Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Official Name is Pillbug

Tonight, while reading Sydney's "Bugs Life" story I noticed that Disney refers to these bugs as "Pill Bugs". This was a topic of conversation on Easter because they were being referred to as "Roly Poly's".

Joshua has always called them Roly Poly's and because of him that's what Sydney calls them. When we were growing up, they were definitely "Pill Bugs", Sheila had stated that she knew them as "Potato Bugs" and when we asked Kelly what she called them we learned that these little bugs don't exist in Alaska.

I just found out that Pill Bugs vs Roly Poly's is a routine Internet search, and that Pill Bugs is actually one word: "Pillbugs". I also discovered that they are also known as "Wood Louse"-that name was not reported at Easter.

Roly Poly is a Pillbug nickname because they roll up into a ball.....yeah, I think it looks more like a pill. Pillbugs are crustaceans not insects (Who Knew?) and they have blue blood (Again, Who Knew?), for more interesting pillbug facts check out this website.

Appointments On My Calendar Today

Since the events I posted yesterday got so many comments, I decided to post events and appointments for today:

Administrative Professionals Day (I guess this extends past the Administrative assistants)
Babe Ruth Day
National Prime Rib Day
Tell A Story Day (Call me, I'll tell you a story)

6AM-8AM-SMAC U Train the Trainer Training
9:30AM-Core Service Delivery Call
9:30AM-Daily Incident Operations Call
10:00AM-FSO Managers Operations Meeting
10:30AM-1 on 1 with Joe
11:00AM-ITAM Status Update Meeting
12:00PM-Lunch with Larry
1:30PM-Desktop Integration Meeting
2:00PM-MOR Reports Meeting
3:00PM-Employee Satisfaction Meeting
4:00PM-CSAT Meeting
5:00PM-Project Delivery Meeting
5:ooPM-iPAD Support Meeting
5:45PM-The Day is done

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Summery (We Missed Micah!)

I Doubt The Fire Marshall Would Be Happy

Saturday night the girls and I went to B-Mans for dinner. They were redoing the patio outside several restaurants and you had to walk the plank in order to get in and out. Sydney liked it, I didn't think it was too safe but I figured it would make a decent blog.

Events On My Calendar Today

Stephanie Olivier's Birthday
Paul Jerguson Birthday
David's Mom's Birthday
Executive Admin's Day (Secretary's Day)
Hug an Australian Day
National Pretzel Day
Richter Scale Day

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 16)

Home: Well everything was thrown off this week with David back at work. The girls stayed at moms all day Monday-Thursday and overall they did well. Sydney has been acting out a bit and I am sure thats an adjustment from missing her daddy.

Sunday was hot so we picked up a small pool and the girls played in it, the pools pink, Disney princess, shocking I know. Brooke had a blast in it, I am sure the pool will see alot of use over the summer.

Yesterday, Sydney went with Mom, Becca, Joshua and Elizabeth to see African Cats while Brooke and I shopped at the mall. I finally found some decent black shoes for work but I definitely need a couple more pairs. Last night we got Sydney's third birthday pictures (yeah 2 weeks late) and they were ok....she had a fit and refused to smile at first but eventually we got a couple decent ones. I'll post them here soon.

Brooke is now saying 4 words (No real Mama or Dada yet). Night Night (was her first) which sounds like Nigh Nigh and is super cute, she also says hi, bye and tonight started saying "down", for sit down. It sounds like dowww, so stinkin cute, she can start calling me Mama anytime now.

Today we went to Kids Space and had a great time in the toddler area. It's usually too crowded to hang out in there but today there were only a few other kids in there and Brooke loved it. Tonight, David is out shooting basketball and the girls and I went to BMans for dinner and topped it off with a shaved ice from there-Bahama Bucks it is not. After Brooke went to bed Sydney and I decorated a couple of Easter cookies and I have already placed the eggs (plastic) outside for tomorrow's Easter Egg hunt.

Work: I started off the week with a couple of days in the Bay area. The first day I was at Corporate and St Francis. Between the two we took the Corporate team out to lunch for their winning "Before and After" contest entry-we went to Momo's and it was great. Monday was a great food day for me as that night I went to dinner with Anne Marie and Patti at Annabelle's, I had the Cippiono-it was fantastic. Tuesday Jeff and I left early and headed to Santa Cruz for a meeting with the team. It had been awhile since I was there and it was really great seeing that group.

