Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 21)

When I first started doing the weekly catch-up (10 Weeks ago) I didn't have any trouble remembering details of the week before but the last couple of weeks I have struggled to remember the prior weekend. So here goes:

Last Sunday we got a call around 10:00 am that we could go preview "The Little Mermaid" attraction at California Adventure so we high tailed it down to Anaheim for a quick trip-we all liked it. Sydney became scared at the last minute and didn't want to ride it so as soon as she protested I picked her up, threw her in the clamshell (thats what you ride in) and pointed to Scully. She recovered quickly and yelled "Let's do it again" as soon as we were exiting. We got home just in time for me to fly up to Sacramento that afternoon.

I arrived home Monday night, we had a quick dinner at Daphnee's and then David took off for the Central Coast. Wednesday we had someone come over and look at the damage in the kitchen and they will not only be replacing our water-damaged cabinets but they will be installing the muntin bars that I have been wanting in the cabinets on the north wall.

Thursday afternoon we took off for a Memorial Day weekend/James birthday trip to Phoenix. Brooke screamed like a banchee the whole way and Sydney was honestly the most pleasant girl ever (Yeah, she has never been so good). We stayed at the Hilton Pointe at Squaw Peak (this is something we did when I was in High School) and we all had a good time. Sydney would stay in the water forever if I let her, she has so much fun being in a pool. Friday morning we got up, David went to work, the girls and I headed to Laura's (she made great waffles) and the kids played together. When we got back, we all went in the lazy river and then had lunch by the pool, dinner was at The Hole In the Wall. After dinner, I took Sydney to see Yogi Bear at the dive in movie (it was her first) and she loved watching the movie while swimming. We heard about it the rest of the weekend.

Saturday there was a mega trip to Gymboree at the Scottsdale Fashion Square. Dinner for James birthday was at the Kabuki's at the Tempe Marketplace. The kids enjoyed playing in the fountains and then David and I went back and watched Unknown on the pay per view in the room.

Work: Kevin and I started the week out in Redding. We drove up to Redding on Sunday and ate dinner on the way at the Riverside Bar and Grill in Redbluff, while it's only rated a 3 on Yelp, I thought it was pretty good. Monday we completed some interviews in Redding and then took the team for lunch at Logan's Roadhouse. After lunch we headed back to Sacramento making a stop in to visit the team in Woodland.

Tuesday, I was in an almost all day meeting regarding site visits and was pleased with the overall outcome. More time in the field is always a good thing! I spent all day Wednesday doing interviews and Thursday was a catch-up day with lots of emails and few meetings.

Bonded By Diapers

Monday, May 30, 2011

She Had Her Quota Of Fun

As depicted in our Memorial Day Weekend post, Sydney had lots of fun of this weekend and she definitely doesnt want it to end. When we were leaving Becca and Jason's today I made the mistake of saying we were going home. Immediately, Sydney began her first meltdown in days and screamed/cried the entire way home stating over and over "I want to go back to the hotel" and then "I don't want to go home".

This was the photo I took when we pulled in the driveway at home. Clearly, she doesn't think she has had her quota of fun.

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

A full weekend recap will be available in the "Weekly Catch-Up" for weeks 21 and 22 but here are the pictures! The pictures are not in any particular order but include James Birthday, hanging out at the Pointe, a trip to Laura's, Fun in Scottsdale, Tempe Marketplace, and a barbecue at Becca's. Great weekend and lots of fun!!!!

How To Entertain A 3 Year Old (Tip #22)

Hand them a camera and make funny faces.....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guest Blog By Sydney

Every once in awhile when its late and you haven't blogged you think "I gotta just get something up there" usually thats when a blog posts with a cute kid picture. Tonight was one of those times and I didn't know which picture to use so I asked Sydney. She came up with these three

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tempe Marketplace-A Year Later

Last year, Sydney went to Tempe Market Place for this for time and played with Camdyn. Today when we arrived back she stated "This is where I played with Camdyn"....and this year she plays with Brooke.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Soap

So last month I mentioned that Sydney and I made some soap. We did three kinds, blueberry, strawberry and cucumber. Overall, I think they are turned out pretty good, with no preservatives they need to be used in 60 days. Here are some pictures:

James Shares The Joy!!!

First New Car!!!!! 2012 Honda Civic with built in everything!!!!! Thank you, Price Is Right!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No Rapture on 5/21

The Little Rule Follower

Over the weekend we got a preview of "Ariel's Undersea Adventure". It's a really cool ride, with all the music from the movie and Sydney exclaimed "Lets do it again" as soon as we got off. I was a good little rule follower and took no pictures or videos.

I checked out You tube and didn't see any videos of the ride, but here is a good summary.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 20)

Home: Last Sunday we started the day off by heading to Disneyland and hanging out with Ash and Laura. It was pretty crowded but we had alot of fun.

Monday night I flew to Phoenix and stayed at hotel BFF. After a long day Tuesday I got home and Sydney was thrilled when I arrived-I love that. Wednesday was David and my 14th wedding anniversary, we went to Smitty's Grill lunch and then took a walk down South Lake Ave, it was nice. Wednesday night, we went to dinner with the kids, mom and James at Outback.

Friday most of the family met for lunch at Chilis in Chino Hills and then went to the park with the kids. All the kids had a great time playing together-I think most took naps on the way home. That night we ate dinner at home and then headed to old town where the Cool Haus truck was it. David and I had the Apple Pie ice cream on a snickerdoodle cookie and Sydney had the lemon ice cream-all was outstanding.

Saturday, was a pretty lazy day. We hung close to home and then had mom, Joshua and Elizabeth over for dinner. For the adults I made the "Shaking Beef" Vietnamese salad and for the kids I made these sesame noodles (minus the spicy)

I Pick Sacramento

Before And After (No Brush Version)

The first picture was taken after I realized I had a rough night sleep in Redding but before I realized that I left my brush at home. The second is after I did my hair with just the flat iron. (after all it isn't socially acceptable to even go down to the front desk to ask for a complementary comb with that hair)

PS While it says they are complimentary, the Hilton Garden in Redding just tried to charge me 50 cents for a comb...not liking that