Thursday, July 31, 2008


My new Pearl has a spell check, my old Pearl didn't. The other day I had the following conversation with Diane, she was on her email, I was on my Blackberry driving down the Freeway:

Diane: I saw someone wearing Birks today at work
Kim: Really?
Diane: And I cannot wear my toe separating shoe because of the dress code.
Kim: MAP!
Diane: ?
Kim: I re-read it and start laughing....I had to call Diane to explain

Then today Jenn Ann responds to a comment I made on her blog:

Jenn Ann: Bragger!
Kim: MAP!
Kim: forwards email to Diane: Hey Diane, Jenn Ann just got the Map!

Anyway, for some reason my Blackberry keeps changing LMAO to MAP!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sydney Was Green With Envy

How lucky was Elizabeth? She got her bottle Starbuxed! (Yeah, nice word I just made up)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today's Quake

I figured there would be a million quake blogs so I didn't do one but since nobody has done a blog on it, I guess I will. Two quake stories:

1. Mom was sick today so Becca watched Sydney. I left the office at 11:40 to have lunch with David G. On my way there I called Mom's phone to find out how she was feeling. I didn't feel most of the earthquake since I was driving. The conversation when James answered:

James: Yeah?
Kim: Hey, what's up?
James: We are having an Earthquake. Isn't that enough?
Kim: We are? (as I come to a stop)
James: Yeah, duh!
Kim: Oh yeah (as I see the lights, trees and cars shake and 100's of people on the street instead of in the office)

2. Switch to Becca's house. Becca is changing Sydney's diaper when the earthquake starts. She picks up Sydney and goes and gets Elizabeth. One kid in each arm while Joshua is scared and she is trying to console him. 5 minutes later she realizes that she didn't put Sydney's diaper on...unfortunately, Sydney reminded her with a shower. 20 minutes later, Joshua (who is getting potty trained) has to go to the bathroom. She sits him down on the toilet and he changes his mind. As soon as he stands up, oops...and Becca gets another shower.

New Blackberry Pearl (8130)

So yesterday I got a new Pearl. I switched from back to Verizon from AT&T. My notes are as follows:

*First off, quickest Verizon trip ever. Was in, purchased, number ported and out of the store in less than 10 minutes
*Verizon doesn't let you download ringtones from their website to a Blackberry. (WHAT??? How dumb is that?)
*My memory just cleared out like it used to on the early pearl. (Meaning- 1/2 of my messages disappeared and my call log is gone)
*Taking longer to update Facebook status than on my AT&T Pearl
*I can post comments on the blogs easier with the new Pearl
*Color went from Black to Silver (Not real happy about that)
*Am able to do video on this one
*Camera takes longer to take pictures
*Verizon Ringbacks suck

Hmm...not sure I am happy.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Larry's Birthday Lunch

Today when Larry arrived at my office the following conversation ensued (This is abbreviated):

Kim: Where do you want me to take you for lunch?
Larry: You don't need to take me anywhere
Kim: It's your birthday! We are going somewhere nice.
Larry: I don't have any time. How about we bring in Mediterranean (Note: This is a take out place we eat at all the time)
Kim: No, somewhere special
Larry: I really don't care it's just another day
Kim: No, it's not, it's your birthday
Larry: So
Kim: How about Cheesecake Factory?
Larry: Too far
Kim: How about Smitty's? It's close and nice.
Larry: Yeah, we went there once. OK, thats fine.

Later......while sitting at Smitty's.

Larry: I think I will get the Cobb salad, thats what I got last time
Kim: I got the trout, that was right after I found out I was pregnant.
Kim: Hey! That was for your birthday last year!
Larry: Oh yeah, maybe it was
Kim: The exact conversation we had this morning we had then! "I don't care about my birthday...blah blah". I suggested Smitty's because it was the only nice and close place.
Larry: I bet you are right
Kim: Remember, once something happens more than once it's a tradition! Next year, same time, same place!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Year 2048

I took this picture yesterday at the airport and the following conversation ensued between me and James.

Kim: Will that be me and Jane in 2048?
James: Probably
James: Which one of you is the gambler? (The one on the right is wearing a shirt with dice and cards on it)
Kim: Hopefully me because I don't want to be in a wheelchair. Jane won't be caught dead in those shoes though.
James: The one in the wheelchairs taller, it must be Jane
Kim: Hey and check it out, they are headed to Reno!

15 minutes later:

James: Oh look, here comes Queen B
KT: RO (and then I take the next pic)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Growing Up Without A Pool

A couple of months ago Matt and I were discussing how in the summertime we used to take this big black barrel (some would call it a trash can) fill it up with water and play in it like it were a pool. David looked at us with a look that said "I'm horrified and don't plan on letting my daughter play in a trash can" I don't ever remember us throwing trash into it but it is possible....because there was more than one..uh...pool. Were these redneck pools? Probably. We also played on slip and slides but the best was when John (the only pool owner on our street) would invite us all over to swim.

