Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Side Dishes at Clancy's

Saturday, David and I went to Clancy's Seafood Restaurant in Glendale. I had been there once before and it was good, my second trip did not disappoint either. The selection of side choices (especially at a seafood restaurant) surprised me. Typical side dishes are as follows:

Baked Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Rice Pilaf
French Fries
Mixed Vegetables


These are the side dish choices at Clancy's (Remember, this is a pretty nice seafood restaurant):

Baked Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Rice Pilaf
French Fries
Cheese Enchilada

Beef Enchilada
Mixed Vegetables

Cheese Enchilada, Beef Enchilada, Tamale and Spaghetti? Who are they kidding? Would anybody out there actually choose one of these to accompany their favorite seafood?

I can absolutely guarantee you that the next time I order my seared Ahi Tuna I will not order it with a Beef Enchilada on the side.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Rachel!!!!!!

Today is the birthday of my most favorite alarm clock! (Did you know that alarm clocks have birthdays?) My alarm clock is actually a wake up caller, not a standard alarm clock that sits on your nightstand. Let me tell you a little bit about my wake up caller:

*First, my wake up caller has the initials of one of the best bands of all time.

*Second, my wake up caller is one of the funniest people I know

*Third, my wake up caller practices discreet photography

*Fourth, my wake up caller received a Coach purse for her birthday (she was very excited)

*Fifth, my wake up caller also sends me goodnight wishes on a routine basis

*Sixth, my wake up caller will go to the Pussycat Dolls concert if they come to LA and her parents approve

*Seventh, my wake up caller is a text message champion!

*Eighth, my wake up caller gave me a virtual fat lip a couple of weeks when she threw a ball at my head

*Ninth, my wake up caller is really, really pretty (even though her hair is sometimes covering her gorgeous face)

*Tenth, my wake up caller turns 10 today so wish her a Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Night TV

Desperate Housewives: Can someone tell me why it is okay to show reruns for weeks on end? I am beginning to lose interest.

Amazing Race: No Rob and Amber. Still pulling for Dustin and Kandice. Nuff Said.

Planet Earth: New Show on Discovery Channel. We watched one hour tonight and Tivo'd the other two. It shows never before seen wildlife moments and nature moments. It was really good. Watching in HD makes it all the better.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hiking in Los Angeles

Today, David and I went up to the Eaten Canyon Nature Center and started to take a hike. There is nothing like a good walk through nature to appreciate the world you live in. Note the following picture taken from the trail: (I suggest clicking on the picture so you can see the beauty on a larger scale)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Phoenix Bank Robbery Today

One of my favorite Phoenix residents witnessed a foiled bank robbery today at the corner of Osborn and Hayden. The best part is there were 4 squad car's, 2 SUV police cars, 1 undercover car and guess who caught the perpetrator? The lone bicycle cop! Note the pictures taken by very own Phoenix Journalist (who also happens to be a really great technical support guy):

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

Queen B is having a birthday! If you have read Queen B's blog this week you will know that tomorrow she is taking the day off (her birthday) and sleeping in. Chris is also taking the day off and then they are going to go on a shopping trip for some birthday presents.(I can't wait to hear what she gets!!!)

Since the Queen and Chris were going out tonight for the Pre-Birthday celebration I decided that I should go out and also celebrate the Queen's Birthday. Please join me in singing Happy Birthday to the Queen and indulging in some birthday ice cream. (See my ice cream at the bottom of this blog)

Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday, Dear Queen B
Happy Birthday to you!

Before finishing I would like to direct you to "Happy Birthday to You" on Wikipedia. The section that I found quite interesting was the "variations" section where it shows the different variations of the Happy Birthday song. Here is my favorite (In Spanish):

In Spanish: Apio verde tuyo, apio verde tuyo... Meaning: Your green celery, your green celery... (sounds like the English "happy birthday to you")

Do you see that? It means your green celery? If the Queen and I were discussing this, the conversation would go something like this:

Queen B: Apio verde tuyo, apio verde tuyo
Champ: What?
Queen B: It means Green celery in spanish, it's the same as the Happy Birthday song!
Champ: How Great is That?
Queen B: LOL
Champ: Green Celery really only belongs with Crudites, Buffalo Wings or a Bloody Mary...
Queen B: I know! Do you like green celery?
Champ: mmhmm
Queen B: What about carrots?
Champ: Not so much

"Elsie", revisited

My second blog ever was about my good friend "Elsie". You can read the October 3rd blog here:

Last night, I was thinking about "Elsie" and how she is ALWAYS prepared for any given situation. She would be fine even if she was stranded in a bad section of Long Beach.

