Thursday, May 31, 2007

Nancy Grace Scolds Employee

Nancy Grace scolds one of her employees on air. It's hilarious. While Nancy Grace's "expert" was talking about Paris Hilton, "Elizabeth" in the control room was playing the Paris Hilton sexy Carl's Jr commercial. Nancy told her to pull it and then a few seconds later continued the scolding. Please note that I do not subscribe to Nancy Grace's school of management. When I have my own TV show I promise not to yell at anyone while on air. Anybody want to be the producer?

Go over to youtube and check out this video. Please note that what appears after the 57th second is doctored but the first part was live and on-air.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Text Messaging from the Web

Recently I did a review of text messaging from the web and discovered a couple of interesting security/usage differences between the four major cell phone providers in my area. Here is a brief review:

Sprint/Nextel-The easiest to text message from as the "Send the text" feature is on the main page. Sprint/Nextel have an extensive visitor agreement and guidelines for text messages.

Verizon Wireless-Verizon is the least restrictive of the group as anyone can send a text message from the web and their terms of services for those messages is virtually non-existent. They also have an easy to find "Send a text" feature on their main page.

Cingular-The text messaging feature from Cingular is the most restrictive as far as access goes. You can only text message from the web if you have a Cingular account. You must be logged in, in order to send a text however the terms and services are virtually non-existent for Cingular, if you have an account you can basically do whatever you want.

T-Mobile-It is quite difficult to locate the text messaging options on their website. After some searching anyone is able to send a message however if you even think about violating the T-Mobile Messaging Terms of Use you should plan to spend the night in jail! T-Mobile takes text messaging violations very seriously. In fact, I was so surprised I must bring section "E" to you: Transmitting any content that is unlawful, untrue (including incomplete, false, or inaccurate biographical information), stalking, harassing, libelous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, obscene, hateful, abusive, harmful (including but not limited to viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs), or otherwise objectionable.

I hope you not only find this information helpful but you use it to make wise choices when sending text messages. I personally find alot of things "objectionable."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Birth Orders......

A big thanks to Ruth for the blog topic. Ruth refers us to this website which describes birth orders and how they effect personality. Here's the website:

Since I am the first born I am going to specifically highlight the personality traits typical of a first born and then we'll see how I stack up.

Set Goals (Sometimes)
High achievers (Not so Much)
Confident (Who me?)

Born Leader (Um, I can't answer this)
Perfectionist (Sometimes)
Responsible (Most of the time)
Organized (Sometimes)
Abide by the Rules (Not so much)
Determined (Who me?)
Detail Oriented (Sometimes)
Center of attention (Who me?)
Feels they are always right (Who me?)
Controlling (Who me?)
feel supieror to other siblings (Who me?)
May feel unloved or rejected when second sibling comes along (Not so much)
Tries to gain attention through conformity, will misbehave if still rejected (Who me?)
Strives to Please and protect others (Who me?)
Intense and high maintenance (Who me?)
feel pressure to succeed from parents and self (Not so much)
Often told they are the role model for younger siblings (Sometimes)
Sometimes substitute parent for younger siblings (Who me?)
May feel resentment if they think the younger siblings get off easy and less is expected of them (Who me?)

11-Who me? (55% matched all the time)
5-Sometimes (25% was a partial match)
4-Not so Much (20% was not a match)
Of course this is my assessment. Always one interested in 360 degree feedback I would love to know what Dad, Mom, Becca, Rachel, Matt, Andrew and James think of this ;)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, James!!!!!

James, First: I hope this blog doesn't embarrass you since this is a serious birthday blog instead of a funny one. (At least I threw in this picture because it's hilarious) I can't believe you are 16! I think you are my favorite person in the whole world and I love you, tons! I have so much fun when we are hanging out and I can't imagine how my life would be if you werent around. I hope you have the best birthday ever and know that I love you more than the world!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Congratulations, Kim and Matt!

Kim and Matt's wedding was perfect! Kevin did a great job officiating and the ceremony went off without a hitch....well, I guess there was a hitch ;)

The reception was great and the speeches from the Best Men and Maid of Honor were flawless. (I love the fact that both of the best men dissed Matt about how he can't promptly return phone calls. LOL) Here are a couple of photos from the wedding: (I don't know how I missed pictures of Joshua and Becca)

The old and new Kim Evans :) I am so happy to have my first sister in-law! (and I love her, and she's hot, and she has the best name)
Matt with his "other" Kim ;)
Rachel showing off the wedding program.
Take a good look, Andrew shaved for the big event.