In lieu of a pool people need to improvise. On Saturday, I was watching Brittney, Jessica and Melody. They wanted to start a car wash so they would have an opportunity to "get wet". When I said I really didn't want to run a car wash because it would be too difficult with Sydney, Jessica looked at me and said "Thats okay, lets just get wet with the hose". For the next 45 minutes we played games with the hose.
Did you have a pool or were you forced to improvise?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reed Smith Is Mad At Chad Weston

Today I received the email below from Reed Smith. Obviously this came to me in error but I am wondering if this is what I have to look forward to when Sydney's a softball player?

Dear team parents,

Let me set the record straight regarding Chad Weston's e-mail message. The mere idea that I ever stole money or defrauded my son's youth baseball team is absurd. If I need anything I simply pay for it with my own earnings. The reckless accusations Chad Weston has made are not only directed at me but also at my wife and my family's good name and reputation in this community. I will stand on that reputation and put it up against that of Chad Weston and his companion Tina Lawrence at any time. His individual and their joint reputations precede them with the local authorities according to two Brentwood police officers I have spoken with in the past few days concerning the recovery of my belongings.
I am in no way attempting to make a case for myself in defense of Chad Weston's false charges of impropriety involving team money or team donations. Rather, I will pursue legal remedy at the appropriate time in a St. Louis County court of law as I have filed a civil suit in small claims court and an official complaint with the local authorities here in Brentwood about the theft of my baseball equipment. I will put my trust in our legal system to decide the outcome of this situation.
I close by apologizing to all of you who were needlessly involved in this matter by Chad Weston's blind e-mails he sent to each team family.

Reed Evans

Monday, July 21, 2008

My New Lunch Place

Since going back to work I have been frequenting the Crocodile Cafe. I am going there specifically because my brother Andrew works there. When I go in, I request his section everytime.

I have been ordering the House Salad with Ahi Tuna and it is great. Last week, on his super high recommendation, I broke the diet and ordered the Seafood Tortellini. It was really good but not the point of this post. (My all time favortite Crocodile Cafe meal is the New York Steak Sandwich)

I love going there because Andrew is forced to wait on me and do whatever I ask him to-It's great! He gets to hear things like the following: "The last time I was here, my Ahi was over cooked. Please make sure it is cooked perfectly rare on the inside.", "Excuse me, I would like some more water, now", "I am in a hurry so please be prompt", etc.

He does a great job. Everybody should go there and leave him good tips.

Herston Update

Please see Laura's blog for an update on Herston! All the prayers are working!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun In The Phoenix Sun

When and Where

The 15 Minute Miscommunication

15 minutes may not sound like a lot, but 15 minutes can make a huge difference in your life. For example:

Today, my flight time was at 1205 and Jane thought it was at 1220. When flying alone, it is not unusual for me to get to the airport 30 minutes before the flight, when flying with Sydney and an overnight bag, with formula which requires additional screening 30 minutes is not sufficient. As I am slightly stressing getting out of the car, at 11:35, Jane says "flights at 12:20, right?", I respond "12:05" and she says "Oh, thats why you look a little stressed". A quick hug and Sydney and I run upstairs and I look for the gate number, C17, marvelous, the absolute farthest gate. I print out my boarding pass and then go through security. (as I type I just realize that I have no idea what I did with drivers license-great). Getting through security was uneventful. I head towards the gate with my A16 boarding pass.........

I walk as fast as I could dragging along a carry on and a car seat with a baby and run straight up to the gate hoping to board before the c's that are just starting. Southwest guy says "Sure" and then "do you have the baby pass". Nope, I had forgotten that. So, I go to the counter, open my carry on, get out her birth certificate and fill out the form", then I board the plane.......dead last.

When boarding the Southwest guy says the plane is full so you'll have to hold her, let me check the carrier for you. I go find my middle seat and I say to the woman on the aisle "I'm sorry, can I get in there?", she looks at me, then at Sydney and with a frown on her face let's out this huge which point I lose it (mind you, in front of a full plane) "We don't want to sit by you either but it's the only seat left", "really what is your problem that you have to be so negative and unfriendly" She is being nasty as we go to sit down and saying stuff but I frankly don't remember anything she said. It ended with me saying "I hope she screams the entire flight". A nice guy helped throw my bag into the overhead and we took off.