If I was stranded somewhere, I would have NOTHING but my blackberry and hopefully a credit card. Lord knows, I wouldn't have an ATM card and I subsequently I would have absolutely no way of getting cash. I would have no food, water or spare clothes and would be at the mercy of the elements.

Elsie, would be a different story:

Elsie's car is equipped with two sets of spare clothes, two pairs of shoes, spare cash (No, I won't give out her license plate number) toiletries, two blankets, water, protein bars and a first aid kit. Great Job, Elsie!

So, to circle back, On October 3rd, I noted that Elsie had two talents. I always give credit where credit is due so I would like to add a third talent.

(1) Knowing the in's and out's of the printer in the 7th floor copy room
(2) Making Turkey Chili
(3) Stranded Preparedness

P.S. For all you losers out there that think I must have been stranded last night in Long Beach, think again!!! The Champ does not get stranded.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Driving While Texting

Last week, one of our blog readers sent us to an article about DWT, Driving While Texting. Did you know that they are thinking of making Driving While Texting illegal? Now, don't get me wrong, I get the rationale. Afterall, I veer into other lanes more when I am texting than when I am talking on the phone ;) Anyhow, the article is fascinating so I wanted to make sure to point it out.

Now for the big question? Do tell us, Do you drive while texting?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

It's True, Starbucks Has Banned Cameras

Yesterday, I asked Kimber if it was true that Starbucks didn't allow cameras. She said that she had never heard of that and that it was ridiculous. Rob concurred, Jamie concurred then there was Erin. Erin brought us all back to reality and informed us that indeed Starbucks does not allow photos to be taken in the store.

This is somehow related to their media policy. Like many companies, Starbucks does not allow their partners (that is what Starbucks calls their associates) to speak with the media and does not allow media to take pictures within their store. It was not clear what really defined media (press pass?) but they all agreed that I might as well be the media due to the blog. Still, my Blackberry Pearl and it's camera are welcome at my neighborhood Starbucks. (How Lucky Am I?)

This also reminds me that the Phoenix (EDC Starbucks) Starbucks actually allowed Dora to come in and take pictures during their remodel. That has to be a major violation but Dora is just so darn great who could possibly say no?

P.S. I am really struggling with the fact that one of my favorite places has banned cameras. Thank goodness I have a pass at my local Starbucks or there really might be a problem.

P.S. Again: For Queen B- They must display the Venti-Grande-Tall sign if there is a room at the counter. I have more to this but I can't post it in on the blog.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Enhanced Cingular Voicemail

I just received an email from Cingular (or is it the New AT&T?) informing me that I could sign up for the enhanced voicemail feature for $1.99 per month. LOL! Here is the description of this exciting feature from Cingular:

---Whether you're in a meeting or on the other line, you can't always answer your calls. Let voicemail take a message. Get the most from your voicemail by knowing its features and benefits, and how it works. Never miss a call, Receive fast voicemail alerts, Personalize your greeting. Enhanced Voicemail ($1.99/month and $2.99/month in New York State) doubles your message capacity from 20 to 40 messages, increases your message length by 1 minute and adds 7 more days of storage time. You can also send messages to groups and use member lists for added convenience.---

This absolutely could not be worse!!! Just what I need, 40 messages instead of 20! Don't forget to use that extra minute they are tacking on for my convenience. Needless to say, this is one feature I will not be taking advantage of........AGHH!

Repeat After Me: "You have reached the voicemail of Kim Thomas, Please do NOT leave a message"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Starbucks Visit on 3/13

Queen B commented tonight about her fear that Starbucks would confiscate her phone if she took a picture inside. (Remember, supposedly there is a rule that you are not allowed to take pictures in Starbucks)

This prompted me to tell a Starbucks story from yesterday:

Before work, Jane, Bev and I walk into Starbucks. (This is the same location that Dora took me to on Monday). We get in line and one of the Baristas (who is standing in front of the counter taking orders) comes up to Bev who is first in line. The following conversation ensues:

*Please note: SB stands for "Starbucks Barista" BS stands for "Bev S"

SB: What is your name?
BS: Bev, B-E-V
SB: What was that?
BS: B-E-V, Bev
SB: B?

