Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flashback Friday (47)

We used to just worry about what food needed to be ordered. See you next week!

I Could Pretend It Was A Blogger Glitch

But it wasn' was EHR! Yesterday it was Larry and Jeff's birthday and I didnt post anything. I did Sametime Jeff but I didnt even text Larry until today. I have never been busier in my work life as I am right now, it's crazy and I missed it. SO SORRY! Larry, I owe you Smitty's in two weeks!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

As Found In Our Garbage Disposal

Our garbage disposal has been sounding weird for weeks. Today, David discovered coins and rocks (amongst other items) in our garbage disposal. I wonder what two year old did that? Has Elizabeth been over?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Called Them Pill Bugs

Growing up these little bugs were called "Pill Bugs", flash forward 30 something years and they are now known as "Roly Polys". Joshua and Elizabeth have been checking out Roly Polys for sometime but a few months ago Joshua got Sydney involved in the hunt.

Sydney loves finding Roly Polys but but she refuses to pick any of them up. Her cousin Elizabeth is not so timid, through Elizabeth's experimentation we have found out that dead Roly Poly's turn white.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mom's Droid Notification

James showed me moms notification screen on her Droid last week. Wow, it was something else.

12 unread text messages

37 unread Facebook messages

1 pending Facebook friend request

25 2010 World Cup notifications (Whatever)

17 applications requiring updates

19999 unread emails (After I took this picture there were 20,002)

8 unlisted You Mails (Voicemails)

So if she doesn't respond to your emails, voicemails or Facebooks just know that you are probably not alone.

Happy Birthday, Ash!

Friday night we took the girls to the park and Brooke went into the swing for the first time. The following conversation ensued:
Sydney: Mom, look at Brooke in the swing
Kim: This is her first time in the swing
Sydney: I tell Grandma about Brooke's swing
Kim: Are you going to tell anybody else?
Sydney: Ash, I tell Ash
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Batman Uses The Streak!

On Batman's utility belt you find "The Streak" not the IPad.

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Brooke Meets Nathan

Brooke and Nathan are four months and one day apart (Darn that Brooke for not arriving on the 22). Today they met for the first time and Brooke was enamoured with him.

Sydney too had been waiting to meet Nathan but once we got there she did her own thing until the end when she gave him a kiss. Tonight at dinner we had the following conversation:

Sydney: We go see Nathan!
Kim: Did you like Nathan?
Sydney: Yes, and Kevin
Kim: What about Rachel?
Sydney: What about Rachel

LOL, we know she loves her Aunt Rachel but this was too funny.

Coming The Summer of 2012

As many of you know my favorite kids shopping store (by far) is Gymboree. I should probably be buying stock in the company since I am there more often than I should be. It doesn't help that there is a Gymboree right across the street from my office in Pasadena. So Gymboree has this deal a few times a year where you buy clothes during a set period of time and you earn "Gymbucks" which allow you to come back and buy more clothes (yeah, nice) but get 50% of your purchase. For each $50.00 spent, you earn $25.00 Gymbucks and then when you come back for each $50.00 you spend you get $25.00 off. I usually have um lots of Gymbucks to redeem.

During the redemption period I typically buy clothes the kids will wear in future seasons. Right now, the summer wardrobe is on sale so I placed an online order for a bunch of summer clothes for summer 2012. Hopefully, the sizes will be about right. Size 5 for Sydney and Size 3 for Brooke. I also want to thank Gymboree for helping me plan my 2012 vacation, these outfits just scream "I'm going to Hawaii".

Friday, July 23, 2010

Droid Does

Do I really have 155 applications installed on my Droid? How many do you think I use on a regular basis?

ABC's with Emily
Adobe Reader
Advanced Task Killer
Air Hockey
Andro Blogger
Apps Organizer
Aquarium Live
Bank of America
Barcode Scanner
Best Buy
Bible Verses
Blogger Droid
Call History
Camera Magic
Car Panel
City ID
CNN Mobile
Coin Flip
Color Flashlight
Desk Clock
Dex Knows
Dolphin Browser
Dope Wars
Drudge Easy
Earthquake Real Time
Earthquake In USA
Facebook Touch
Fake Call Me
Find Starbucks
First Aid
FM Radio
Fortune Cookie
Fox News
Friend Stream
Google Buzz
Google Sky Map
Hangman Classic
HRS Hotels
Just Pictures
Key Ring
Location Aware
Mabilo Ringtones
Mabilo Wallpapers
Millionaire 2000
My Coupons
My Days
My Verizon
My Backup Pro
National Park Tours
Nerd News
NFL Mobile
Our Groceries
Packing List
Paper Toss
Password Master
PDF Viewer
Percent Calculator
Places Dictionary
Pocket IKEA
Popn Bubbles
Quick Office
Real Blackjack
Ride Hopper Full
Search People
Shake Awake
Shoot Me
Shop Savvy
Smart Shortcuts
So Cal 2 Go
Spirit Level Plus
Text Answering
The Whip
Think Geek Deals
Toss It
Touch 4 Kids
Trip It
Turtle Photoframe
Urban Dictionary
USA Today
Useless Facts
Voice Dialer
Voice Mail
Voice Recorder
Voice Search
Where's My Droid
White Noise
You Tube

