Monday, May 31, 2010

I Just Got Back From Bora Bora

Officer #1: Where are you headed?
Tarzan: The Southwest, Phoenix but that isn't interesting. I just got back from Bora Bora. You have to go there, officer!
Officer #2 (who opens the back of the car): Really, is that right?
Tarzan: Oh yeah, you can't even imagine how incredible it is until you are there
Officer #2: So how long were you gone
Tarzan: Two weeks-it was incredible, you have to go
Officer #2: What was incredible?
Tarzan: The water was so blue, the best beach you have ever been to is toilet water compared to Bora Bora
Officer #2: I hate toilet water
Tarzan: Toilet water is terrible
Officer #2: I like bottled water
Tarzan: Bora Bora is so cool, I just got back from there!
Officer #2: I'm thirsty
Tarzan: Bora Bora rocks, you must go there
**At this point KT takes out camera and takes picture number one**
**Officer #1 asks KT for camera and KT thinks he is confiscating it**
**Officer #1 takes picture #2 and hands camera back to Jane**

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Sixth MHS Graduate

Today, James became the sixth Evans to graduate from Maranatha High School. James was born while I was at MHS and 19 years later, he graduated from there. Our family has had someone in attendance almost every year for the last 21 years and our parents have sacrificed well over $125,000 to see their children receive a great education.

Becca, Matt, Rachel and I attended MHS when it was at the old elementary school in Sierra Madre, Andrew attended at the lame transition campus and James attended on the awesome college-like campus in Pasadena. The new campus served him well. He followed in Becca's footsteps by becoming a chaplain and in all other ways he outshined us. He ran cross-country, played soccer and Mens Volleyball. He participated in the school play, took a social conscience trip to Europe and organized many events. He is also the only one of us who had to do Capstone. Today he welcomed everyone to the graduation and was responsible for the invocation-he did a great job. By the way, he had a high school GPA of 4.089.

Congratulations, James. You Rock!!!! And Mom and Dad, You Rock too-thanks!!!!!

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While Laura is Vacationing Something You May Not Have Known (Kim Version) Day 3

She abhors ice chewing. When flying she always ask for her drink with "no ice". We used to work with an ice chewer and Laura would strategically sit as far away from the person as she could during meetings. I am also an ice chewer so I have to be very careful not to chew ice around her. Really....she hates it so much it could potentially end the friendship.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

While Laura is Vacationing Something You May Not Have Known (Kim Version) Day 1

Since Queen B commented that she is enjoying this series immensely I have decided to do a spin off series for her and others to enjoy.

Laura has been known to have the Arizona Republican party contact in her cell phone. Does she really need to call the number that often?

I first discovered this in 2006 when I spent about two weeks of my life trying to fix her Treo. I wondered, is she calling it to protest or to volunteer. You decide.

Sydney, The Pool And The Incredible

A few minutes after this picture was taken Sydney decided to step off the step. This resulted in her going straight underwater and mommy intervention.

First I attempted to avoid getting in the water by yelling at Rachel to intervene since she was playing in the water nearby. (Unfortunately, she was distracted and didn't hear me)

I had to jump in and get her so I jumped in (onto the steps) and pulled her up. I had Brooke in my arms and she started screaming from the cold water, I had my Incredible in my pocket and while it didn't scream and at first review didn't look wet it was damaged.

We left Ruth's to head home about 45 minutes later and when I pulled out my phone it wouldn't power up. CRAP! David opened it and it was soaked inside. (So weird since I had looked at it almost immediately and it barely looked wet and it was working). So David leveraged the Phoenix heat, held it outside the sunroof for awhile and attempted to boot it up. It worked perfectly! Unfortunately, three days later I realized that the camera was no longer working. AGH!

I have filed a claim with the insurance company but since the Incredible is back ordered everywhere I am going to be without a camera for a bit.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Her Mother's Daughter

22 Hours Later, We Were Home

Mapquest has door to door from my house to Laura's at 5 hours and 53 minutes. When I have driven there in the past It is usually about 5 hours, I figured with stopping to feed Brooke and any Sydney "issues" it would probably be about 6 hours. On the way out it was six and a half hours, on the way back, well.........

*Left Ruth's house at 6:15
*Stopped at Fiesta Mall to pick up David's Droid with the Ghost Armor applied
*Took route 60 instead of 202 since the freeway was closed (thats another blog)
*Both kids screamed until we got to Avondale at 7:15PM
*Got Gas
*Went to Walmart and bought pacifier (Brooke's was left somewhere)
*Got Milk
*Got Starbucks
*Got Cheese Rollup for Sydney at Taco Bell
*Drove to Blythe (so flipping tired decided to spend the night at 9:45PM)
*Whole family slept till 10:00AM
*11:00AM left Blythe
*1:30 PM fed Brooke at Starbucks in Cabazon
*3:30 PM (5 minutes from home) remembered that David's truck was at Burbank airport.
*4:00PM Dropped David off at Burbank
*4:25 PM Arrived Home

So 22 hours after leaving Ruth's house we arrived home. We were planning on driving home at night so that the kids would sleep and so that I could wake up in my own bed Sunday morning. Had we actually stayed in Phoenix we would have left by 7:00AM and arrived home several hours earlier than we did. I estimate that trip would have been 7 hours.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Highlights From May 21st

(1) Brooke is 3 Months (2) The HCBC Celebrate Laura (3) Laura and Sisters (-1 but Ruth still managed to come later) (4) Laura's High School BFF's (5) Champ and Jane (6) Sitting on the swing eating Bahama Bucks (7) Before the marriage

Flashback Friday (44)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yep, Sydney Liked Tempe Marketplace

Seeing The Phoenix Folks

Sydney, Brooke and I had the opportunity to visit with the Phoenix FSO team today (missed the East Valley guys). I was so happy that so many could come spend a few minutes and check out the newest FSO member. Love you guys!!!!!!