Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Visit to Tampa

I was lucky to be able to extend my Orlando trip for two extra days and visit the Sauers in Tampa. Mom, Brooke, Abbey and I had a great time visiting their new stomping grounds. Highlights included:

  1. Hanging out together
  2. Getting the local tour from Nathan including the Snake Woods, Landfill, various cul-de-sacs and which ponds have alligators
  3. Pictures with Santa
  4. Trampoline jumping
  5. Found David's Christmas gift
  6. Sauer Christmas presents
  7. Getting to catch up with Rachel


Jane said...

You are definitely the fun aunt

TSteppy said...

Hopefully number five on the list is not at all related number two on the list.

Diane said...

Cute kids!!

Andrea said...

There is really nothing more fun than cousin fun, is there? :)

Sara Watson said...

still can't believe they're in Florida

Our mall Santa had the exact same setup. Who knew it was a chain...