Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Time Shooting

Last night, Ash took me and REM hand gun shooting-it was a blast! He gave me a safety lesson and then I started out with the 9 millimeter-the first shot was right on the target. I found the 9M pretty easy to shoot (It also resembled Jack Bauer's gun so that was cool) but in the beginning I struggled with the loading and unloaded of the clips (It was easy once I had done it a few times).

After awhile I switched over to the 45 which is a bigger but lighter gun. The bullets in the 45 are way bigger than the bullets on the 9M and it packed quite a punch. My elbow hurt when I was shooting it and I definitely wasn't as good of a shot with the 45 so I switched back to the 9M. Very fun time!! Thanks, Ash!!

FSO Signage

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 24-25)

Home: The last couple of weeks have been so busy on the home front! I have kept many updates on the blog but it's crazy to think how much has happened.

Mom turned 60 on the 15th, most of us took her for dinner that night to Outback, that was pretty fun but I still can't believe she is actually 60! The girls had Elizabeth Aaron babysit them at home during the last two weeks and she did a great job-we love her. On Saturday we went to Nathan's first birthday party-Rachel and Kevin did a great job on it and everyone had fun. When leaving we decided to go look at motorhomes again. Sunday was Fathers Day and we went to Disneyland for a couple of hours in the morning and met up with Dedee and Molly. After going there we decided to go back to El Month RV Sales and this time we ended up purchasing a 24 foot Tioga Motorhome. We were so excited!

On Monday, my niece, Abigail arrived and I fell in immediate love with her. She is so cute!!! The girls and I visited her three days in a row in the hospital and Sydney is absolutely smitten with her. Friday we went to hang out at Uncle Matt's and then went down to El Monte RV to pick up the motorhome. Saturday we went to Madelyn's first birthday party out at Aunt Cathy's-the kids had a great time.

Another HCBC Gathering

It started with a pool party at Ruth's and ended at Ra in Mesa. So fun catching up with AZ and TX friends!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our First Outing! (2.5 hours)

Today, we took our first outing in the motorhome. We picked up Grandma and Grandpa and then Joshua and Elizabeth. We headed out to Bonelli Park (10 minute drive from Becca's), had lunch and then played at the park. Everyone had a great time!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Awning Sunshield For Us

Camping. I have a feeling I could create a whole new blog on camping as I think it will generate alot of material.

So the awning sunshield is designed for the disengaged father who sits in a comfortable lounge chair reading the paper with a glass of strawberry lemonade (and pitcher with ice for refills) while the mom and daughter sit several yards away in direct sunlight. Occasionally, he will look up and admire his family from a distance.

I Don't Do Snacks

I never eat snacks. You will not catch me raiding the pantry, you will not catch me grabbing a midnight snack, you won't catch me buying a bunch of chips (Can't tell you the last time I had a Dorito, Fritos, or any other chip) at the store or eating a candy bar. (No clue when I last had one of these either)

I do like Salt and Vinegar chips and the other day I was in moms car and she had these Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper pretzel pieces and for some reason I decided to try them. BAD IDEA! I ate the rest of what was in the bag and last night when I was at Walmart (shocking I know) I remembered that she had picked them up there. I sought them out and we now have a bag in our house.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun At Uncle Matt's

We had such a great time today hanging out at Uncle Matt and Aunt Kim's. We can't wait until our next play date with Micah!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Congratulations, Joe!!!!

Joe, we are so proud of the outstanding job you are doing at Oxnard and your nomination for Values in Action. I found out tonight you were actually nominated by two people and both for the value of Excellence. What a tremendous honor, I am so pleased that I was able to be there tonight-thank you for allowing me to come, we are so appreciative of everything you do for our organizations. Congratulations! P.S. No matter what I do the middle picture keeps cutting off-so sorry that the family picture didn't come out!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Monkey!!!!