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July Gloom, Who Knew?

Last week on my flight from Burbank to San Jose

This Just In, A TMZ Report

There have been speculations for months that Kim Thomas was planning on ending her nightly affair with Brooke. The relationship was floundering and Kim was reportedly becoming more and more bothered with the rut they had gotten into.

We have just confirmed that at 500 am today Kim announced to Brooke "I am done, this is over". According to an unnamed witness, Brooke took the news quite bad, "She was devastated, cried uncontrollably until finally falling asleep". Kim showed no sympathy and even stated "Its very likely that Brooke will fall asleep crying for the next several days at least, it's tough but she was getting much more out of the relationship than I was and ultimately all affairs must come to an end"

In other news, Kim spotted Kris Kardashian at Burbank airport

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Counting the Throughs

Yesterday, I flew to Vegas, Laura flew to Phoenix, and it happened to be the same flight. I was in no hurry and we were finishing our conversation so when people started deboarding I didn't get up. Whenever a flight makes a stop before it's final destination the airline counts the through passengers and as they began "counting the throughs" I wondered what would happen when the number didn't add up, we kept talking. The flight attendant counted the throughs and there were 12 not 11 so she announced that nobody could get up until she counted again. At this point, I stood up and said "Oh, I am getting off". The flight attendant looked annoyed. Laura confirmed later that she was, her response to Laura's "We were conducting a social experiment" was "It's not very funny you should see the things people try to get away with"

Morale of this story: Southwest will catch you if you book a flight to Las Vegas and your destination is Boston in otherwords Cheaters never prosper

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not A Diner, A Drive-In Or A Dive

Last week Mike took me to a Guy Fieri's restaurant in Sacramento. "TexWasabi" is a combination of Sushi and BBQ. Weird I know......but the food was awesome. I had a salad and a "Gringo Sushi roll" called the Jackass. The roll is filled with Avocado, BBQ Pork, French Fries and covered in a Garlic chili sauce-believe it or not, it was fantastic. Good Food, Unique Location, Great Company = two thumbs up!

Monday, July 12, 2010

8 Things I Love About Terminal B

San Jose International has been working on new terminals for awhile and it has slowly been opening since April. Every time I am there, it's better and with more stuff open. Today after arriving, I walked down to transportation pickup and there was a Starbucks inside with Starbucks tables out by the curb. Sweet! When leaving I was able to walk through Security by using the Fly By Lane. Nice!

Here are eight more things I love about my new favorite airport. (1) Two Starbucks locations (2) A big electronic monitor displaying current weather (3) Leather chairs with power on the end tables (4)The terminal is beautiful (5) Chairs with two regular power sources and 2 USB power sources (Yes, I blogged on the chairs two weeks ago) (6) Free Wi-Fi throughout (7) Gate number 22 (8) illy, the swype way of saying I love you

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Thomas Twinfants

Surprisingly, this blog is not about the naked baby although it very easily could be since we now have three babies in the house, all naked. Also, this blog is not about theft, it easily could be since one of the naked babies below actually belongs to Elizabeth. This blog depicts how we keep track of our identical twinfants (since the theft).

The twinfant on the left, (Cannon) has coloring on the chest and a dot of marker on the back of her head. The twinfant on the right (Cannon) has dots of spilt Apple Juice on her legs and nothing on the back of her head.

7:00AM Flights Outta Burbank

Can't wait till tomorrow morning..... :s

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sydney Approves Of Her Play Yard

Depicted Here: Santa Monica And LA Live

We joined Jenn tonight and nabbed Hollywood, LA and Santa Monica for a total of 8. Joshua and Sydney loved it. I mostly just drove the car. We had fun though, unfortuantely bad I am too busy to get Sydney into the OC.