Monday, June 30, 2008

New Cell Phone Law in California

Starting July 1st, no more driving and cell phone talking unless you have your bluetooth headset on. Reporter Rich Demero on KCAL9 said this: "Surprisingly the law doesn't prohibit texting while driving but it is frowned upon". RO!

Yosemite 2008

We planned a last minute trip to Yosemite this past weekend. David, Mom, Sydney and I went up on Friday and came back Sunday. It was fun and one last adventure prior to returning to work next week.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"The Restaurant"

The other day, I called Becca and I told her that I was at "The Restaurant". Of course she knew exactly what restaurant I was referring to, it was Avolio's. We hung out at Avolio's during high school with our best friends (Jen and Darlene Avolio). Hanging out there was so cool-we had a blast and everytime I walk in there the memories flood back. We would walk into the kitchen and get our cokes, order food (if it was in the oven) or make our own food. I used to make the "Kim Evans Special" which was a salad with only a tiny bit of lettuce, tons of tomatoes, mozzarella, pepperoni and topped off with pepper and Italian dressing. YUM!!! Everytime I go in Jen asks if thats what I want-I love it! My favorite entree has always been the lasagna-the best you will ever have! If you are in Southern California you must go there and try it. (It's in Covina)

Last year, their dad retired and Darlene and Piet (brother) took over. They completely remodeled and I love the new dining room. Great job, guys! Anyway, I properly captured Sydney's first trip to "The Restaurant":

Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday (6)

Yosemite 1979

Thanks Bianka and Maya!

Bianka suggested the Pearl get a polish and in a conversation I just had with Maya she insisted upon it. It's amazing what a little Windex can do. Here is the before and after:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Kim and Laura Show-Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Kim and Laura show is entitled "Bahama Bucks". In this episode Laura takes Kim to Bahama Bucks in Mesa, Arizona. This is Kim's first visit to the shaved ice chain.

A New Tradition

The June Birkenstock Shopping Trip in Tempe:

June 25, 2007:

June 24, 2008:

P.S. I wonder why the Pearl pics were so much better last year?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Watch Out-New Airport Security Rules

On Sunday it was so hot that I walked into the terminal at Burbank to wait for David to get the car. While in there, I read this sign that announced new TSA rules. I realize it's a bit hard to read so here are the first two sentences:

"Beginning Saturday, June 21, 2008 passengers that willfully refuse to provide identification at security checkpoints will be denied access to the secure areas of airports. This change will apply exclusively to individuals that simply refuse to provide any identification" and then "This new procedure will not affect passengers that may have misplaced, lost or otherwise do not have ID but are cooperative with officers"

ARE YOU KIDDING? Does this mean that prior to last weekend I could have just refused to provide identification and gotten on the plane? I assume they have been special screening these folks like I had to do when I lost my ID but I can't believe that they have been letting people on that just refuse to show ID. What a joke.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Survived The Door at Glacier National Park

On our second night at the Many Glacier Lodge it was really windy. We were sitting in the lobby and James kept commenting on people walking through the back door. I called him the door monitor and then he convinced me to turn around and watch. It couldn't have been funnier, people were almost falling down as they tried to get in and out of the hotel. We watched for quite awhile laughing and then around 10:30pm we decided that we were idiots for not video taping this, so we started. Unfortunately, at this point the wind was dying down and it was so late that just about everyone was back in the hotel so we videotaped what we could. The videos consist of James and I trying to perfect going through the door, mom, a couple random people and James and I going through and then thinking the ranger was locking us out.

P.S. The original title of this post was "If you are bored it's your own fault" but Dad thought this was better.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Calling All Techs

Need some help guys, having major laptop issues and I am afraid my attempts to fix are not doing the trick. Here's what I am getting:

On boot up: Receiving data execution prevention error for host process for win32 services

Constantly receiving system error that reads: svchost.exe application error
The instruction at "0x009a96bc" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".

