Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oddest PG News Story

The title of this news article was: "Pregnant woman uses train toilet, baby slips out".

So in India, on an Indian train (for those that have seen the Amazing Race you will know that Indian trains are pretty nasty) a pregnant woman goes into the bathroom. While going to the bathroom, the baby falls out. This poor premature infant than falls through the toilet bowl which empties right onto the train track. Are you with me?

The baby is found on the tracks, uninjured. Since she was born 2 months early, she is now in an Indian hosptial in intestive care.

I wonder why this scenario was not discussed in any of the pregnancy classes I have been to? The full story can be found here.

Happy Birthday Uncle Will (1 Day Late)

Hope you had a great day and please forgive me for being a day late! I chose this sandcastle cake because one of my most frightening moments and favorite stories of Uncle Will was on the beach. Uncle Will buried me in the sand while I was standing up. My arms were down to my side (so I could not dig) and he buried me up to my neck! I was so of the few times in my life that I have been claustrophobic.

Thanks for the memories, Uncle Will ;) Love You!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Purses

As most of you know, I hate purses. Of all purses, I hate little purses the most. If I carried a purse it would be a large purse that I could keep tons of stuff in. One year ago today, in New Orleans, I took my first photos of little purses:

This last weekend, I was at a party and there was this chick who wouldnt put her little purse down. She carried it over her arm and the purse was basically in her arm pit all night. I was fascinated and wanted to question her about why she couldnt put it down but instead I just took pictures of her so I could blog about it:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sometimes, Elizabeth is Unhappy

Elizabeth happy (she's so adorable!) and Elizabeth not so happy

It's A Small World

The "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland closed on January 22nd for a nine month refurbishment. It is scheduled to reopen in late November. In the meantime remember, it's a world of laughter and a world of tears, it's a world of hopes, it's a world of fears....(How great is that?)

it's a world of laughter, a world or tears
its a world of hopes, its a world of fears
theres so much that we share
that its time we're aware
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small small world
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sydney Had a Shower

Today, Sydney had her shower at mom's house. Becca, Rachel and Mom really outdid themselves and it was absolutely awesome. The food was fantastic (as you will see below), Joshua was the best helper and overall everything was simply perfect. Thank you guys so much-I love you!!!! Here are some pictures:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Key To A Hot Photo

Hold two drinks. Dora decided to copy me and take a look at the results. We're two for two in producing hot pics. Please submit your photo holding two drinks for future publication.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Bday Gill! Oops, I Mean Glenn

Cool things about Glenn:
*Uhhhhhhhh, he likes beer?

*He works hard

*He is good at game playing

Happy Birthday, dude!!!!! Can't say I forgot this year ;)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

FSO Throws a Baby Shower

Thanks to everyone who came, everyone who wanted to but had to cover facilities and everyone who sent their wishes! (Special thanks to Mr Larsen, for organizing the shower) Sydney got some great stuff and a good time was had by all. BTW: We have decided that Mimi's in Glendale is the official baby shower location of the FSO. Here are some pics:

It was V8

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Great People, Two Great Causes

Please join me in supporting these two great people and their fight for two great causes

Nick Bailey is joining the fight against breast cancer. My cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We would appreciate your help! Donate Here to support Nick and the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure

Paul Dietrich is Climbing California for the American Lung Association. This is the premiere "Genentech Climb California" event to help raise money for Lung disease research and education. There are two events, one in San Francisco and one in Los Angeles. Paul will be participating in San Francisco. Donate Here to support Paul and the American Lung Association

Monday, February 18, 2008

Great Visit with Steve and Marcy!

Thanks for coming out and visiting with us! It was great to see you both and Jillian too. She is so big! Pictures from the trip can be found at David's Public Gallery.

When KT Re-Enacts Psycho

What substance does she use?

Arizona Governor Dies In Office

Did you know that two Arizona governors died while in office?

One was Sidney (oh my) Osborn and the other was Wesley Bolin

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Glance From Number Five

What Happened 13,522 Days Ago?

Two exciting things happened that day. (1) Apollo 14 was launched (2) Carol Ann and Joel Charles were married. Yes, it's true, my parents have been married for 13,522 days.