BS: Bev, B-E-V

**SB writes down name**
**BS states to Jane and I, I don't think she knows how to spell**

Fast Forward 3 minutes:

Waiting for drinks, I burst out laughing. Bev's drink is sitting on the espresso machine. I point it out to B-E-V and Jane, they both burst out laughing. Since I never violate rules of ANY kind I instruct Jane to get out her phone and take a picture of the cup.

In case you have trouble reading this, the name spelled on the cup is B-I-V. (Special points to Jane for getting the Baristas hand as he pours the milk into the Biv cup)

FYI, Starbucks did not confiscate the camera phone nor did the barista make any comment about the use of cameras in Starbucks. Still, this unseen policy intrigues me, I will be asking my two favorite Starbucks associates about camera usage rules in Starbucks. (1) Kimber who works at (what I refer to as) "The Best Buy Starbucks" and (2) Dawn who is the manager at (what I refer to as) the "PCC Starbucks" Please stand by for a report on the official camera policy of Starbucks.

Another Great News Story

Germany has the most hilarious news stories! Yesterday, I brought you the house that was cut in half by a chainsaw. Today, I bring you this story about a 91 year old man who was stuck like glue to a rooftop and looked like a beetle. LOL.

The best line of the article "He was unharmed but had sticky clothes, police said"

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

50/50 Split in This Divorce

This is a great story out of Berlin. Apparantly, this soon to be ex-husband was getting a little bit tired of the turmoil as they divided the possesions. He decided to take matters into his own hands and utilizing a chainsaw cut the family's vacation home in half. The best part, after cutting in half he hauled his half away. LOL

Monday, March 12, 2007

The President's Schedule

Over the weekend, David and I took a trip out to Simi Valley and visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

I was particularly struck by a display in the last room of the library. The display was up on the wall and it consisted of two giant calendars. One of the calendars was President Reagan's and the others was the First Lady's. The point of the display was to illustrate how busy both the President and the First Lady's schedules were in June 1988. I was absolutely amazed by the calendar and lack of sophistication. My how things have changed since 1988!

I have a hard time managing my calendar and I use color coordination, categories, locations etc. They had a very small legend for their calendar organization. It was as follows:

Presidents Calendar:
N=First Lady
*=Away From White House

First Lady's Calendar:
*=Away From White House

I also noticed that many appointments start at odd times. 2:14, 12:48, 10:31. Additionally, I was struck by the fact that they did not use military time. I figured this was normal in the White House.

One last observation, (My favorite) Their schedules weren't even close to as busy as mine! LOL. Some days there were as little as two appointments. I would kill for a day with only two appointments.'ll happen for me, after I become President.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh No!! Bye Bye, Rob & Amber

Well, tonight Rob and Amber got eliminated on the Amazing Race All-Stars. This is absolutely terrible! Rob and Amber are so entertaining and now they are gone and we are left with a whole bunch of losers.

Who would have thought that Charla and Mirna would finish ahead of Rob and Amber in Allstars? They were first every week until tonight when they made some stupid mistakes.

I will probably keep watching, at least until Dustin and Kandice (Beauty Queens) get eliminated. Maybe they will shock us all and win.

I'm going to be the first to say it, Rob and Amber in 2008!

Cell Phones Safe in Hospitals

A study by the Mayo Clinic recently concluded and found that it is safe to use cell phones in hospitals. During a period of 5 months over 300 tests were performed and no devices were impacted by the cell phones.

The entire article can be found here:

Champ's Disclaimer: I do not advise breaking any hospital rules including using your cell phone in banned areas.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Redwood City Starbucks

Friday morning, The Queen and I had Starbucks in Redwood City. The first Starbucks we went to was at 490 El Camino Real. After ordering our Chai's, I notice this cool display that shows Venti, Grande and Tall cups. I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the Queen in front of the display. Now, normally I would have just told her to go stand by it and I would take the picture but it was crowded with customers so I asked the Barista if I could move the display. (Epiphany: NEVER ask, JUST do) The Starbucks Barista announced "We do not allow cameras inside Starbucks" WHAT???? I look at the Queen, she looks at me, I ask "Are you serious?", He says "Yes, we do not allow pictures to be taken inside Starbucks". WHATEVER..... Do you have any idea how many photos I have taken inside Starbucks?

