Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I had a great 41st birthday. There is no fanfare for 41 but it was a fun family day. First we went to Grand Park in downtown LA. I have been wanting to visit there for awhile so we put the check on that box-it's not too exciting but it was fun. After Grand Park we went to Grand Market and had barbecue for lunch-it was pretty good. This was followed by Santa pictures and Brooke getting her ears pierced then our traditional birthday evening at the Americana. Last but not least we decided to look at Christmas lights on our way home.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Santa Visited The Evans Houses

Day After Christmas Hallmark Shopping

We got just about everything but couldn't find the Nightmare Before Christmas ornament for Kim Evans :(

BFF Birthday Gift 2014

It all started with this:

I can vividly remember opening this outside the Glendale Hilton in December 2006. I haven't thought about this moment in years but oddly since reading the Rookie Smarts book which really emphasizes recapturing emotions and feelings from exciting times in the past I have begun to recall these times more often. I was so excited to receive this amazing Powersource Imagine from my new friend who had selected the perfect gift!  

In between then and now there have been some pretty awesome gifts. Every year has been special and in two minutes I think I have recalled all of them in my head. This years was definitely the most entertaining! 

22 gifts that are everything Kim Thomas or Kim Evans. Who knew, I was published already? Great job, Jane and thanks for being a Powersource! 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shredding Old Checks

What a bummer that I didn't think of this blog earlier in the process. Brooke and I shredded 100's of checks yesterday from  the last 18 years. During the final minute I started getting entertained. Here are a few remember when's:

*we used to give siblings birthday gifts? Here is a check to Kevin for $25.00
*I used to write checks to the gift shop to get cash. This one was for $10.00.
*Housing was $585.00 a month
*Restaurants took checks
*Fedco existed
*Costco was Price Club

Darn that I didn't take some of the other gems. There were many.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Flocked Tree

I have wanted a flocked tree for years but David has never wanted one so we always end up with a traditional tree. This year I asked him if we could finally get our tree flocked and he said we should go for it. While it cost a little more and it was a little harder to hang the ornaments I think the tree is beautiful!

Getting Ash'ed (For My Birthday!)

I have posted about getting Ash'ed before but last night we broke records! Today, I suggested that a cap be set on the number of desserts to which I was quickly poo pooed-that won't happen. So last night when Ash asked for them to bring all the desserts and the waiter started to discourage him, Ash insisted that we wanted one of each. Now, in all fairness there were only 8 desserts on the menu but thats not what came out......yeah, we broke records. Favorites:

David and Laura: Butterscotch Pudding
Ash: Souffles
Kim: Probably the Butterscotch Pudding but the Baked Apple Pie was right behind

Early Birthday Dinner at Arroyo Chop House

Last night we went to an early dinner for my birthday. It was great evening that will include two more posts. Our steaks were great, company was even better, I got an amazing birthday present and we broke a record on getting Ash'ed. We had a great evening with these two!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cousin Love

Driving from Orlando to Tampa Abbey and Brooke kept taking turns drawing on the notepad and telling each other how much they love the other one. Afterwards I found this note from Brooke to Abbey. So stinking cute.

One Is Asleep, One is Awake

My Awesome Dallas Layover

About two weeks before heading to Orlando I was on the phone chatting with Sara and decided to book an alternate flight home. This flight would give me a 4 hour stop in Dallas. PERFECT! 

Last Thursday Brooke and I were able to spend a good 2.5 hours with Sara and Avery! While I wanted to hold her when she was 4 pounds all 10 pounds of her were still so perfect! I couldn't have been happier with our visit and Brooke was very good the entire time (she has the iPad and Netflix was going so keeping her busy wasn't that hard) xoxoxo Watsons!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Visit to Tampa

I was lucky to be able to extend my Orlando trip for two extra days and visit the Sauers in Tampa. Mom, Brooke, Abbey and I had a great time visiting their new stomping grounds. Highlights included:

  1. Hanging out together
  2. Getting the local tour from Nathan including the Snake Woods, Landfill, various cul-de-sacs and which ponds have alligators
  3. Pictures with Santa
  4. Trampoline jumping
  5. Found David's Christmas gift
  6. Sauer Christmas presents
  7. Getting to catch up with Rachel