13,522 days is a really long time.......I wonder if I were able to divide these days by lets say: How many were happy? How many sad? How many were spent on vacation? How many were spent at kids sporting events? How many days was mom pregnant? (OK, I can guess on that one and I am guessing: 1710 days-oh my).

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Let's celebrate again on May 28, 2008 when you will be married for 13,622 days! (Hey James, 100 days until your birthday!!!!!!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

What? Me Worry?

I worry about a lot of things. As you can see, running out of gas is not one of them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BJ's Brewhouse

Today, I had lunch with Rachel (My wonderful sister and also famous for the Rachel Made Me Do This blog) at BJ's. When I sat down and started looking at the menu I told her about my BJ's ordering dilemma.

Everytime I go to BJ's I order the same thing:

Small Pizza, Half Great White (Rich and creamy Alfredo sauce with garlic, fresh Roma tomatoes, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken breast) and Half Spinach Artichoke (A rich, creamy medley of spinach, artichoke hearts, cream cheese and mozzarella topped with fresh Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and Parmesan cheese.)

Here's the problem. I decided 3-4 trips ago that I really didn't like one half of this pizza and everytime I go to BJ's I can never remember which half I don't like so I end up ordering the half and half again. The last time I had the half and half was the night Elizabeth born (Might I add it was very convenient that Becca had the C-Section because we were able to go out to a lovely dinner right after she was born) anyway, I remember specifically saying at the table I was never going to order *this* half of the pizza again and next time I was going to order a whole of *this* half. It's two bad, again I can't remember which one I didn't like it......or for that matter, which one I love.

Today, I branched out I got something different....Next time I will order the half and half.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today, There Is No Eggroll

Israel's Asian restaurants protested today by serving no egg rolls. Apparently, the Israeli government plans on doing away with foreign cooks and hiring Israeli’s to cook in Asian restaurants.

Before I go on with my thoughts on this I have to share with you the quote that made me want to blog about this story. The head of the Israeli Ethnic Restaurant Organization made the following statement to the media "Today there is no egg roll and in two weeks time there will be no sushi and noodles." LOL! A lawyer for the Israeli's has countered that the Israeli's can easily make Asian food and issued the following statement "Everyone can make Chinese food it's not impossible to learn"

For some reason, the thought of Chinese food in Israel made me crack up. Here, in America, we have everything, every type of food imaginable is available to us. Why would I think that if I went to Israel I would only have Jewish food options? I guess that’s what I thought.....weird huh? I mean McDonalds is everywhere..... but Sushi in Tel Aviv just seems weird.

Monday, February 11, 2008

IT Freaks and the RIM Outage

When I spoke with David earlier today he immediately started in with his standard "IT Freaks" comment because his Blackberry wasn't working. Of course, he blamed the IT people. People always blame us. I turned to him and said "It's not your IT people, RIM for all of North America is down". He proceeded to tell me that his backup (Outlook Web) had been broken for awhile an the "IT Freaks" hadn't fixed that yet either.....

RIM Outage

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Dangers of Long Cords

This is in response to the Jane Says blog: "Save These Instructions" and the dangers presented by long cords. Dell should learn some tips from T-fal.

Example of Tripping:

Example of Entanglement:

Three Off The Wall, Work Items

(1) A couple of weeks ago I was on an early conference call and somebody (who sounded groggy) and was late offered the following excuse:

"I'm really sorry. I had an alergic reachtion to a pill I took last night. It made me sleep in and I was late for the call"

(2) When the sure type is turned off on your blackberry and you forget to proofread:

"Dordogne plan did not Original relocations however all provinciality Mae will be considered
Thanks hop all IA well with U and tyrosine plans did not in include relocation however at this o em a;;resopsonble oppposibilites atrage will ans are ans wk be consecrated,

(3) Last night I dreamed that Tony was torturing my dog, Katie. I don't remember what I had to do but I begged him to stop and finally I gave in to his demands. He was doing this at the direction of Rick. So what is the meaning of this dream? Is it some warped part of my brain that is combining work and 24? Is it because I miss Tony working for me and am jealous that Rick is now his boss? Is it because of my motherly instinct and my protection of Katie and soon to be Sydney? Who knows the meaning but believe me I did not like it.....