The Queen and I decide that we must have this picture so we pull up the GPS. Note Reference #1 below-4 Starbucks located within a mile.

Queen B and I head to the Starbucks at 1045 El Camino Real. Sadly, this Starbucks does not have the display that I have now seen at EVERY other Starbucks including the Starbucks at the San Jose airport. In lieu of the display we decide to take Reference #2 picture below. Queen B, models the 3 Starbucks drink sizes.

After we get took this lovely photo of the Queen we decide that we have to have a photo inside the original Starbucks so we go back to the Starbucks (Queen B's car was there anyway) at 490 El Camino Real. (BTW: The GPS says El Camino Real with a very funny accent) Once at this Starbucks, we strategically position the Queen and take the last of our pictures. Note the display sitting on the counter by the woman paying for her drink in Reference #3.

Friday, March 09, 2007

How Great Is This Mirror?

I was in a big hurry when I took this picture yesterday otherwise I would have tried to "look good" at St Mary's instead of cutting off my face. LOL. I got Jeff's face though and he looks good.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Warning, Britney is angry!

This picture was sent to me tonight by one of the blog readers. Britney is clearly not happy in this photo. The question is:

Was this photo taken immediately after Britney read the blog last night about me losing my ATM card about 50% of the time. (Britney does not like it when people lose their ID, ATM or Credit Card-it makes her angry)


Was it taken after she read Queen B's blog in which she comments on Britney's big ears?

Only the photographer can tell us for sure.

Two 24 Comments

(1) Loved the Sprint add (Showing Fox News Live) on Karen Hayse's cell phone.

(2) Charles Logan to Jack "You spent two years in prison for violating the Chinese consulate and now you are going to violate the Russian consulate" I was thinking the VERY same thing. Give it a rest, Jack!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Doing So Cal in 4 days

This is being written for my good buddy, Travis but is applicable to anyone spending 4 days in Southern California. (I believe he is staying on the westside so if Maya the Champ could weigh in on any must do westside activities or restaurants, I would appreciate it).

Day 1: Get Hollywood out of the way. If you have never been to LA you should do the whole Hollywood thing. I would recommend heading down to Hollywood Blvd and going to Grumman's Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame etc. For lunch, head down La Brea to Melrose and go to Pinks. Make sure you order at least one regular chili cheese dog, no matter how many special dogs you see, remember this is the original and the one that made Pinks famous. I can remember many a late night down at Pinks. After lunch head down Santa Monica Blvd (Of course I am going to suggest that you have fun on Santa Monica Blvd) towards Beverly Hills. I don't recommend hanging out in Beverly Hills but if you are in town you might as well head on through. (MTC: Please suggest Westside Dinner Location). Spend late evening down on Sunset at either the House of Blues, Viper Room or Whiskey)

Day 2: Head to an amusement park. There are a number of them to choose from. If you love roller coasters I would head north and hit Six Flags Magic Mountain. Magic Mountain has the best rides in Southern California. (I haven't been in about a year-it's time for another visit) If you aren't a roller coaster rider I would head to Universal Studios. Universal Studios is a unique amusement park and if you are at all interested in film making, this is enjoyable. Of course, there is also the happiest place on earth down in Anaheim. I love Disneyland!

Day 3: Head to the Beach. Spend a few hours in Santa Monica and then head on down to the boardwalk in Venice for some serious people watching. Another great Beach area is down in Long Beach at Belmont shore. There is alot of good shopping, eateries and Belmont shore has a great beach. If you head down to Long Beach you could also go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. My favorite beach is San Clemente but it is a bit farther down in South Orange County. If you go down to San Clemente you should stop in Laguna Beach on your way back to LA. (If you go to Laguna try out the Crystal Cove Shake Shack and get a Date shake mmmm)

Day 4: If you don't want to spend the day at Burke Williams day spa (ahhhhh) I would suggest another amusement park or another beach day. (Chicks: Burke Williams is a must, shopping in Laguna, Santa Monica, Farmers Market-The Grove, downtown Pasadena are all very good options)

