Saturday, December 20, 2014

Getting Ash'ed (For My Birthday!)

I have posted about getting Ash'ed before but last night we broke records! Today, I suggested that a cap be set on the number of desserts to which I was quickly poo pooed-that won't happen. So last night when Ash asked for them to bring all the desserts and the waiter started to discourage him, Ash insisted that we wanted one of each. Now, in all fairness there were only 8 desserts on the menu but thats not what came out......yeah, we broke records. Favorites:

David and Laura: Butterscotch Pudding
Ash: Souffles
Kim: Probably the Butterscotch Pudding but the Baked Apple Pie was right behind


Jane said...

Still on sugar overload

Sara Watson said...


Yeah, you totally needed me and Randall there with y'all to help :)