Saturday, February 09, 2008

For Those Doing Dream Dinners

Over at Jenn Ann's blog I liked that she had posted about the Dream Dinner she made soooooo I thought we should have a Dream Dinner blog each month where we can write about what we made and if we liked it or not.

I have placed a link on the right hand side that will take you directly to this post. When you make a dinner, come here to report how it was etc. We can use it for tips and maybe dinner selections for the following months.

For those that have not yet started:
Note: They have locations throughout California, Arizona and most states.

Other Dream Dinners Posts:
Dream Dinners Gets 4 Stars by Kim Thomas
Dream Dinners by Jenn Ann

Friday, February 08, 2008

Who Is This?

Her name is Franzella Guido and she is a designer on TLC and HGTV. She was born in Nicaragua and raised in Miami.

I wonder how her mother arrived at this name? I personally think she looks like a Rachel.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Who Knew?

For Christmas, I received a book called "Who Knew? Hundreds and Hundreds of Questions and Answers for Curious Minds". I saw this sign at the zoo on Monday and the only thing that entered my mind was "Who Knew?" (You will probably need to click on the photo to blow it up and read it)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Driving Restrictions.....

In 1994, California banned riding in the back of trucks (I loved doing this in my dads pickup)
Late last year, Phoenix banned texting while driving
In September 2007, California banned cell phone usage by all teens while driving
In June 2008, California will ban talking on your cell phone while driving (without a headset)

But.....Mexico just made some bans of their own, including:

Makeup application while driving (including lipstick)
Carrying pets while at the wheel
Shaving while driving

BTW: The fines for these incidents would be $32.00 in dollars or 346 pesos.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I'm Heartburn Free, With Pepcid AC

My heartburn has been so bad the last few weeks. Luckily for me, Ruth Anne has redirected me from my Tums to Pepcid. Ruth Anne's advice: take one Pepcid in the morning and one Pepcid at night. Well, after two days my heartburn is gone! Thanks, Ruth, you rock!

Super Tuesday

Last year, on April 1st, I announced that I was running for office and would build my campaign around the issues listed below. With the whole pg thing, I decided that now probably wasn't the time and I didn't end up going for it. Still, as I prepare to place my Republican vote today, I am saddened that nobody is addressing any of the issues and/or priorities that I had planned to take forward. As a reminder, some of the items I was planning on working on were as follows:

*Sponsor an environmental impact report on Mayonnaise factories. Promote Ketchup as the most environmental friendly condiment
*Menu management for emergency shelters making Funeral Potatoes the preferred meal
*Building Relationships with local authorities through innovate photography
*Implementation of easily identifiable (Yellow) Emergency Phones in public areas
*Coast Guard preparedness for when the tide is high
*Stringent controls for the distribution of platinum cards
*Improvement standards for public restrooms
*22 ways to improve your public image
*Imposing reasonable expiration dates on all state drivers licenses (This will be a big change for AZ)

I was also planning on introducing the following two bills:

(1) Freedom Talker-Obtaining FAA approval for the use of mobile phones on all domestic flights(2) Blackberries For Everyone-It doesn’t matter your race, sex, age or whether you are an illegal alien. I want everyone to know what it’s like to have a blackberry. No child should need to worry where their next text message is coming from.

Lastly, don't forget to vote!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

If I Had $1082.45

I'd buy David a lens, I would buy him a lens.
If I had $1082.45 (If I Had $1082.45)
I'd buy him a camera bag for his lens (Maybe a Lowepro or some other brand)
And if I had $1082.45
I'd buy your love..........

I Am Turning Into Dave Thomas
If I Had a Million Dollars

Current Status:
David is now the proud owner of the EF 24-105mm, aka: The Sydney Lens. P.S. He thanks all of those that applied peer pressure.

How great is it that I take pictures of these great lens with my Blackberry Pearl. RO!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Donner Pass In The News

400 Amtrak riders were stuck in the hills near Donner Pass today. More news here

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Wow! Can't believe you are sixty! Yikes! I love you very much and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.

I picked this picture for a few of reasons:
(1) I thought you looked good
(2) It's of one of your favorite places
(3) There are lots of good memories here (Morning Glory for starters)
(4) James is so good looking