Friday, was my first real Friday off, I managed to get through the day with only two conference calls, two escalation calls and an hour or so of email. It was great!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

366 Days Ago

I returned to work from maternity leave. Look how much she changed in a year.

Why I Love Lu Collins

Monday, David started his new job and yesterday he received the following email from Lu:

Hi David,
Here are some things you might need to know about the facility names.

There are THREE hospitals named St Mary.
One is in Reno, NV called Saint Mary Regional Medical Center.
This hospital should always have the 'saint' spelled out, no abbreviated so you'll know it's the Reno facility.

One is St. Mary Medical Center, no plural in Mary. This facility is in Long Beach.
Lots of people call it St. Mary's though.
If that name is mentioned be sure to clarify Long Beach or San Francisco.

One is St. Mary's Medical Center. This facility is in San Francisco.
I have a trick to remembering that this Mary is plural (Mary's). Since there is an extra 'S' at the end, I always remember it is in the city that starts with an 'S" - San Francisco.

Next there are THREE St Joseph hospitals.
One is called St. Joseph Medical Center and it is in Stockton. Lots of people call this St. Joseph's Medical Center, adding the 's'.

One is called St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center and it is in Phoenix.
Be sure to clarify which St. Joe's they are taking about, if they have not indicated.

One is called St. Joseph's Behavioral Health Center. This hospital does not have a full service.
They treat behavioral (mental health) issues. This facility is not included in many projects.

There are THREE St. Rose hopitals in Nevada. They are, at present, the only CHW hospitals in NV.
St Rose Dominican DeLima or St Rose DeLima
St Rose Dominican San Martin or St Rose San Martin
St Rose Dominican Siena or St Rose Siena.

Mercy Medical Center MERCED, Community Campus used to have a sister hospital with the same name but it was the Dominican Campus. I believe that facility was closed.

Saint Frances Memorial Hospital - The Saint is always spelled out for this facility because we used to own another facility called St. Frances Medical Center. To differentiate between the two they spelled out the name for this facility. Even though we no longer own the other they kept the name that way.

Welcome aboard.

Monday, April 18, 2011

What Is Wrong With The Embarcadero?

On five trips to my hotel in the last 25 hours my ride has not used the Embarcadero but rather they have chosen to go through the city to the hotel. The Embarcadero trip would consist of literally a couple of turns (all level, no hills) after exiting the Bay Bridge and then one turn from the Embarcadero to Bay Street, the hotel is on Bay Street and Jones.

The trip through the city consists of this: Up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, **Kim thinks she is going to throw up**, up the hill, down the hill, up the hill, up the hill, **Kim really thinks she is going to throw up**, down the hill, up the hill, down the hill, **Kim thinks it is a matter of seconds till she throws up, what is wrong with the Embarcadero**, up the hill, down the hill, **Kim thinks, lord is this trip going to ever end**. **up the hill, down the hill. **Kim feels like she is going to throw up**....Finally arrive at hotel...wanting to throw up.

Note to self: Instruct everyone to take the Embarcadero, don't go through the city.

Another Great "Before and After" Lunch

I had a great lunch today with the Corporate San Francisco associates who won the Before and After contest a few months ago. It was fun catching up with this group as it had been quite awhile since I had seen them.

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 15)

I am a little late on this weeks catch-up as it should have been posted on Saturday. (Better late than never) Last week during the weekly catch-up I mentioned that we took the train down to Old Town Pasadena but I failed to mention that it was the same day that Brooke learned to say "Hi" and she said "Hi" and waved to every person on the train. It was cute!!!!

