when she was 4 pounds all 10 pounds of her were still so perfect! I couldn't have been happier with our visit and Brooke was very good the entire time (she has the iPad and Netflix was going so keeping her busy wasn't that hard) xoxoxo Watsons!


Jane said...

Avery face in the last one is precious

Sara Watson said...

SO SO happy this worked out :)

heehee on the outfit change...sigh