Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Saturday Morning Routine

Sydney and I walked to the Pasadena Farmer's Market. I think this will be the new mom and daughter Saturday morning tradition.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin for VP

I am extremely happy with McCain's VP pick. For someone like me there could not be a better choice than Sarah Palin. What is there not to like about this hot chick? OK, I'm sure we will hear a few things but from what I know so far I really like her. She delivered her speech without a teleprompter and overall was very well spoken. My favorite part was when she said she stood up to the "good ole boy" network. If you didn't hear it, You can read her whole speech here.

So she picks terrible children's names (Really terrible) and her favorite meal is Moose Stew, I think she is cool. She calls her husband (who was her high school sweetheart) "the first dude", she has 5 kids including a baby boy that was born 11 days after Sydney. She snowmobiles, fishes, and hunts. She was runner up for Miss Alaska (told ya she was a hot chick). In Alaska, they have bumper stickers that say "Coldest State, Hottest Governor" and lets not forget she sold the Alaska State airplane on Ebay.

Palin is Conservative, Pro-Life, she has been overseas visiting troops in several countries and she is the only candidate to have actually run a state and been commander and chief over a military organization (Alaska National Guard). KT gives her two thumbs up :)

Professional Pics With Your Boyfriend

Remember when you went to the prom and got to take professional pictures with your boyfriend? That was so cool. Getting the wallet sizes were the best!! It was a total status thing to see how many couples photos you got. Maybe I will dig out some old ones of me and my friends and post. For now enjoy these boyfriend and girlfriend shots.

Flashback Friday (15)

Could they be any cuter? (Matt and Rach)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Wonder Why The Date Was Changed?

Was this a marketing error? Or is just this location changing the date and time? Either way....this pile of fliers didn't look too professional.

But hey, who cares there is a free Sorbetto or Vivanno waiting for me on Friday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Behind on Blogs

I will catch up tomorrow night.

Happy 30th Matt!!!

Today, Matt turned 30! I keep telling him it’s downhill from there…..hopefully that’s not true....

Anyway, on this very special day in 1978 my first brother was born. I love him so much. He is fun, funny (Isn’t it funny that fun and funny sound like such different things?) and when I need him he will always come running.

I Love you, Matt and I have just set a goal: You bring such joy to my life and my goal is this: To see you significantly more in your 30’s than I did in your 20’s. Happy Birthday, I Love You!

2008 FFSU Olympics Recap - The Champ's Version

All times are in Mountain, in keeping with the rules of the competition.

  1. Kimberly just kicked the dog out of her bed. 5:34am
  2. Kimberly has woken up a late, and is trying to pack, get ready and take Sydney to grandma's within 1/2 hour. 7:45am
  3. Kimberly is glad the judges are still asleep. 8:25am
  4. Kimberly is once again headed to the Valley of the Sun! Thank you SWA! 9:17am
  5. Kimberly is practicing race walking at Sky Harbor Airport. 10:48am
  6. Kimberly is in the Phoenix heat sweating and waiting for her ride. I guess I didn't need to racewalk to the curb. 11:08am
  7. Kimberly is reading a book about 11:11!!! 12:21pm
  8. Kimberly is hanging out with two HCBC girls (Ruth and Laura) but best of all I am holding the miracle baby!!! Yeah, Herston! 12:30pm
  9. Kimberly is at the golden arches chowing down on a quarter pounder. 1:11pm
  10. Kimberly is going to meet Tom not Londa. 1:42pm
  11. Kimberly is seeing freedom fly from somewhere in Arizona. 2:24pm
  12. Kimberly is seeing status updates just fine. 2:36pm
  13. Kimberly has just been ordered to please rise. 2:41pm
  14. Kimberly is going in for the kill on FFSU!!! 3:39pm
  15. Kimberly is is headed towards the location of Episode 1 of the Kim and Laura show. 4:02pm
  16. Kimberly is standing in the rain updating her status. 4:33pm
  17. Kimberly thinks she does better in practice than in the main event. 5:07pm
  18. Kimberly thinks Sara should try updating her status without using the acronym FFSU. 6:20pm
  19. Kimberly just dodged a orange cone on the freeway. 6:22pm
  20. Kimberly is sitting at Dave and Busters and hoping to attract a crowd of guys!!! 6:50pm
  21. Kimberly has attracted a crowd of guys and 2 girls. 7:45pm
  22. Kimberly is contemplating recording episode 2 of the Kim and Laura show. 8:18pm
  23. Kimberly is going to call the Facebook police on Sara. 8:26pm
  24. Kimberly is sitting on a Harley. 8:56pm
  25. Kimberly is at BWW. 9:53pm
  26. Kimberly is missing her little girl. 10:43pm
  27. Kimberly is thinking that one of her greatest accomplishments is being a participant in the 2008 Olympics. 11:34pm

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Keeper

Courtney's Reaction:

Warning: Boys should not look and girls will be mortified. The Keeper

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This T-Shirt Doesn't Seem To Fit

My cousin was getting a pedicure today and took the following photo. First: I applaud her great photography skills, Second: I am so happy she shared it with us.

Friday, August 22, 2008

When The Lights Go Out

We lost our power today when a couple of transformers or circuits went out in Pasadena. I am typing this from my moms since she has power. There is a song I like by Oingo Boingo called "When the lights go out". The lyrics are not exactly true because:

When the lights go out
Not everybody has fun
Not everybody runs to a safe place
Not everybody was afraid
Not everybody starts to pray
Monsters & Madmen do not come alive
but if they did there are plenty of places to hide

We can't turn the night into day
Nobody started a fire in an alley way
Nobody seemed to go crazy
And I didn't see anyway praying to the cat's eye.
When the lights go out
People can still be trusted
Everybody is not running in circles
Not everybody started to shout.
Some people partied down.
There was a big shadow comforting me
But nobody broke windows just because it was fun.