Home: Saturday, the girls, mom and I went out to the Camarillo Outlets to get the "Belle" costume that Sydney would wear to her Princess Party on Sunday where we served a super cool Princess Cake. Favorite present was probably her singing Belle doll from Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday night a bunch of us went to Indio to hang out at Matt's timeshare (Worldmark). It was a blast hanging out with my brothers and sisters catching up and the kids loved hanging out in the "Penthouse" with their cousins. Brooke was thrilled to have Micah and Nathan around and wanted each of them to play with her, neither were too interested but I have a feeling that will change over time. We had great food which included ribs made by Matt, spent time in the lazy river and went in our private jacuzzi each night. My favorite part I think was reminiscing about times past, particularly Rachel reminded me of how when we went to sleep at night we would ask our siblings to "tickle my back". LOL, good times. Most everyone left on Friday but we stayed longer and spent Friday visiting the Cabazon outlets where I spent way too much at the Gymboree store....thats a surprise.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spaghetti Marketing

I had to take this picture of the girl dressed as a Spaghetti table at church last week. They were advertising the spaghetti lunch that was being served after the service. I also photographed the picture of the spaghetti they were using to entice us to participate and I gotta say, it doesn't look the least bit appetizing. Maybe next time.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

7:04PM And All Is Quiet

Sydney's birthday party and no napping really tired these girls out. So at 7:04PM I took these pictures, got a giant glass of water, started to do blog comments (I am so behind) and turned on the TV. At 7:09PM, Brooke started screaming bloody murder (no clue why) after trying to console her for a good 1/2 hour David gave up and brought her in the family room. At 7:50 Sydney started screaming bloody murder. The two girls proceeded to cry off an on for the next 4 hours, I guess they were just sooooo tired they couldn't sleep. Didn't they look peaceful at 7:04PM?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pulling a James

Every since this Sydney has been covering her mouth and saying "That's what James does". The last couple of days Brooke has started doing it. She is now doing it on command if you utter the words "Pulling a James". Tonight, while watching the Body of Proof, David said "Hey did you see that", "No, what", we went back and David said "Right there-she's a pulling a James".

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 14)

Home: Last weekend we decided to take the train, aka Gold Line down to Old Town Pasadena for dinner. After walking around and people watching we decided to eat at Bella's Gourmet Pizza and it was fantastic. It is located in the old Manny's Pizza restaurant on Fair Oaks but the Pizza was way better. Sydney loved the train so much that the next time we headed on it again but to South Pasadena. The South Pasadena train stop didn't result in as many dining choices and we will likely not be getting off at "Mission Street" again any time soon. Sunday afternoon we headed to the park with Becca, Joshua and Elizabeth followed by dinner at Chilis with the best waiter in Monrovia, James.

Monday night I got to see Rachel play volleyball followed by gyros with Laura and Ash.....then Ghost Armor, shopping an after dinner Chai and much needed conversation.

Tuesday, the construction company came in to start demolition on our cabinets after the water leak that was discovered last week. While I did great on the cooking front during water leak week 1, water leak week 2 resulted in dinner out every single night. Friday night found us back in Old Town where we went to Kings Row that was definitely a first and last trip to this restaurant which had what felt like 5 items on the menu-don't recommend it.

The rest of the week consisted of Sydney's birthday celebration. As you have seen in other blogs we spent her birthday at Disneyland with all of the cousins. Matt shattered his Iphone while waiting in line for Disney Jr, Sydney loved seeing "Live on Stage", particularly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, everyone loved the show. Sydney got two birthday party pre-gifts, a new Jesse doll from us and a Tangled character playset from Grandma.

Work: Monday I had a great lunch with the folks based at St Bernardine's. I flew out of Ontario and when I opted out for a pat down with TSA, the agent told me that they use the millimeter wave units as opposed to the backscanner and they have zero radiation. I would like Laura to weigh in on this. Tuesday was a whirlwind day with back to back to back to back meetings in Phoenix and a lunch was with my boss thrown into the middle. At Sky Harbor, in effort to get on an earlier flight I decided to go through the full body scanner for the first time since December (When Laura told me: Go through if you want breast cancer) . Unfortunately, I missed the flight so it was all for not-very unhappy about that.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Incredible Pics From Alaska

I know, I know.....Alaska again? Well, looking through my cell phone pics I found some great pics that I hadn't shared from that trip. Most of them were part of older photo collections (Drinks, 22, What Not To Wear, Signs, Bathrooms) but there are a few others that warranted sharing as well.

A Fun Birthday At Disneyland

So much fun! Check out how these kids are all dressed alike too, every one of them has thermal sleeves. So funny.