Other Symptoms: When plugging in my camera I hear the sound like the system recognizes a new device but nothing happens. McAfee has been attacked, I can't run a Virus Scan. Takes a very long time when browsing "My Computer".

I have run the McAfee Stinger and it didn't find anything as well as Windows Defender. Windows Defender appeared on my pc recently (I didnt install it) Did we push it out or is it a problem?

Blog readers: This is affecting the posting of vacation pictures or any pictures from my camera. After being without internet access for many days this is not making me very happy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fancy: The Definitions

The definition of Fancy (According to

1.imagination or fantasy, esp. as exercised in a capricious manner.
2.the artistic ability of creating unreal or whimsical imagery, decorative detail, etc., as in poetry or drawing.
3.a mental image or conception: He had happy fancies of being a famous actor. idea or opinion with little foundation; illusion: Her belief that she can sing is a mere fancy.
5.a caprice; whim; vagary: It was his fancy to fly to Paris occasionally for dinner.
6.capricious preference; inclination; a liking: to take a fancy to walking barefoot in the streets.
7.critical judgment; taste.
8.the breeding of animals to develop points of beauty or excellence.
10.the fancy, Archaic. people deeply interested in a sport, art, etc.

11.made, designed, grown, adapted, etc., to please the taste or fancy; of superfine quality or exceptional appeal: fancy goods; fancy fruits.
12.ornamental; decorative; not plain: a cake with a fancy icing.
13.depending on imagination or caprice; whimsical; irregular: a fancy conception of time.
14.bred to develop points of beauty or excellence, as an animal.
15.much too costly; exorbitant or extravagant: a consultant who charges fancy fees.

–verb (used with object) form a conception of; picture to oneself: Fancy living with that egotist all your life! believe without being absolutely sure or certain: I fancy you are my new neighbor. take a liking to; like. breed to develop a special type of animal.

20.(used as an exclamation of mild surprise): They invited you, too? Fancy!

Who knew there were so many definitions of fancy? Which definition do you suppose the owners of the businesses below were using? If you are going to name your business Fancy ______ wouldn't you at least make the sign fancy instead of plain? (That would be Fancy as in definition number 11)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bee Friendly Gardens

This post is not about the Queen B. Sorry.

Sunset magazine had an article this month on creating a bee friendly garden. Really.....who wants a bee friendly garden? I don't want to encourage bees to hang out in my yard. I hate the ones that are there and already I have to move quickly past the yellow flowers by the mailbox to avoid the bees. (I am planning on pulling that plant out)

Is anybody interested in planting a bee friendly garden? If so, here is what you do, if not, here is what you avoid:

1. Don't Use Pesticides
2. Blue, Yellow and Red are favorite flower colors for Bees
3. Don't mulch since bee's plant nests in dirt ( you want a bee's nest?)
4. Buy a Bee Box (This is a bee house. If it's not bad enough to have a nest you want to buy them a house?)

The entire article can be found here:,20633,1737590,00.html

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Guest Blog: Sydney is hot

In honor of Jane's new fascination with look alikes and to answer the first question of "who does she look like" when a child is born.

Here is mine:

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family search - Free family tree template

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday to the Best Mom and Grandma! I love you so much and don't have any idea what any of us would do without you! Thanks for taking care of Sydney when I go back to work, you are a lifesaver and I hope you know how much we appreciate you.

Guest Blog-To: Dad From: Sydney

Happy First Fathers Day! I Love You!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vacation Update (Since I Still Have Service)

1. Many of you took the time to make Sydney personalized gifts. All of them were wonderful and very appreciated. One of my absolute favorites was a white cap with Sydney's name and ladybugs embroidered on it (with a matching onsie). It was made by Tami (Jane and Ruth's sister) and it was simply perfect. I had planned for her to wear it (for the first time) when we got to Glacier and on the way here it must have fallen out of the car when we were stopped and changing her. I am heartbroken! For all of you thinking this is out of character for me, let me validate, it is totally out of character but suffice to say, I am devastated. In fact, I would gladly give up my cell service in place of the cap......I didn't even get one photo of her in it.

2. How happy am I that Herston is here? Yeah! Congrats again, Ruth.

3. I had a Buffalo cheeseburger tonight with no bread. High Protein, Low Carb and Low Fat

4. We had a Sev 2 today with all of Sydney's clothes penetrated. That was fun.

5. We probably will not have cell coverage after about 2:00 tomorrow. Aghhhhhhhhh

6. Tonight when we were eating dinner at 9:00 James asked the waitress where he could get some ice cream. She proceeded to name off about 10 ice cream places and after telling us where several of them were she stated "But they all close at 9:00". Then she said, "we have ice cream too but the kitchen just closed and can't give you any".

7. Mom got her first ticket ever today! She was speeding through some town and got pulled over. The cop told her it was the first time he had ever cited anyone from out of state. She is soooooo upset.

8. We took a wrong turn because I thought the GPS was wrong (So did David) and it took us an extra two hours to get here. Nice.

9. I am getting a massage tomorrow!!!! I am so happy! When I get home, Becca and I are going for another one!

The Hottest Flight Attendants

As you know, generally I fly a lot. I have heard many funny SWA flight attendants but tonights group was better than most.

First off they were friends. Second, they told us all how lucky we were to hang out with them because they were the hottest of all flight attendants. Third, they let me get up during taxiing and told everyone "look quick" as they pointed to the back of the plane as a divertion since my being up was against regulations. (I had to get up because I was breaking another rule by having Sydney in the middle seat-I knew that. Darn, that I forgot and looked like a flight rookie) Fourth, They doted all over Sydney. Fifth, They called out people on the overhead when they broke rules: example "Guy in row 14, you better have stopped that texting" Sixth, They reminded us that the FAA requires that we do "whatever they say".

They were getting so much affirmation as they went down the aisles, everyone was telling them how funny and hot they were. They put on a show in order to get their love tanks filled and it worked big time-I love that. Oh, how sweet it is to be both funny and hot!

BTW: Sydney is a flying champ! She has been an angel on all 4 flights she has been on.

P.S. I had the most annoying people on the planet behind me. They were sharing their lifestories that were in my opinion quite boring. Now for the only entertaining part, one works in a lab and one works in radiology. No, I'm not kidding. I wonder if they'll end up being BFF?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Flashback Friday (4)

In honor of the first long (more than an hour) flight with Sydney tonight, we flashback to December 2006. (BUR to PHX)

Happy Birthday, Jen!

Happy Birthday, Jen!!! I hope number 34 is simply fabulous!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Videos And A Thank You

1st Video-On Elizabeth's previous visit to our house she cried every time she saw Katie. On the last visit she laughed every time she saw her.

2nd Video-Jessica is at the beach performing "Our Song"

(Both videos lost alot of quality on the upload, not sure why)

The Thank You-Several months ago I received some bottles in the mail. They were a gift from Target but there was no card. If you purchased the bottles for us, please let me know and thank you very much. When we switched to formula this week it made it much easier to already have them here.

I Was Not A Math Major

The fact is, I suck at math. The fact is, David will be embarrassed by this post. The fact is, anybody working for me will be like "I work for her?" The fact is, some will "Just love me" and others will just think I'm an idiot.

A baby drinks 5 ounces of baby formula every 3-4 hours. If it takes 1 unpacked level scoop and 2 ounces of water to make 2 ounces of formula and it takes 4 unpacked level scoops and 8 ounces of water to make 8 ounces of formula How many scoops does it take to make 5 ounces of formula?