If the flight left at 12:20 and I had an additional 15 minutes I would have done the following:
*Go to the bathroom
*Get a Chai tea
*Called David
*Boarded at A16 and sat next to the window and next to someone who wanted to sit by a baby
*Changed Sydney's diaper
*Not lost my drivers license (well, probably not)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Now Happening To Me

It happened to Bianka back in February and now it is happening to me. All baby hormones are gone and I am now losing my hair hand over fist. Speaking of fists, my hair is always in Sydney's and it is really disgusting. I have always complained about losing hair and then I went through pregnancy and lost none-it was great! Too bad that at this rate I will be bald in a matter of days

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Skittles Ad's

How cool are these picture taking opportunities? They are all over Magic Mountain but I think this kind of stuff should be all over town. As you can see James and Sienna made the most of them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Parking Services At Mercy General

Parking Services (who knew that was a hospital department) at Mercy General is the best! The people there are so nice, I think they have to be because the parking itself is absolutely atrocious. Check out the cool lemonade stand, "Compliments of Parking Services".

Mike brought me into the facility and we stopped for some refreshing lemonade at this cute little stand. Then I proceeded to get a lovely tour of the facility which included a trip to the smallest work area of all times, a visit to Ben Edwards, and a trip across the street to Administration. Upon leaving Mike took me out next to the facility trash and I must say that entering was much more pleasant than exiting.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request!

Please pray for Herston, Ruth Anne and the entire Skinner/Young family. Herston is a month and one day old and today became very sick. Amongst other things he is having difficulty breathing. He has been hospitalized and his condition is very serious.

Please pray for wisdom for his physicians, strength and comfort for his family and above all healing for Herston.

7/16 10:00AM Update: They have discovered that it is a critical case of pneumonia. Right now he is in a medically induced coma and being treated for the pneumonia. Please continue praying for his full recovery.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Need A Pen? Head to Roxbury Drive

After work, I went to pick up Sydney at my moms. I pulled up and because there was no parking in front of moms (Thats a story for another day) I parked in front of the neighbors house.

I saw a ballpoint pen laying on the ground in each driveway. I passed the first one obviously not thinking much of it and then after 15 feet there is another one in moms driveway. Am I the only one that finds that odd? Do they just fall out of their cars or their purses? All I know is next time I am searching for a pen (I can never find one) I'm going to head to Roxbury Drive, chances are there will be one lying in a driveway.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Professional Photo Day!

Well I finally went and had Sydney's first professional photos done. We did a combined visit with Joshua and Elizabeth. All of them are on Thomas Family Photos but here are the favorites:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday (8)

Observations: (1) Mom is soooo hot! (2) DeDee is soooo little (3) The binoculars seem out of place

My Daily Inspiration

When I am in my office, I read two daily inspiration books. Each one takes about 2 minutes to read. The first is by Max Lucado and it is called "Grace for the Moment", the second is by John Maxwell and it is called "Leadership Promises for Every Day". Anyway, I loved today's verse and message from "Grace for the moment". Here it is:

Repentance is a Decision:

Romans 2:4-"Perhaps you do not understand that God is kind to you so you will change your hearts and lives"

No one is happier than the one who has sincerely repented of wrong. Repentance is the decision to turn from selfish desires and seek God. It is genuine, sincere regret that creates sorrow and moves us to admit wrong and desire to do better. It's an inward conviction that expresses itself in outward actions.

You look at the love of God and you can't believe he's loved you like he has, and this realization motivates you to change your life. That is the nature of repentance.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sydney's First Conference Call

This morning before going to Grandma's, Sydney attended her very first conference call. Here was her reaction to the morning operations meeting:

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Seen At Whole Foods

I wonder how many handicap check writers shop at Whole Foods. Is the demographic so large it warrants this special sign?

Monday, July 07, 2008

I'm Back In IT Blue

Well, I had my first day back in IT blue. Notice I am standing in my office with the Blackberry back on the hip.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back and to those that called or texted to check in on me. You are all the best!

P.S. Sydney did great at the best day care on planet, grandma's.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Drivers License Collection

Alot of you know that I have a collection of Drivers License Photos. You probably know this because I have blogged about it before and chances are at one time or another, I have snapped a photo of your license for my collection. I don't just have drivers license, in some cases I have other forms of ID.

Jinjer challenged me to compile a list of all the drivers licenses I have and to select one of the following for each one: a. Something significant about the person b. How you know that person c. Something about the license in particular that you like or find funny.