BTW: 3 hours later, back home and power is on.

Flashback Friday (14)

When there was Ivy (Papa and I)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Visit To My Grandparents House

Today, I drove past my grandparents house in Altadena. (They built their house in the 1940's and it was in the family until after my grandmother passed away a few years ago) There was a big truck full of dirt in the front yard and some workers walked through the open garage and for some reason I decided to ask them what they were doing. The head guy said "Oh we are working on the patio.....Do you want to see?" I asked if the owners were home and he said no, so I said sure.

I wasn't really being sentimental at all but as I walked through the garage it smelled just like it always was so eerie. The smell brought me to tears. It was a scent that nobody would ever recognize, a scent that exists nowhere but that garage and it instantly took me back and I was really sad.

In the backyard there were a bunch of changes underway. Some brick work had been removed, several planters were gone as was the Bougainvillea, the shop (workshop) area had been turned into a square dog run, the big planter on the top patio was gone and there wasn't ivy to be found anywhere. Everything was different, and for me, that was okay. It will likely look nice when finished but today it was a mess. I snapped a bunch of pictures and then left.......through the garage.

Did I say that smelling the garage was weird? Yes, I know I did but it was SO remarkable. I would never even thought before that the garage had a special smell but walking through it there was no mistaking it. There are a couple of other scents that remind me of my grandparents.....Aramis cologne, honey milk shampoo (they didn't use it but there is something about it that reminds me of being at the beach house with my grandfather), Gardenias, French Vanilla coffee.....I am sure there are others but all of those scents can be duplicated but there is no place else on earth that has the scent of their garage.

For Jane

A nice rib-eye steak sure sounds good about now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The license plate on this truck is UCSpots (The O is with a heart). I am posting this for Tim.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bad Day

Today sucked, Here are the only bright spots:

(1) I practiced updated my Facebook status in preparation for the Main Event next week. My two favorite statuses of the day were (1) "Kimberly doesn't understand why when she (customer) asks the parking attendant (worker) @ Burbank airport how she is why the parking attendant doesn't ask her how she is" (2) "Kimberly hates it when people refer to tuna sandwiches as tuna fish sandwiches"

(2) I saw the Starbucks that Queen B and I first "tried" to have coffee at. They all but kicked us for trying to use our cameras so we went to another one.

(3) I got to see Jeff.

(4) The pizza Mike ordered for lunch was really good and well worth blowing my diet over.

(5) My plane didn't crash

Monday, August 18, 2008

From Ontario to San Jose

I have never seen a cloud cover quite like the one I saw flying into San Jose a couple of weeks ago. It was really cool and looked just like cotton, I was so impressed I busted out my camera after we had been instructed to stow all items we had taken out during the flight

Happy Birthday Jinjer!!!!

May you be blessed with cupcakes every day of your life!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Support the US Olympic Team

The Olympics are over on Sunday the 24th. I have decided that until then I will boycott all foods that begin with the name of another country. For example: I won't boycott Chinese food but I will boycott Chinese Chicken salads. I won't boycott Mexican food but I will boycott Mexican Pizza's from Taco Bell.

Here's my quick boycott list:
Chinese Chicken Salads
Mexican Pizza's
French Dips
French Fries
French Toast
French Onion Soup
French Vanilla Ice Cream
Canadian Bacon
Russian Dressing
French Dressing
Italian Dressing
Greek Salad
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Italian Ice
English Muffins
Welsh Rarabit
Italian Sausage
Spanish Omelet
Italian Sorbet
Swiss Cheese
Hungarian Goulash
Turkey Sandwich
Swedish Meatballs
German Chocolate Cake
Polish Sausage
Irish Cream

Are you in? What foods have I left out?

P.S. Thank God there isn't a country called Chai or Chicken

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

SWA's "Want My Advice" (Take 2)

Last year, I wrote this blog about SWA's advice column. Basically, it discussed the common sense items that people write in about. I had to do a take 2 on this one because I couldn't believe this one in the August edition of "Spirit":

"When buying curtains, keep the zippered plastic bag they come in to store those extra things like toiletries when traveling. You can see the items easily through the clear bag"

OK....REALLY? How often do people buy curtains? She acts like this is a daily purchase! Just use a Zip lock bag lady! Is that really a traveling tip? And if it is, is it really the best one she has?

Flashback Friday (13)

One year ago today I had my touch up appointment on my eyeliner. For those that don't know, last summer I got my eyeliner tattooed on. Not one time have I regretted the decision! It is so much easier getting ready in the morning without having to put on that pesky eyeliner. Better than that, I can rub my eyes and never have eyeliner smudge!

Did it hurt? Yes but it wasn't terrible

How long did it take? Two appointments, about 2 hours for the first and an hour for the second

How much did it cost? It was a gift but I think about $500.00

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The 23rd Reason

In June, Queen B wrote a blog of 22 reasons that my identity has gone from Kim1Champ to Sydney's mom. Here's reason 23:

I was planning on stopping by an Outlet mall and so I looked online to see what stores were there. Usually, I would look for Eddie Bauer, Williams Sonoma, J Crew, Gap and Le Creuset (to name a few). Today, I went straight for the children's section and decided not to go since they didn't have a Carters.

REALLY, Who am I? I guess I'm Sydney's mom

People Send Me Pictures

So, everybody knows, I like pictures. People often send pictures to my Blackberry. Here is a sampling of a few of the pictures I have received (from many different people) on my Blackberry in the last couple of weeks: