Thursday, June 28, 2007

10 Bucks Up For Grabs (Part 2)

OK. So here it is: The photo was taken at Sushi Roku in Pasadena. I have no idea what the photo is of.......sorry, I was enlisting help to get the answer and I don't think anybody got it right. Sorry!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Naked Baby

Before I even start this blog I want to make a disclaimer: No nasty comments are allowed on this blog topic. This is a funny story and that is it, I don't want to hear anything that I or my mother would think is inappropriate.

This blog is to all but mostly it is being written for my sisters. The other day I saw the following scene which prompted me to quickly take the photo. Count them, 3 Naked Babies!

Growing up, we had one doll which had no clothes. Becca and I called it "The Naked Baby". Every night before bed we would throw the naked baby into the other persons bed and state "You have the naked baby". This would go on back and forth until one person gave up and threw the naked baby onto the floor. Stupid you might say, but it was a fun game. I hereby state for the record that I no longer have "The Naked Baby" but I do know where I could find three of them........

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

For Bloggers:

I just read on the "Rachel Made Me Do This" blog that sometimes newer bloggers run out of material. I remember when I first started blogging (and even now I get writers block) I was at a loss for material. Several new blogs have popped up in the last couple of weeks so I am going to recap the 22 reasons why I continue to have blog material, this time with the thought processes behind the 22 items. (The 22 reasons was originally posted on my 200th blog, note this is my 301th blog)

22. Paper Towel Dispensers (I could also add, bathrooms, ketchup, basically any good collection)
21. Reality TV (Good TV shoes render good material)
20. Ms. Pacman (Ms Pacman is my favorite game, write about yours)
19. Good Restaurants (Restaurant reviews are always good fillers)
18. Cell Phones (Love a good cell phone)
17. Mom (A great mother always delivers interesting things to write about)
16. Stupid People (The world is full of stupid people, take 1)
15. Blackberry's and Treo's (I love smart phones, the possibilities are endless)
14. Other Technology (An occasional technology review is a great thing)
13. Joshua (Awww, he is the cutest)
12. Queen B (She is the funniest)
11. 24 (The show sucked this year but I still wrote about it)
10. Phoenix FSO Team (These folks are the best at taking random photos for my blog)
9. Starbucks (Observing people in a coffee house is great)
8. Friends and Family (Friends and Family are the best)
7. Birthday (Happy Birthday)
6. Long Island (Great stories and photos are only one result)
5. The TSA (The world is full of stupid people and most of them work at the TSA)
4. The Internet (Material is gained quickly by searching various websites including Reuters)
3. Mr and Mrs Smith (How great are they?)
2. Constant Travel (Observing different locations and people produces interesting facts and stories)
1. Discreet Photography (Nothing is better than a really great photo)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Mindy and Christie!!!!!

June 24th is a fabulous day!!! Two of my favorite people are having their birthday today. Unfortunately, I have not returned home from vacation so I don't have any embarrassing photos to share of either of you but I want you both to know that I am thinking of you today. With that, Happy Birthday Mindy and Christie!

Nothing Like Good Ole Family Fun

First the Fun Corner and now the closed "Family Fun Center". There cannot be enough fun in this world so I guess their attempts deserve an acknowledgement.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Blogging Week Recaped.....

No Thursday or Friday update on the following blogs:

Skinner Family News
Mr and Mrs Smith
My Thoughts By Teri

Thursday update by:
Happy Bunny

Friday update by:
Queen B

Way to go Happy Bunny, REM and Queen B for setting the pace! The rest of us will catch up!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Double Yellow Lines

Today as I am driving down the road (I always drive) David decides to speak and when he does he inadvertently delivered the quote of the day. Note, this is a semi-irritated husband speaking to his wife who has not been amused and in fact is quite annoyed: "The Double Yellow is Not a Suggestion". The annoyed wife, pulls the Blackberry Pearl off of the dash and proceeds to take a photo of the car as it is now further over the yellow line than it was a few moments earlier......unfortunately, I am not able to upload photos. It will follow at some point.

Bloggers Like Comments

So here's the thing: Yesterday I did 22 shout outs and I got 5 responses (one from someone who didn't even originally get a hello-most impressive). Does this make me happy? Not so much. Now, in all fairness there are some that may not been to visit yesterday and for those in that category, I'm sorry that you are getting chastised with the rest.....but in all reality you really should be visiting everyday. ;)

Bloggers live for fills their love tanks. (I can explain that one later)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Bucks Up For Grabs

To anyone that can tell me where this photo was taken and what it is. (Yes, both questions must be answered and I will not split the money if you can get one question right but not the other)

22 Random Hellos From Wyoming

To Larry: You are awesome! (Sorry)
To Mike: Feel Better
To Becca: Thanks for taking care of Katie
To Tina Marie: Thanks for cleaning up your act
To Diane: So she'll respond to this blog
To Ruth Ann: For teaching an awesome class tonight
To James: Glad you didn't break a leg tonight!
To Teri and Laura: Great job, new bloggers!
To REM: Congratulations to the new Pro
To Queen B: Lose the Purse!!!
To Tony: Here's to burning in the Sun
To Scott W: I still have the GPS! Call Me!
To MTC: You are the Champion!
To JennAnn: Yay! Your Blogging Again
To Kevin: Yes, I am in on vacation.
To Kays: When are we going to get together?
To Andria, Jenn and MTC: It's time for a dinner
To Dora: Your a rock star!
To Ronner: Send me another picture from the 70's
To Jeff V: Congratulations!
To John Smith: Thanks for the camera and charger! I love presents!

To Brittney: The Happy Bunny Rocks!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Crosswalk Continued

Well, I didn't do it but James did. Unfortunately we are not going back to Jackson or the next photo would be of me, in the crosswalk, with a small coke.

Making Crosswalks Safer

Jackson Wyoming has come up with a new method of making crossing the street safer. Next to each crosswalk they have these orange flags. When pedestrians go into the crosswalk they are supposed to take a flag and wave it while they cross the street. LOL! When they get to the other side they simply deposit the flag in one of the red slots that are available in the flag pole.

Two things: (1) Even though I laugh, this actually could help prevent accidents (2) I simply can't do it.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yum Hashbrowns!

I saw this sign while driving through Idaho today:

Now really? really? Is anybody out there really going to go to to buy hashbrowns? If I want hashbrowns I am going to go to Denny's. Guess what? I can go to Denny's at any time of the day and get some hashbrowns.

This is absolutely one product that I do not need the internet in order to purchase. This sign is brought to us by "Nonpareil Potatoes" not that you could tell that from the sign. I actually did go to the website. On their website they even had clipart and wallpaper of...guess what? Yes, potatoes. Please, people.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

There are three parts to this blog so here goes:

Part 1:
Mom, You are the best mother a daughter could ever dream of having. Thank you for always being there for me and for being not just my mom but my friend. I Love you more than you will ever know and don't know what I would do if I didn't have you apart of my daily life. Nobody could ever take your place! Love, Kim

Part 2:
For all of those wondering how much do I talk to my mom here is the official cell phone numbers records for 2007:

May: 533 minutes
April: 620 minutes
March: 659 minutes
February: 344 minutes (Remember February is a short month)
January: 585 minutes

Funny Note: After grandma (mom's mom) died James made this brilliant remark: "Well, I guess now when the phone rings, we know it's Kim"

Part 3:Several things have happened since this photo was taken four years ago. (1) Andrew became addicted to X-Box online gaming-note his "clan" as they are called, is ranked #1 in the world and he will now never leave the house (2) Mom went from being amazed that I could see her on the internet (via webcam) to checking the Old Faithful and tons of other webcams multiple times a day. (3) James grew 2 feet and the best sense of humor and lost 20 pounds

Everybody Have a Coke and a Smile

Because it's Jennifer's Birthday!!!!!!!

Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On second thought maybe you should go to the beach and have a Pepsi and a smile!

No, No, No, you should go to the Pointe and have a Coke and a smile!

The four of us were thick as thieves.....seriously though, Jen and I would have been the thieves Becca and Darlene would have been the cops! Two Observations (1) I used to be soooo tan (2) James used to be so small!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Researching Error Messages

David's camera broke on Sunday. Every time he tried to take a photo he received an error message. He was looking in the manual for the cause of the error and a possible troubleshooting path but this is all the manual said:

"If you continue to receive error message #50 there may be a problem"-LOL

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

The only thing cooler than Jamie is Jamie with a cell phone!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fun On Riddler's Revenge

When I look at this photo I realize that some people take Roller Coaster riding more seriously than others.

These same people may choose to make fun of my Blackberry addiction but if I didn't have this "problem" I would not have been able to properly capture them having all of this great fun at Magic Mountain today.

In all seriousness, we had a great time. Went on everything except Batman and Tatsu. Best ride? Deja Vu or Goliath.