Hey look, it's the Brady Bunch.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hey Squidward, Happy Birthday!

Ya big, dork!

Public Restroom Stalls

As you know, I have many photo collections on my blackberry pearl. What you may not know is that I have a collection of public restroom photos. Does that make me a freak? Maybe.

It's always a struggle for me to get my bags into small airport bathroom stalls. This morning I read a funny blog about this very subject so I thought I would share that blog with you (which has prompted this topic) Here's the blog:

Some of my public restroom pictures with comments:
This is the roomy non-handicap restroom stalls that can be found at the Houston airport. I walked into this stall and was shocked to find them all almost as big as handicap stalls. No problem rolling in my luggage, no close calls with my pant leg hitting the toilet.
Everything is out of order at Sky Harbor. (PHX)

The Albuquerque airport reminds me of my old days working in the lab. Multiple sharp containers can be found in each of the restrooms.
This is a non-airport restroom but the great part of it is this is a picture from Pennsylvania. The town is called "Normalville", doesn't look too normal to me.

I simply couldn't post pictures of restrooms and leave this one out. Please note that I did not take this picture but every time I see it all I can think of is Ouch but I guess thats for further discussion later.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

If You See A Snake.....

You may or may not know that I have had a thing for snakes since around the October time frame. It started one day when I was in a meeting and they had toy snakes out on the table. Below are some of my favorite quotes about snakes:
Ross Perot once said "If You See a Snake, Just Kill It. Don't Appoint a Committee on Snakes"

Robert Frost once said "The snake stood up for evil in the garden"

Yiddish Proverb: "A Snake Deserves No Pity"

Harriett Tubman once said "Never wound a snake, kill it"

Jack Handy once said "A funny thing to do is, if you're out hiking and your friend gets bitten by a poisonous snake, tell him you're going to go for help, then go about ten feet and pretend that you got bit by a snake. Then start an argument with him about who's going to go get help. A lot of guys will start crying. That's why it makes you feel good when you tell them it was a just a joke."

How great is that last quote? LOL!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Elisabeth Takes On Rosie Again

Way to go, Elisabeth!!!! Finally, Elisabeth Hasselbeck let Rosie have it! Besides the fact that she had good things to say she looked really good today. Great outfit, Great hair, Great finger-waving and Great argument! Hasta LaVista Rosie!

Here's a link to the argument on Your Tube:

BTW: I am dying watching Fox News (Hannity and Colmes) right now(this is the top story) on the crawl at the bottom of the screen they have this picture of Rosie's face. In it, her mouth keeps opening and closing in animated format while smoke keeps coming out of ears. LOL

Could He Be Any Cuter?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cry For Help

Here's a new one: This girl is upset that her mom made her clean up her room so she places a sign outside her bedroom encouraging passers-by to call the police! LOL. The police get called and they tell the girl to clean up her room.

This actually reminds me of a personal experience although I will not write about it on the blog. I'll just leave it up to everyone to speculate (that might be fun). I think my brother, Matt, will know what experience I am thinking about......not sure if anyone else will have a clue.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Female Ass in Tibet

At first glance this blog is a little over the top (even for me) but once you realize I am talking about the female ass that is an animal maybe you will give me a pass. A couple of weeks ago I was watching Planet Earth. I have blogged before about what a great show this was, I saw every episode and really suggest that everyone watch it. During one episode they were talking about female ass in Tibet and as I was watching I had to rewind to capture the quote below correctly:

"Female Ass are strange creatures, they come and go as they please and much of their behavor seems unfathumable."

When we heard it, David gave me one of those "Well that sounds about right, looks" while at the same time I was laughing and looking for the rewind button. LOL

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Desperate Housewives Season Finale

Bree and Danielle's secret-No surprise
Susan and Mike-No surprise
Gaby and Carlos-Not really surprising
Last scene-Shocking!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Favorite Numbers & The Midway

Today, David and I went to San Diego and one of the things we did was tour the Midway Aircraft Carrier. Now, they have an audio tour that you can take and it directs you by number throughout the carrier. We did not take the audio tour however as we were walking through the most amazing thing happened (ok, maybe not the most amazing but you know how easily I can be amazed):

Before I see that the number is 22 I read the description of this stop and say to David "If I was on the ship I totally would be the Command Master Chief". Let me give you the job description: "The CMC is the Captain's special assistant in charge of monitoring the morale and job satisfaction of the enlisted crew. Though his office was here, the CMC spends most of his time roaming the ship, talking to the crew and assessing their state of mind" It goes on to say that the CMC is also in charge of process improvement. Imagine how excited I was when 2 minutes later I discovered that this was stop number 22!!!!!!! WOW, coincidence? I think not!