I really need to get it right because the instructions say: "Failure to follow these instructions could result in severe harm". I think I will start using that phrase when I go back to 16 days.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Operations Call: MMOC

This weekend, I had a couple discussions about how many status or daily operations calls there are in the IT industry. Yesterday, The Queen and I were discussing this and I decided that since I was going back to work soon I needed to start some shifting into work mode. The first step, a Mommy Morning Operations Conference Call (or MMOCC). Below are the details:

Time: Daily at 7:30 AM (This is PST time not AZ time)

Required Attendees: Carol Evans, Becca Krueger, Rachel Sauer (For Career Development), Kim Thomas, babysisters or any assigned individual responsible for remediation of a Severity 1 or 2.

Call Leader: Mom on Duty or designated representative

*Mom On Duty-Were there any severity 1's or 2's in the last 24 hours? (Severity levels are defined below)
*Mom On Duty-Were there any milsstones (or good news) that occured in the last hours (first smile, baby sat up, cooing etc.)
*Becca-Report out on how was Elizabeth last night?
*Mom On Duty-Review the schedule for the next 24 hours (Park visits, Kim's travels, location of babysitting, *Disneyland trips etc.)
*Kim-Review financials. Specifically, month to date costs for diapers, wipes and formula.
*Mom On Duty-Identify any negative trends or reoccurring events that require a problem review
*Group- Discuss any other open issues or topics

Severity 1's:
*A baby that has not had a bowel movement in the previous 24 hours
*A baby will not feed for more than 18 hours with a breastfeeding mother
*Crying for more than 1 hour without stopping

Severity 2's:
*A baby that has had a bowel movement so severe it has penetrated their clothing

*Unprepared mother (Example: I was at the mall and discovered I had no diapers with me)
*A baby will not feed for more than 10 hours with a breastfeeding mother
*Crying for more than 30 minutes without stopping
*The butterfly is missing

Please note the following: Severity 2's can be escalated to Severity 1's based upon the mothers discretion or other factors. For example if an unprepared mother lead to the baby not feeding for 18 hours that Severity 2 would automatically be raised to a Severity 1.

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Triathlete

We have a triathlete in our family! For those that don't know a triathlon is a 3 part race that consists of running, swimming and biking. It's really hard and it requires serious commitment and training to compete. This weekend, my brother-in-law, Kevin, competed in his first triathlon. He swam 1 mile, biked 25 miles and ran 6.2 miles. He ran a 6.40 mile and finished the triathlon in less than 2.5 hours!

Great Job, Kevin! We are so proud of you and the hard work it took to compete! Congratulations, you did really great!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

An HCBC Weekend

Here are some photos of the HCBC members I hung out with this weekend:

Our fun included: Playing at the beach, bowling in Hollywood, people watching, going to the park, eating cupcakes, shopping at Walmart, securing Sydney during dinner, buying pajamas, trying to feed Sydney, playing Mastermind, following Jane's car and meeting blog friends.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Flashback Friday (3)

Everybody knows I wanted to be MOD, everybody knows I wanted to be in charge of the keys, everybody knows I wanted to be a trash collector but before all these things I wanted to be a firefighter/paramedic.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Hodgepodge

(1) A public apology to all of you whose emails were finally returned yesterday. I finally caught up (Yeah!)
(2) Thank you to Queen B and Jenn Ann who brought us all Google Reader. Blog reading is so much faster now.
(3) Love is: Coordinating DMV visits with your partner so you can be together.
(4) The other day I got an email about Starbucks and coffee from a woman with the last name of "Brew"-how cool is that?
(5) A cool video about a playoff softball game (It's about 5 minutes) Video
(6) I just earned my 3rd companion pass in a row from SWA
(7) Congratulations to Andria for joining the Blackberry Pearl family this week!!!
(8) I have become addicted to two new shows on "E". Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Girls Next Door. Two thumbs up on both
(9) Congratulations Red Wing Fans on the Stanley Cup
(10) Doesn't this truck look like the one that Teri's son bought a couple months ago?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

You are so cool! You are so hot! and You are so much fun! I hope you have a great 22nd birthday! Remember, you are only 22 once!!!!