"If your bored, it is your own fault"

Quote of the Day from James "The hot is messing with us" RO!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Bear With Me.....(Scary Tile)

If there was any doubt that I have issues, let me remove that doubt from your brain. Take a quick look at the photo above. Last night as I was taking a bath in my jacuzzi tub I was startled by this tile. (Note: lights were off and I had candles going)

This tile scared me to death! The first thing I noticed was the eye that seemed to be staring into the tub. The next thing is that hideous scar that goes across the guys face (right above the thing that looks like a nose) and then at the bottom I see a freakish looking fish mouth.

The rest of the bath I kept staring at that eye. I couldn't relax, I ended up having to get out of the bath and then quickly cover up with a towel.

New Blog: A Total Waste of Makeup

Here is a new one I am reading:

I had to do a trackback to this one since I was dying when reading her Craig's List review blogs. If you think you could be entertained by Craig's List personals then you must read her reviews. They are funny!

Her first Craig's List Blog was entitled "I thought I found true love but it was just Underwear"

Here latest Craig's List Blog is entitled "Best of Craig's List, Get Ur Freak On"

After reading this I invite you all to scroll down and participate in "Champ's Poll" which lists "Craig's List" as a very funny item!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Passwords and Security

When I first started doing technical support everybody would give me their password. I knew probably half of the passwords of all the directors at the hospital where I worked. Knowing the passwords made it easier to help them. Those were the good old days. Nowadays, it's completely inappropriate to ask a user their password as it violates all kinds of security policies.

Also, most people create the stupidest passwords in the world. For Example:
  • Their name with a number after it
  • Their kids name with a number after it
  • Their address
  • Employee ID Number
  • Spouses Name
  • etc.
A couple of weeks ago I went through a major freak-out because I realized a couple of things about my password:
  • In the past I have given it out to people
  • I hadn't changed it in quite a long time
  • It's the same for almost EVERYTHING

So, I reset my password and used all kinds of characters etc so that nobody would be able to crack it. This was a monumental task. How many accounts do I have anyway? TONS! So, I hereby advise others to change their passwords periodically and to make sure their password is strong. Check out the following sites if you need help: (How to create strong password) (Test strength of your passwords)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sports Updates......

Ducks: OK, so I'm 4 days late. Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!! The Ducks won the Stanley Cup!!!!

Danica Patrick finishes 3rd in Indy Race (Career Best)

Sports Quote of the Week: "What are the Spurs"

Friday, June 08, 2007

Hamburger Helper

In 1970, cooking was changed forever when General Mills introduced Hamburger Helper as part of the Betty Crocker line. Hamburger helper did so well that two years later, in 1972 Tuna helper was introduced. I read on one website that eating hamburger helper is the equivalent of eating a couple of double cheeseburgers dripping wet with grease, stuffing down some macaroni and cheese after that, and washing it all down with six glasses of milk. Ewww...

Still, some people are drawn to Hamburger Helper so much that they save old boxes of Hamburger Helper. Why you ask? Well in California, people may keep old boxes of Hamburger Helper in their earthquake kit. Or maybe people keep old Hamburger Helper to commemorate a special event, such as a birth.

Here is a photo of a 1972 Hamburger Helper. This is the only known unopened 1972 box of "Hamburger Helper": I wonder how much it would go for on ebay?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Can't Believe Andrew's 21!

Hmm.....what should I say? I guess have fun but don't have too much fun :)

I love you and I will take you out soon!

(Maybe you should go get a tattoo for your birthday)

More News From Germany

A mishap occurred when a father and son were in the middle of a spitting contest. The contest was being held on a balcony between a 12 year and his father. The father lost his balance while trying to spit and fell over the ledge and onto the ground below. He was air lifted to a hospital.

Monday, June 04, 2007

It's The Fun Corner

You know me, I am always on the look out for some good fun! On Friday, I was in San Bernardino and I actually found a fun corner....or so they advertised. I took a photo so I could share it with you all and as I study it, I am hard pressed to find anything fun about it. None the less, I did manage to laugh alot when I was taking this photo and those I sent the photo to, also laughed, sooooo I guess, in a weird way, it's a fun corner......

Seriously, how funny is this??????

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Find the Blog via Google

As part of the blog services you can see if someone accessed your site by being referred from another site. The other day I received a referral by google. Somebody had done a google search in hoping of finding the blog. This is what they searched for: "Kim Thomas Blog Star"


Friday, June 01, 2007

Upcoming Movie Thriller

The movie Captivity is coming out on June 22nd and it features Elisha Cuthbert (Famous for playing Kim on 24)!

This movie looks particularly terrifying as this woman is a fashion model who is kidnapped and held captive in a small room!

Captivity premieres 3 weeks from tonight!