Travis.....enjoy Southern California!!!!!! Make sure you read the comments page, MTC will no doubt include some recommendations. She is the life of the Southern California Party!!!!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Needed Cash on 2/22/07

I never have cash on me. I lose my ATM card about 50% of the time. This is not usually a problem for me as I have swiped my husbands key chain ATM card and 90% of the time I use my Southwest VISA card. This card just slips on your keyring like a grocery club card would. The only problem is that because of it's size, you can't put it a regular ATM machine. No problem, how often do I need cash anyway? Well, here's the story I promised tinkerbell last week:

On February 21st I took a quick trip out of town and before leaving I had David get me some cash. I got the cash because I was going to be crossing the Oakland Bay Bridge the next day and I knew I would need cash for the toll. David got me 60 bucks, I don't know where I spent it all but the next morning when I grabbed a shuttle from my hotel to the airport I only had $25.00 cash left. We get to the airport and I hand the driver my credit card, he says "I only take cash". I say, "Your kidding right?", he says something like "This is not Los Angeles, we only take cash". I look at the meter "$27.15". I ask him if there is an ATM around that he knows of. He says there is one inside, well I go in and of course it is not the sliding type ATM so it won't work for me.

(This is the short version) I tell him my dilemma and offer to send him the difference in the fare and a tip. He says "no, it's not a big deal" so I thank him and leave to go board my flight. (Please note, it is 5:15am) I felt like a major loser.

While I am waiting for my flight I realize that now I have no money to cross the Bay Bridge! AGHHH. I decide that after I get to Oakland I will just do a search on the GPS for a grocery store (where I can slide the little card) and go get more cash. So, I get to Oakland, get the car and do a search for a grocery store. (Remember: I am in Oakland) All I can find is 30 Mercados and محل البقاله . Finally, I spot an Albertsons 4 miles away. I direct the GPS there and when I arrive it has turned into a Mercado so I just start driving back to the freeway and I spot a Walgreens. I run into the Walgreens (in the rain) and my hair is now a disaster. I purchased Aleve and a bottle of water and got 40 bucks out. Whew, now I can successfully cross the bay bridge. (This entire incident completely stressed me out. I was tired and thrown off all day long)

After finally arriving in San Francisco I related this story to a few of our associates in the office. I was then educated on crossing the Bay Bridge without money. You may cross the Bay Bridge without cash but the toll worker will write down your license number and the city will then send you a bill. Good to know.

I now direct you to Queen B's blog and the story she wrote about not having cash for Taxi drivers. I am in good company.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Proof That I Wasn't Interviewing Today

I scheduled an appointment at the last minute for an oral surgery and this led several people to ask me if I was really going to a dental appointment or if I was out interviewing for another job.

I want to set the record straight: I was NOT interviewing for another job. Thanks to my wonderful Pearl, I can prove this. The Pearl is great tool for capturing the truth, you never know when you may need a good piece of evidence.

Note that three times during the procedure I took out my Pearl to read email. (Dr. K was fine with that-LOL) I even responded to several blackberry messengers from the chair.

One possible complication on my recovery: Dr. K finished the procedure and said to me "You can't do any laughing until I see you again" ARGH! As everybody knows, laughter is the best medicine!

Back to the proof: I took this picture of myself, right before surgery and while receiving the Nitrous gas.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Photo Blog of HIMSS Trip (New Orleans)

Welcome to HIMSS 2007

Crackberries at work on the bus

I just had to visit the Dell booth

Sell software by hiring some hot chicks

Yes, we went there.

Watch those Bananas Foster flame at the Court of Two Sisters!

Check out them hands!

This band sang a couple of nights in front of our hotel. They also appeared in the movie "A Time to Kill"

Hmm...there is a sewer.

Random 24 Comments

Can someone please tell me that 24 is not turning into a soap opera?

So help me if this kid turns out to be Jack's I will be so annoyed with this show.

We have had a couple of good 24 weeks but in general this season is still not thrilling me.

If I haven't said it lately, I hate watching 24 week to week.

I Suck!

The worst blogging week since I started, October 1st! I am so sorry for being lame this week.