Monday, November 30, 2009

How Hot Are You?

Yesterday, I was babysitting Elizabeth and Joshua and suddenly Elizabeth had a fever (surprise!). I went and got my Homedics No Touch thermometer and took her temperature. It was high. This thermometer allows you to take the temperature of a person or object by simply pointing at it. Joshua started asking me questions about it and as I answered he became intrigued with the thermometer. Soon every item in the house was getting a temperature reading.

Most items were around room temperature (go figure) but we did have some outliers. The coldest item was my chocolate milk at 47.3 degrees (yes, I drink chocolate milk) and the hottest item was my laptop at 119.5 degrees. (note that my laptop did record a temp as high as 121.7) This is no surprise since I have been complaining for more than 6 months that my laptop has burned my thigh and I am now scarred. That will be another post......

Baby Shower!

Yesterday we had a baby shower for Courtney and Jon (cousin). Courtney looks great and their new baby (Jonaley) will be here in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate the soon-to-be newest member of the family!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Mark....It's Coming

Intel wants to plant a chip it your brain. This is a must read article.

Sure, at this point it's not totally developed but it's being worked on. Me no likey.

A quote: "Theoretically, different people thinking of the same word or image would have the same activity in their brains", I guess there is no point in Jane and I attending the same meetings anymore.

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Thanksgiving House

I have dubbed this house on Paloma in Pasadena"The Thanksgiving House". I think they should win an award for the most Thanksgiving lawn ornaments (at least in Southern California).

Moonlight Madness

A couple of years ago I gave up going out early on Black Friday. Last night Mom, James and I decided to check out the Moonlight Madness sale going on at the Citadel outlets. Going shopping at 10:00PM was alot easier than it would be going at 4:00AM. I only made it into one store....of course it was Gymboree.

Gymboree is my favorite kids store by far. Baby Gap and others don't even come close to measuring up. Anyway, they had fantastic deals and Sydney and the baby-girl-to-be-named scored their first matching outfits. Joshua scored some pajamas, Sydney scored some extra stuff and a Christmas dress. I could have kept buying and buying and buying......but I didn't. I'll probably go again next year.

I met Becca, Mom, James and two of his friends for breakfast (Breakfast is a tradition) then spent the rest of the day taking care of Sydney who is sick.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the email I sent to the FSO team yesterday:

I always try to write a personal message for Thanksgiving to send to everyone. This year when I went to write it I realized that half way through it sounded almost the same as last year’s (See attached.) In an effort to do something different I decided to cheat and go to the internet. I went to Google and did a search for “Happy Thanksgiving Message”-everything was of course extremely generic and then at the bottom of the search results page I noticed something I thought was entertaining:

The search I had just done was being rated in Google trends as the 31st most popular search for the day. It was given a “Hotness” tag of “Spicy”, 6% of those that had entered it were from New York and related searches were: happy thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving wishes, happy thanksgiving clip art, happy thanksgiving cards, happy thanksgiving greetings.
Google Search

On that note: I hope you all enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you that are on-call this weekend-I thank you for your extra efforts and hope that it is a quiet weekend. For those that are off this weekend, don’t get trampled at any stores on Friday.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you all of you. Have a great Thanksgiving!
So not the sentimental message I sent last year but isn't google awesome? I love the "hotness" tag.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Could I live with this? From Wikipedia: A cannon is any tubular piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other usually explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile. Cannon vary in caliber, range, mobility, rate of fire, angle of fire, and firepower; different forms of cannon combine and balance these attributes in varying degrees, depending on their intended use on the battlefield. The word cannon is derived from several languages, in which the original definition can usually be translated as tube, cane, or reed. In modern times, cannon has fallen out of common usage, usually replaced by "guns" or "artillery", if not a more specific term, such as "mortar" or "howitzer".

On the other hand: Cannon Mountain is in New Hampshire and a great ski resort!.

And Cannons restaurant is a seafood restaurant in Dana Point. Maybe David and I should go there for dinner and contemplate the name of our coming baby girl.

Guest Blog "I Fell"

This is Sydney's Guest Blog:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

24 Hours of Girl Time In Phoenix

*REM and CEM soccer games (The girls are great and Sydney loved playing on the sidelines)
*Dinner with Diane
(Short but perfect company!)
*Song and Dance performance by Sydney (If you're happy and you know it)
*Trampoline training (Sydney loved her first session)
*Sydney checked out the lights at Tempe Marketplace (She's gonna love Christmas)
*Farmville tutorial (Surprisingly, Jane didn't laugh at me-she wanted to)
*Afternoon with Mindy (I took my camera but failed to take pics)
*Sydney explored the Young house (climbed the stairs, played in the end tables, loved CEM's princess room and great rock collecting)
*Great and unexpected BFF time (Thank you SWA!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Buried (Part 1)

I have been buried lately at work and at home. No time for anything or anyone (Sorry everybody) This morning, before going to Grandma's Sydney decided I needed to be buried further.......