This is no easy task but I will provide the list with first names only:

Alice: b. I have never met her but she is my BFF's sister.
Andy: b. He used to work for me
Blaine: a. I also have a copy of his green card
Bob: c. I captured Bob's when Jane was "Reading his wallet". If I remember correctly he was mucho impressed by her skills.
Brian D: c. From the moment I had his drivers license he began reading my blog
Brian G: c. I like his license because he is so cute
Brian L: c. I like the fact that I have his AZ and CA drivers license in the same photo
Carlos: c. He looks like a serial killer in his CA drivers license and looks cute in his AZ license
Christie: a. I love my cousin Chris so much and she is hot!
Cindy: c. In her drivers license photo it almost looks like she is wearing turquoise suspenders with no top on
CJ: c. I love that her drivers license is from Texas
Chris: b. don't know her but her license is from Texas and she uses hot rollers. I have talked to her on the phone once
David: b. I love him and am married to him but he didn't want to join my collection
Dawn: c. Her head is tilted and her hair do makes her look super hot!
Don: b. I used to work with him but he moved on to better opportunities
Eddie: c. Super cheesy grin
James: c. I like it because it is a 2008 issued license
Jane: b. I work with her
Jinjer: c. I love that I have her married name and maiden name license
Isadora: b. I used to work with her
Jake: a. He served our country in IRAQ and I also have his military ID
Jeff P: b. I have worked with him since the Unihealth days
Jeff R: a. I have his Drivers license and his gun permit. In his gun permit he looks like the Unibomber
Jeff T: c. He is soooo cute!
Jeff V: b He used to work for me but I left to be a site executive
Jenn Ann: c. She is so hot in her license!
Paul: a. He gets points for providing two drivers licenses
Jim C: b. I work with him
Jim K: a. Ask him about the bunny
Joe: b. I work with him
John: a. The hottest biker in AZ
Jon: a. He used to post on the blog but now he doesn't
Kathy: b. I had dinner with her in New Mexico
Kevin: a. He used to blog, then he had a blog, now he does neither
Kim: a. She is so cool and so fun and super hot. Oh nevermind, it's me
Larry: c. The 2nd funniest license ever, he looks 12
Matt B: a. He used to think I hated him
Matt E: b. My brother is hot
Matt S: c. I captured this license at Bertha Miranda's in Reno
Michael G: c. Also captured in Reno, the funniest license ever
Michael L: b. I don't know him but was the Vice President for ASRT 2006-2007
Mike C: b. Used to work for me in San Francisco
Mike K: b. Still works for me in San Francisco
Mike P: b. Used to work for me in Sacramento
Mindy: a. I love Mindy, she discovered Pismo Lighthouse Suites too
Mom: a. She refused to give me her Drivers License so I have her Costco card
Nathan: b. I have no idea who this is but it's an AZ DL
Patrick: a. I don't have his license but I have his military id
Phil: a. The first manager that said "whoa, you need a raise"
Randy: b. He used to work for me but he would rather work for Blaine
Robert: a. Another acquisition from Bertha Miranda's
Rod: a. We share a passion for cooking
Russell: c. He looks so much like Robin Williams
Sara: a. I know her as Queen B and I possess several forms of identification
Scott: b. I used to work with him and I miss him
Tony: a. The best DJ on the planet
Travis: a. It's his military ID and I had a beer with him in Alb.
Wiley: a. I am hoping he is feeling better

I have 12 others but can't make out the names. Thanks for playing!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fireworks Show At Becca's

Well, suffice to say, I have never seen fireworks in a neighborhood like this before. Azusa is one of the few cities in Southern California that still allow fireworks. The residents of Becca's neighborhood certainly make the most of it. As you will see at times it resembled a war zone, other times a Disneyland like fireworks show. Just listen to all of the sounds and you will see that the fireworks were going off in every direction. It was incredible.

I think a new tradition has been born. Watch:

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, America!

Today, we celebrated Independence Day by hanging out with family, having a barbecue and shooting off fireworks. It was really fun! The fireworks extravaganza at Becca's house was something else....look for a special blog on that tomorrow. I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th of July!

Descriptions for the photos below are as follows: (1) Thomas Family on Sydney's First 4th of July (2) Two cousins checking each other out (and their moms) (3) Getting Ready to eat (4) Good Food (5) Sydney does sparklers with her mom.

Flashback Friday (7)

What should the title of this picture be? (1) When James liked Andrew, (2) When James was chubby, (3) Before Andrew had to shave (4) Before James grew two feet (5) When Andrew went on family vacations

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Diane!!!!

Sydney and I hope your day is great and want you to know that we miss you!!!!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


My great grandparents were poor, I mean really poor. They raised 9 children who grew up almost entirely on sauerkraut. A few years ago, I went to the house where they lived in Pennsylvania. There was a chute from the outside into the basement. A couple of times a year the farmer would bring his truck to the house and via the chute would fill a room in the basement up with cabbage. The cabbage was then shredded by great grandmother and she would turn most of it into sauerkraut.

On my visit, I took the photo seen below. It now hangs in my kitchen. It is of at least 60 year old canned goods. Note the sauerkraut on the left.

Three points to this story:

(1) Even if you are poor, you can probably afford cabbage and then you can use it to make your own sauerkraut
(2) If you are with me and you order sauerkraut I will probably think you are cool.
(3) I love sauerkraut