Monday, March 31, 2014

I Use Sharpies on My Kids Shoes

Sydney's shoes get destroyed within minutes of purchasing them. I have resorted to using a sharpie on them so they last longer than a day. 

New tag line: Sharpies make it possible

Starbucks Downtown Disney

So we made it to the new Starbucks at Downtown Disney. Hailed as one of the most unique stores in North America I had alot of high expectations-none of which were met. It's fair to say, I was underwhelmed. The three biggest issues for me? 

(1) I get great joy from the Disney Parks Starbucks cup which they didn't have at this location. I immediately wished I had purchased my Chai inside the park. (I know, I know but it brings me joy)

(2) The ice was different than the ice at every other Starbucks. I like the standard ice. (Again, I know but I am very particular about my Starbucks)

(3) Very little seating inside-practically none. No tables. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Dinner In The Art District

James suggested Wurstkuche for dinner. We headed down there and ended up trying the following:

Mango Jalapeno (Chicken and Turkey)
Santa Fe Jack Cheese and Jalapeno Peppers (Turkey)
Filipino Maharilka (Pork)
Rattlesnake and Rabbit with Jalapeno

The Santa Fe was the best (IMO), David liked the beer. We will be back at some point. 

Across the street was the PieHole. This is a place I have been wanting to go for awhile so I was thrilled to see it. (Odd I know since I don't ever do dessert) We went over and tried the Earl Grey pie and the Maple custard pie-both were great. I had the Horchata Latte-also excellent. Funny, I noticed that they had a new (second) location and it's on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena. 

A Four Hour Tour

We had a four hour tour at Disneyland today. The trip consisted of Dumbo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mickey's Magical Map, the Disneyland Railroad and Brooke's first ride on Thunder Mountain-more to come on that as she loved it! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Last Month I Saw Ms Braun

Since I am clearly playing blog catch up.....last month on my way home from Florida I arranged for a 4 hour layover in Atlanta. What an awesome treat! We went to an extended breakfast and I got an Andrea fix. So much fun catching up with this one!

The Shirt Is Officially Gone

Monday, March 24, 2014

Last Day At Walt Disney World

The last afternoon we took the Monorail from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom. We hit the afternoon parade and then ventured into Tomorrowland. The kids loved the People Mover. We actually went on it twice.   The highlight of our return trip was the Mickey's PhilharMagic show which was really good-we really enjoyed our final visit together to the Magic Kingdom. By our third full day at Walt Disney World it was fair to say that we were all beat. Until next time......

Epcot Day 2

Epcot really was beautiful, there were a few things on our agenda but we didn't get to all of them. First up was the Canada circlevision-it was a little disappointing but we did enjoy seeing many places we have been to including vacation spots from last year (Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia). Outside of this exhibit was a garden meant to replicate the Buschart Gardens, Banff, Jasper's Maline Canyon and what appeared very similar to the Chateau Lake Louise-that was all cool. Sydney's highlight was when a random woman gave her a Jessie hat. 

We had lunch in England by scarfing on some super good fish and chips-another WDW great meal. We watched this show on American History and it wasn't great but it was nice and cool in the theater. 

What we missed and can't wait to go back and do:

(1) Test Track
(2) Spaceship Earth
(3) Grand Fiesta Tour
(4) Mission Space
(5) Ellen's Energy Adventure

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Storytime With Belle

This attraction at The Magic Kingdom was cool!

Epcot Day 1

We had been advised by many to skip Epcot but when we realized our tickets were park hoppers we decided to head over there for the evening (After Animal Kingdom). We were super glad we did! We enjoyed Epcot so much we decided that we would go again the next day. What we enjoyed:

(1) The Finding Nemo ride and aquarium area was cool
(2) The food was good. We ate dinner in the Germany area and were very happy with our meal
(3) I loved all the country themed shops and wish I had more time to spend in them
(4) The greatest event of the night was the Maelstrom Norway ride-the girls loved it and since there was no line we proceeded to go on it five times!
(5) We caught the fireworks show which we thought was pretty cool.

Animal Kingdom at WDW

Animal Kingdom was cool. The tree in the middle was awesome. It's called the Tree of Life and the base is made up of tons of animal shapes-really cool but I kept wanting to call it the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil-lol. 

We took the Kilimanjaro safari, and the train in Africa. The girls were able to play conductor and blow the whistle while everyone was boarding the train-thanks Daddy! The highlight of Brooke's trip was meeting Rafiki (who I dont think she has ever cared about before), we got caught in our only real Florida thunderstorm here and needed to buy ponchos because we lost all the ponchos we bought the day before at the Magic Kingdom. David and I went on Expedition Everest which is in the running for the coolest ride I have ever been on. We all went on the Dinosaur ride which is basically Indiana Jones but Dinosaurs-Sydney liked it-shocking. We saw the Nemo musical which I was a little bit skeptical of but it was actually really cool. All and all we were there for about 3/4 of the day and then decided to head to Epcot for the evening.