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fabulous Five + Me

I am seriously the most blessed leader here, this is because of my great team and the fabulous five. They each bring unique atributes and their own personalities which is what makes them so great. Hope you all have a great day!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Six Month Pregnancy Jail Photos

Six month pregnancy jail photos. The first one is from 2007 (Sydney) and frankly I look a little psychotic. The second was is from 2009 (No Name) and I think I look pretty good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

While Sydney Was Getting Her Haircut

Elizabeth was getting a heck of a shiner......(Thank the swing set)

Sydney's First Haircut

Today, Sydney went for her first haircut. She did great and I was shocked. I expected that she was going to cry (based on recent doctors visits where she won't let anyone near her) but she sat there the whole time like a big girl. We were both proud of her.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Password Problems

Jane: Are you near your computer
KT: Yes
Jane: Look at the email I just sent you
KT: I need to login to VPN
**KT enters password and it fails**
**KT enters password and it fails**
**KT enters password and it fails**
Jane: There yet?
KT: No
**KT enters password and it fails**
KT: Passwords not working
KT: I think my password has expired
**KT enters password and it fails**
**KT enters password and it fails**
KT: Or I've been fired
Jane laugs
**KT enters password and it fails**
**KT enters password and it fails**

KT: Or my caps lock is on

Flashback Friday (39)

Elizabeth and Sydney circa 2013?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


NVM is the acronym for never mind. There is nothing worse than never mind. Today, I got the never mind twice, first by Mike then by Glenn. Mike's was for real, Glenn's was because he heard me telling Mike exactly what I think of NVM and just decided to give it back to me again. Sigh, as if the day wasn't long enough.

What NVM really means is "You suck, you are too slow and I don't have time to wait for you so I'll just figure something else out".

Monday, November 09, 2009

The Bottom Of The Barrel

I think I will let the photos (and their captions) speak for themselves....

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Guest Blog "Oh my gosh, you have H1N1"

From David: Yesterday, late in the morning, after sniffling, coughing and feeling the gurgling in my chest, I realized I had what is "going around". No fever, no body aches, but I was sick.

On the way home I stopped at bought some Mucinex to relieve the congestion and coughing. I took one and hoped for the best.

Now comes 2:45 am when Sydney's cries over the baby monitor announced she had a situation. I was sleeping in a position somewhere between laying on my side and laying on my stomach. I awoke to Kim touching my chest and then exclaiming "Oh my gosh, you have H1N1". I was stunned. How long had I actually been awake that I had gone to the doctor and been diagnosed? Panicky Pam, in her natural state of drama had made the diagnosis immediately. Just then, she felt my arm that wasn't warm from sleeping on it and realized everything was okay. She rolled over and went back to sleep. I, on the other hand, arose to check on Sydney, shaking my head wondering which episode of "I Love Lucy" this reminded me of.

I am so fortunate to have Kimberly. She cares about me more than I could ever imagine, and she has given me Sydney, the most beautiful creature I have ever laid eyes upon. She also makes me laugh, even if it is not her intention.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm Breaking Rules At San Manuel Casino

People Unable to Receive Texts

I only know of two people that cannot receive texts on their cell phones. Several months ago, I discovered that my Uncle Will couldn't receive texts and when questioned about it he said he didn't want to pay the bill for texts. Come on, dude! It's unlimited for 10 bucks. Even mom sends and receives texts daily. (This may prompt a comment from him since he is a regular blog reader).

This morning I texted my other uncle, Dave for the first time (They are brothers) and discovered he can't receive them either! To tell you the truth Dave is sort of anti-technology so this doesn't shock me like it did with Will.

I leave you with this: Come on Will, get with the program :) And Dave, since you won't be reading the blog I won't make this a Happy Birthday post.

Found In My Bed

Sydney doesn't sleep in our bed ever but today she clearly made a field trip to it. Tonight when crawling into bed I found a giraffe, fish, 3 rocks, pacifier, Halloween toy and a cup full of Cheerios.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Week 24: A PG Update

*Well, no-name is breech. At 24 weeks I have been assured not to worry about this but overall I am not too happy with the news. I guess this explains the kicking on my bladder.

*I have been told twice this week that I just need to name her Mia and move on.....probably.

*The H1N1 shot is coming my way later this week. Luckily I will not have to stand in line like Kfuj did since I can get at my doctors office

*Today, (because of the breech) Dr Grady couldn't determine the sex. Thank goodness for that 3 D Ultrasound....5 weeks ago

*The state tests came back and all was negative. Two thumbs up for that :)

*My blood pressure is always lower when pregnant. Today it was 122/77

*I have gained much more weight this pregnancy. Not thrilled about it, need to dial it back.

*Pepcid twice a day is working out great

*Sydney is now pointing to my tummy if you ask her where the baby is

*2/22 is a Monday, which means if she is born on due date (and with 2/22) she will be born during hour 8 of 24. I hope she doesn't come during the middle of the episode. ;)

*Can't believe there is only 16 weeks to go............

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Of Course or Off Course?

A difference it makes. Last night (Halloween) mom sends James a text asking her to call him and check in after leaving the party he was at. James responds via text "Of course". Mom reads it and thinks he wrote "Off course". She then thinks he is in some kind of trouble and when she texts him back he doesn't see it.

Since it's Halloween mom has all of these scenarios going through her head of what "Off Course" may mean. Is he lost? Why hasn't he phoned for directions? Is he in a situation where he can't respond that he needs help so he wrote "off course" as a code word for help? This is my favorite scenario. I picture a bunch of high school kids applying peer pressure and monitoring his texts so he can't ask his mom for help. James being so sly just responds to mom: "Off Course".

I promise that the next time I am in some obscure trouble I will text someone with "Off Course" I hope they send help.....

I couldn't have laughed harder when I heard this story.