Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scrubs At Disneyland?

When I worked in the laboratory, I wore scrubs about twice a week-and I loved wearing my scrubs. Scrubs are comfortable, depending on the type they can be cute and for clinical work, very practical. Having said that, these scrubs arent cute and there is no clinical work at Disneyland.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Don't Usually Stereotype People

But I found it incredibly hard to believe that this woman was the "A1" check-in on my flight from Burbank to San Jose.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Something On A Stick Day

Today, was something on a stick honor of the special day, and Queen B we celebrated ;)

New Universal Symbol

While we were watching James win the showcase on the Price is Right tonight the following conversation ensued:

Sydney: Mom, why does James do that?
Me: What?
Sydney: (See picture below) Thats funny!
Me: Apparantely it's the universal symbol for I just won something on the Price is Right.

James Evans......Come On Down

In case you didn't know, James won the showcase today on the Price is Right!!!!! His winnings? A trampoline (When Sydney saw it she exclaimed, Mom, that looks fun!!!!), $1000.00, maid service for a year, a bedroom set and a red Mazda Miata.

Ridiculous Signage Between Bonnie and Meredith

There is some crazy signage going on in the Parking Lot off Colorado between Bonnie and Meredith in Pasadena. Often I stop at this location for Starbucks on way into the Pasadena Office and I always have to pay close attention to the parking spot I pick because if not the woman that sits in the tiny little closet-office will put a warning on my car that threatens to tow it. (I have received the warning twice for parking in the wrong space) Almost everything in this parking lot is remarkable:

  • The tiny little closet the woman works must be horrible. There is no air conditioning and it is no more than 4 feet by 4 feet (I think I am being generous here too) This woman just trolls the parking lot looking for potential offenders. I was going to Starbucks and the ATM one day and she stopped me to ask me how long I would be? Uh 10 minutes...oh, okay, go ahead....whatever

  • There is no difference in the handicapped parking spaces (size and borders) so why is one van accessible and one not?

  • There is a sign for at least every two parking spots in the lot

  • Why would they print two different shape signs for the 1 Hour Sharp Seating spots? As you can see in the 5th picture these two signs are for spots right next to each other

  • There are three different signs depicting standard 1 hour parking, the dark brown rectangle, the dark brown tall oval and the light brown rectangle

  • There are two different types of employee parking sign, the dark brown horizontal oval, and the light brown square. I once was stopped by the parking lot monitor since I wasn't an employee and parked on the spot that showed the 1 hour to the left and the employee parking to the right.

  • Who could have possibly made the decisions on signage, it's crazy! Also, every spot is a 1 hour except the employees. Three are 4 restaurants that utilize the parking lot and 2 banks. Lord help the person who is signing loan documents or having a leisurely lunch, they will likely be towed.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Price Is Right!!!! Watch 3/28 at 10:00AM!!!!!

National "Joe" Day.....

Seriously, I can't make this stuff up, today is National "Joe" Day. On National Joe day you can choose to not go by your own name and instead be referred to or call yourself, Joe. Those behind the day call it a holiday from your own name.

So in honor of Joe P today I..........

  • Went to Starbucks and had Joe written on my cup of tea (not Joe)

  • Created my Trader Joe's shopping list

  • Facebook friend requested Joe Young

  • Implemented a new employee satisfaction program called "Joe's Act" which increased everyone's vacations by 2 weeks

  • Fondly remembered Fear Factor and Joe Rogan

  • Planned an employee morale event at Joe's Crab Shack (Hawaii Location)

  • Stalked Joe Pesci via, contemplated watching "My Cousin Vinnie"

  • Thought about how much I dislike the Yankees

  • Emailed all the Joe's on my team (and Facebooked all my friend Joe's) telling them I hoped they enjoyed their special day

  • Wished there was a Tahoe Joe's nearby so I would have the perfect end to my "Joe" list by venturing there for dinner

I wonder if there is a National Mickey Day....I'm think a Disney Celebration would need to be scheduled.......

Disclaimer: Bullet 4 and 6 are sort of lies but it felt fun writing them.