Happy Birthday, Nathan!!!!! We all waited for you and you are the cutest little Sauer ever! We love you so much and hope you have a great first birthday!!!! P.S. Way to arrive on the 22 :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome Abigail Grace Krueger!

We love you already! More pictures to follow, the two below were taken by Sydney :) Congratulations, Becca, Jason, Joshua and Elizabeth-your family is complete!
6/20/11, 7:51AM, 8lbs 2 oz, 20 inches long

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Trip To CA Adventure With Two AZ Friends

As mentioned in last weeks Weekly Catch-Up we had some visitors from Arizona and spent the day at California Adventure. #1 Purpose was to take Miranda on Ariel's Undersea Adventure (We went twice), Being able to hang out with Deena was an added bonus.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!

My the best mom
My the first person I ever loved
My mom.....has taught me more than anyone
My the perfect grandma
My her love freely
My mom.....makes me laugh
My mom.....had two 22 babies ;)
My so fun to be with
My mom.....taught me how to be a good mom
My me strength
My a constant inspiration
My mom.....provides me advice
My mom.....helps me be my best
My mom.....supports me
My mom.....makes me happy
My mom.....I appreciate her so much
My mom.....always knows what I need
My mom.....makes me proud
My my confidant
My my hero
I love you, mom!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

(Wish we were both 10 years younger)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Congratulations Alex!!!

Tonight, Alex formally received the Values in Action award for Stewardship. The dinner was fantastic and I am so grateful that I was able to come and see him receive this honor. There were many things included in the speech given about Alex but I must call out one item that stated "he always listens attentively and gives a recommendation, typically a promise that if the person will put in a help desk ticket he'll be sure that someone follows up on it and gets it fixed"-of course I loved that part!!!! In all seriousness, this was a beautiful event and I am so pleased that I was able to be here in Redding. It was also fantastic to be able to meet Alex's wife, kids and extended family. Congratulations, Alex-I am in awe by your grace and humility and am so glad you are a member of the FSO team. P.S. The picture of Kevin "the chicken" was an added bonus.

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 23)

Home: For some reason I can barely remember what happened last week! I know David was in Redding for 3 nights and the girls and I ate dinner at moms for two of the nights he was gone. That was great! Monday, David and I went to the Corner Bakery for lunch and I decided to finally order my IPAD 2. (I Love it!)

Thursday night Miranda flew in for a special weekend as Friday we went to California Adventure to go on Ariel's Undersea Adventure. So fun! We went on that ride twice and then headed over to Soaring over California so Sydney could go on that for the first time. Sydney loves to "fly" whether it is in the Laundry basket, on top of the couch, on someones shoulders-you name it. I had been showing her You Tube videos of soaring for a couple of days and she absolutely loved it. After going with me she ended up going with Miranda as well. We then got together for lunch and an afternoon of hanging out with Deena (who was at Disneyland for the weekend). While Deena and I caught up Miranda and Sydney went on the Jumping Jellyfish, once that was done Sydney and I went on the flying swings for the first time and she loved that too. Overall it was a great trip to California Adventure.

Saturday there was a great adventure as we decided to go look for Motorhomes. The girls had a blast and David and I wanted to walk away with one. Still, I am struggling on our long term travel strategy. I want a little of everything, we'll see what happens with this....we may go looking a little more this weekend.......

Work: No travel this week for me, as mentioned above David was in Redding for three days. Dell announced plans to release our 10 inch Android tablet but we are starting in China. Can't wait for it to get here!!!!! Highlight of the work week was lunch with Larry!

Oh Yeah, I Am A List Preferred

Yesterday, I got the email "You are on a Wi-Fi Flight tomorrow". I love Wi-Fi flights and because of this I am 34,000 feet in the air and doing a blog post. Additionally, since I have achieved (I am so proud of my achievements) A-List Preferred status I have connected to the Wi-Fi for free. I absolutely love flying Southwest airlines, they have the best flight attendants, the friendliest service and did I mention I was an A1 today?