Friday, December 26, 2014

BFF Birthday Gift 2014

It all started with this:

I can vividly remember opening this outside the Glendale Hilton in December 2006. I haven't thought about this moment in years but oddly since reading the Rookie Smarts book which really emphasizes recapturing emotions and feelings from exciting times in the past I have begun to recall these times more often. I was so excited to receive this amazing Powersource Imagine from my new friend who had selected the perfect gift!  

In between then and now there have been some pretty awesome gifts. Every year has been special and in two minutes I think I have recalled all of them in my head. This years was definitely the most entertaining! 

22 gifts that are everything Kim Thomas or Kim Evans. Who knew, I was published already? Great job, Jane and thanks for being a Powersource! 


Jane said...

I love you more than all the Kim Thomas' in the world

Diane said...

Very thoughtful!

Sara Watson said...

love this! What on earth is Rookie Smarts? Can we hear more about that?