How perfect is it that for the number "24" we find the Bomb Elevator? I looked down and tried to find Jack but he was not there. (Speaking of 24, this weeks episode was terrible. I certainly hope that next year it returns to normal. The season finale next week looks as ridiculous as the rest of the season)

The Chief Petty Officer (#25) is known as the backbone of the Navy. Unlike other ranks, advancement to CPO carries not only the requirements of superior evaluations and examinations but also includes a peer review by other CPO's. In a way, CPO's are elected to their position. Advancement to Chief Petty Officer is the most significant promotion within Navy enlisted ranks. The CPO's are so important that they have their own dining room. It is also important to know that the CPO is usually the smartest officer on the ship.

Phil Spector Murder Witness

Last week during the trial, a woman who was "a former friend" of Phil Spector testified. The summary of her testimony was that one time he had chased her down his driveway with uzy and another time he had held a gun to her head and made her spend the night with him. Then she stated (and this is a quote) "If we were going to make love, I didn't want it to happen like that. He said he wanted to blow my brains out and that wasn't romantic to me" LOL

Friday, May 18, 2007

10 Year Anniversary!!!! (WOW)

How great is it that it is my 10 year anniversary? (Please note: Anyone who says anything about me blogging on my 10 year anniversary will be banned-Happy Wishes and Congratulations only)

So David, thanks for putting up with me for the last 10 years........I Love You :)

P.S. Thanks for the gorgeous bracelet, I love it.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is This A Bad Network Closet?

Or a GPS gone wild?

Points, Points and More Points

Recently I moved from Silver Hilton Honors to Gold Hilton Honors. With that move I have developed an overwhelming obsession with making Diamond Hilton Honors. That said, I am really unhappy that this week I was in Las Vegas (Away from Home) and not earning Hilton Points. (AGHH!)

Saturday, I discovered that for awhile now I have been in the Executive National Car Rental Tier rather than just the Emerald. All this time I could have been getting free upgrades and I didn't even know it! This status of Executive has left me feeling secure that I will never have to get a PT Cruiser! Yes!!!!!!!!

Southwest Points, Last month I earned David his second consecutive companion pass. This means that David can fly for free anytime that I fly. How great is that? To earn a companion pass you must earn 100 Southwest rapids rewards points in a year. So his new companion pass became effective May 1st and is valid through 6/30/2008. This means that between May 1st of this year and May 1st of next year I need to earn at least 100 more Southwest points. Shouldn't be a problem, as of May 17th I have already earned 16 points. 84 more to go. Earning 84 more points equates to 5 more free flights for me too :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rachel's Tide To-Go Pen

Here is story number two from Kim's shower:

A rather large piece of chocolate fell between a person who will remain nameless legs into their chair. Unfortunately for the nameless person she was wearing white pants and even more unfortunate she decided to cross her legs smearing the chocolate on the inside of both pant legs. Once discovered, we laughed and laughed as the unnamed person didn't know what to do.

Thank goodness, Rachel had gone to Target that morning and purchased a Tide To-Go pen! Off she went to get the Tide To-Go pen that was in her purse (Note: I guess this is a good reason for carrying a purse) The damage to these white pants had been so bad that I didn't think the Tide To-Go pen would be able to help at all. 15 minutes later, the white pants were white again! How great is that?

I have used the Tide To-Go pen on several occasions but never have I had such an accident to really put it to the true test. Thanks to Rachel's preparedness and the nameless person who dropped chocolate on their white pants, the Tide To-Go pen was put to a true test and it passed with flying colors.