Happy Birthday, REM!

Happy Birthday, REM! I Love You!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

March Madness.......

Try as I might I really hate it, I know that isn't a popular view but I just couldn't me more bored with the whole concept. Regardless, I did root for Texas A&M as I do in another sports (along with LSU for Andrea) and only because it makes my dear friend, Queen B happy.

I don't know who "Jimmer" is but on Facebook yesterday I learned that he could nail a three pointer from the middle east when the goal is in Japan. While I am not an expert on basketball I find myself questioning the validity of that statement.

Unfortunately, A&M lost early but during the game we were hanging out with A&M fans in San Diego and we were definitely all saying "Go Aggies".

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome To The Family, Grace!!!!!

So happy to get my second sister in-law!!!!! Congratulations, Andrew!!!!

The Weekly Catch-Up (2011, Week 12)

Home: Brooke is still drinking the allergy formula because she gets sick every time she has regular milk. Thinking this was a simple allergy we had an allergy test done only for it to come back that she is not allergic to anything! (Which is great) Now we have to figure out why the milk is bothering her tummy so we can get her off of the ultra-expensive Nutramigen.

Last night Sydney watched the 101 Dalmatians and she was quite scared of ole Cruella DeVille. The expression on her face looked very similar to her expression when watching Maleficent go after Sleeping Beauty

I cooked good meals every night this week. Two came from Williams-Sonoma's "The World Kitchen" cookbook. I made the "Shaking Beef" salad (which was to die for) and a Vietnamese Pork Stir fry which was also great! I also made a couple of soups from "For the Love Of Cooking", the first was Ribollita (I used the Giada version) and the second was the White Bean and Chicken Chili and it was outstanding! Great week to not be traveling and in the kitchen.

Other highlights include: Having a 40+ minute conversation with Andrea Braun, receiving flowers from Jane, celebrating Queen B's birthday.

Work: This week I began re-using the Franklin Covey Plan Plus System for Outlook (for the 10th time) and it has greatly improved my organization skills. Other than methodical planning the biggest overall change I am making to improve my effectiveness is logging out of email. Email is such a distractor, when trying to complete a task, you see that little preview message open and are immediately dragged off into email-land to deal with that crisis or this question or another action item. This results in you never getting to complete the task you started so the solution is to schedule email time on your calendar and log out of it when trying to get something else done.

Highlights from the work week included: Getting my surprise package, sneaking in two good lunches, having 6 of 7 Performance reviews delivered and having the FSO All Hands meeting. I'm looking forward to a couple of site visits in Southern Cal next week. BTW, Joe called me "Kimmer" yesterday, I love "Kimmer"!!!!

Other: Did you see where Oxford added a bunch of words to their dictionary? My favorite was "Bloggable"-so happy that is now official.

Lastly, Elizabeth Taylor died, USA Today had the following headline "The biggest star ever?". I say, No. Zsa Zsa Gabor reacted by thinking she was next.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Love Surprises!

So last month I got this surprise and since I am not a big wine drinker David did the honors and drank it. (Now, I did taste it and I thought it was probably one of the best wines I had ever tasted but again, not being a wine drinker I didn't have much) Today when I was leaving for work I saw a box on my front porch (that I must have missed yesterday when I got home) from Wine Country Gift Baskets and my first thought was "Dang, I wish I liked wine more!"

Much to my surprise though, inside it was not wine but a gift basket of treats!!!!! (Love treats) There was a whole bunch of good stuff but what is depicted below are some specifics: (1) The gift basket (2) two lollipops (Sydney snagged those) (3) Stuffed Bear (Brooke snagged that) (4) Chocolate (David snagged it) (5) My favorite of all pepper jack cheese dip....oh yeah, it was great! And I got to eat on Chip and Dip day-total bonus.....

PS. I am completely ticked off that I can't get the Sonoma cheese picture to stand upright! Being quite the anal one on how pictures appear on the blog it is very frustrating, I even re-took the pic, it still won't stand up......but it was really good :)

The gift basket was awesome, I am so grateful for it and I loved the card too!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!!