Saturday, March 17, 2007

Enhanced Cingular Voicemail

I just received an email from Cingular (or is it the New AT&T?) informing me that I could sign up for the enhanced voicemail feature for $1.99 per month. LOL! Here is the description of this exciting feature from Cingular:

---Whether you're in a meeting or on the other line, you can't always answer your calls. Let voicemail take a message. Get the most from your voicemail by knowing its features and benefits, and how it works. Never miss a call, Receive fast voicemail alerts, Personalize your greeting. Enhanced Voicemail ($1.99/month and $2.99/month in New York State) doubles your message capacity from 20 to 40 messages, increases your message length by 1 minute and adds 7 more days of storage time. You can also send messages to groups and use member lists for added convenience.---

This absolutely could not be worse!!! Just what I need, 40 messages instead of 20! Don't forget to use that extra minute they are tacking on for my convenience. Needless to say, this is one feature I will not be taking advantage of........AGHH!

Repeat After Me: "You have reached the voicemail of Kim Thomas, Please do NOT leave a message"


Anonymous said...

"You have reached the voicemail of Kim Thomas, Please do NOT leave a message, please send a txt msg to xxx-xxx-xxxx and If you are in my Favorite 5, I will respond within 10 days...."


Queen B said...

LOL, what a terrible "feature" that you have to pay for. At least they didn't just lump it into your service plan and force it on you!

I would like a list of the people who are sick enough to sign up for this. They obviously need a life.

Kim Thomas said...

Only sickos would sign up for this one....

Queen B said...

no joke. I was hoping enhanced voicemail was like a secretary service where they would listen to your messages and then give you a concise summary upon request. Or that you could set an option so that it never gave the caller a "beep" to leave their message after. just something to make the whole idea of voicemail suck less!

Jane said...

2 words. Oh God!! What a waste of productivity. No matter how hard you try there is no way to discretely check voicemail while multi-tasking.

You have reached the voice mail of Jane Smith. Please do not leave a message........(average response with voice mail: 17 days)