To: Rachel and Jenn From Staples

Have a great time in the Domincan Republic! I triple dog dare you to go topless. LOL

Sunday, May 13, 2007

22 Movies I Haven't Seen

22 movies you will be surprised that I haven't seen:

1. Shrek (Both of them)
2. Spiderman (Both of them)
3. Pirates of the Carribbean (None of them) (I have 2 of them on DVD)
4. The Lord of the Rings (None of them)
5. Forrest Gump (I have on DVD)
6. Harry Potter (None of them)
7. The Chronicles of Narnia
8. The Matrix
9. Meet the Fockers
10. Bruce Almighty
11. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
12. The Da Vinci Code
13. Austin Powers Goldmember
14. Wedding Crashers
15. Men In Black II
16. The Bourne Supremacy
17. The Mummy
18. Talladega Nights
19. American Pie (Both of them)
20. My Best Friends Wedding (I have on DVD)
21. Charlie's Angels Full Throttle (I have on DVD)
22. Fun with Dick and Jane

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today, we went to my soon to be sister-in-law's (Kim) bridal shower. It was a really nice shower and we all had a good time. I have two stories from the shower. Here is the first:

The Scene: The shower was held outside and Mom, Becca, Rachel and I were sitting at one of the tables. After Kim had opened her gifts and people were starting to leave I took the empty water bottles to Kim's sister for recycling. Mom, Rachel and Becca were all standing relatively close to our table and on the table were some used cloth napkins and another empty water bottle. Of the four of us, I was the furthest away from our table and close to the backdoor of the house.

The Incident: It is a little windy and a wind gust comes through the backyard and the napkins and empty water bottle go flying off the table. The napkins fly into the pool and the water bottle makes some noise as it hits the pool deck.

The Aftermath: As the wind whipped up and blew these items off the table mom yells out "Kiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmm" as if to say it is ALL MY FAULT!!!! Paleeze! I had nothing to do with the wind and I was the farthest away from the table! Still, who goes and gets the napkins out of pool??? Of course it's me! The best part is everybody notices and starts to comment that everything must always be my fault. "That flew out of her mouth way too easy, it was like a reflex"

15 minutes later as I am in the car with Becca (waiting for mom to go back and get her purse-yet, another reason not to carry a purse) one of the women (LOLing) comes up to the car window and says to me "You really need to try to stay out of trouble" My only comment now is a very sarcastic, HA HA HA.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Paris Hilton Petition

Paris Hilton has started a petition on My Space to keep herself out of jail. The reason she claims that she should be kept out of jail is because she "provides beauty and excitement" to everyone's lives! LOL.

If Paris brings beauty and excitement to your life and you would like to sign the petition to keep her out of jail you can do so here:

Now, I won't sign the petition because she brings excitement to my life but I would be willing to put my signature on it if she could get me some extra Hilton Honors points.

Too Many Birthdays

OK, This is a disclaimer. My blog lately has been turning into the birthday blog. 5 of my last 13 blogs have been birthday blogs soooooooo going forward I will announce birthdays on the events but I am going to cut back on regular birthday blogs. Now, having said that, if I have something particularly interesting to say about a particular birthday I may still post something but I don't want anyone to get disappointed if they don't get their own birthday blog. Rest assured, I still love you.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Fire in Griffith Park

Yesterday there was a big fire in Griffith Park. More than 600 acres burned, there were countless evacuations, and the footage of the fire was something else. Even though I had been alerted in the afternoon it wasn't until about 10:30 last night when I started watching a little bit of the news on it. (I am not a news watcher).

I went to the internet to see if I could get a summary on the local NBC website and I ran across the following article: Unlike my good friend Queen B, I will not force you to read the article. You do need to go to it though and scroll down about 3/4 of the way where you will see a box with a quote taken from the scene. Please go look at it! Then read on:

Of all the quotes that could have been used from the Mayor, the Fire Chief, the Forest Rangers, or the Victims they chose to highlight a Griffith Park visitor who stated: "Ash was falling in our pasta salad". I about died of a heart attack when I read this, I mean now that truly is a crisis-LOL. I wonder who made the decision to add this of all quotes to the article? How did it then get by the editor, I don't even know what to say-LOL Again

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday, David!!!!

Happy Birthday, honey! I love you and hope you have a great day today!!!!!!

So Check out this birthday cake I found on the internet. This has to be the worst cake ever! LOL, look at the writing and the colors. The part I like the best though is how all the icing is melting off the side. I also like the photo taking afterthought (Note they have already cut a piece of the cake). If I made this cake it would have promptly been thrown in the trash and I would have then sent someone to Baskin Robbins for an Ice Cream cake. I also wish I had been a guest at this party. If so, I would have taken a photo of the cake with the baker after I told her that it was the greatest cake I had ever seen! LOL

So honey, for your birthday we are headed to Sushi Roku for dinner where James will show off his awesome acting skills and I can buy you (instead of making you ) a great dessert!

P.S. Dave McCormick-this is for my husband but since you are also a David with a May 9th birthday, Have a great one!!!

Yo MTC, It's your birthday!

And I am at home trying to learn the Champion dance but some things just can't be duplicated!!!! You are one of a kind and I love you to pieces! (Please note: I wanted to post your Christmas card from last year but this blog is rated PG)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Today's Airplane Neighbor

This guy sat next to me this morning on my flight to Phoenix. He looked like the average business man and was approximately 50 years old. The entire flight he was intently focused on his reading material and was making notes, stars and highlights at the most interesting parts. He had two pens: The first was a purple felt tip and the second was a yellow highlighter.

It was all I could do not to laugh out loud when I realized this important book was a manual for how to operate his DVD player. He placed a star next to "in order to remove a DVD from the player, press Eject". LOL

I would like to know what Queen B thinks about this because I think she also has the practice of reading operating manuals from cover to cover.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Crap, The Girls Lost!

So here is my little pity party for Dustin and Candice. I so wanted the Beauty Queens to win the Amazing Race All-Stars and I really thought they were gonna pull it off but in the end they finished in second place.

These two BFF's did not fight the entire race until tonight when the pressure just got to them both. I thought Candice was a bit over the top yelling at Dustin but I suppose that happens every once in awhile with even the best of friends. They ended up saying that their friendship was worth so much more than the million bucks. How great is that?

I guess now that the blonds have failed to be the first woman team to win the Amazing Race I have another shot at it. LOL

New Southwest Magazine

Wednesday, as I was flying home from Sacramento I started thumbing through the May addition of "Spirit Magazine". I ran across an article that made me think of one of our blog readers(Hint: It's a man) . I thought that maybe I should tear it out and send it to him. Then I had another thought, I wonder if I looked through the entire magazine (with the the thought of thinking of others) how many items would jump out at me and make me think of someone.

I decided to mail each of the pages that reminded me of someone to them as a little surprise. This is going to be a new thing because I had a blast doing this. There were some pages that I wanted to copy and send to a whole slew of people but you know postage stamps are freaking expensive (They are going up again on May 14th to 41 cents). One that I could have sent to 100's of people was "Workers Waste 1.7 hours per week looking for information they have filed but can't find"ARGH!

Rest assured that if you don't get something this month you probably will get something the next time I do this. The results were amazing....quite amazing. I tore out probably 1/2 of the magazine I also included my own little comments, written with my favorite Sharpie.

Here is a request: If you get something you have to come back and acknowledge that you received it. (You don't have to say what it was but you can if you want to, that would be fun). Otherwise, people will think I am full of it.....we wouldn't want that.

P.S. MTC and Jinjer, need addresses. Email them to me.

Happy Birthday Ms. Andria!!!

Happy Birthday, beautiful!!!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Longest Conference Call

I was on a conference call today that lasted (no joke) 871 consecutive minutes! That is over 14 1/2 hours! To everyone that I said "I'll call you back when I get off this call" to today, I'll call you Monday. (If I remember-LOL)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yeah! Ducks Win!!!!

So....sitting in these seats was even better than I had remembered. Here are a couple of photos:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Must Refer You To Queen B

I have a couple of comments about Queen B's blog tonight and I must refer you folks over there. The first one that had me on the floor (particularly humorous to me is her re-enactment of her non-Starbucks conversation) can be found here:

The second one I love for several reasons but the top reason is of course the pictures of the paper towel dispensers. (If you are a new blog reader you should go back and read Secondly, I absolutely love the photo of you in the bathroom!!!! I am totally impressed that you took it.

P.S. The answer to this question may require a little blog research. Who is the person responsible for this whole topic of paper towel dispensers? Hint: It's the man who is the #3 reason why I haven't run out of blogging material.

We're Off to the Ducks Game

My brother, Matt, gave David and I tickets for tomorrow nights hockey playoff game. (They actually came from his soon to be father-in-law). The seats are AWESOME! If you watch any part of the game you can probably see us. We will be in the first row (on the glass) about two-three seats to the right of the goal (if you are on the ice looking at the goal). Soooooo, two action items:

(1) Watch the game and look for us
(2) Root for the Ducks

The Ducks are ahead in the series 3-2. (I didn't know they were even still in it until last night)