Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

Top Highlights of 2012: 

1. Thomas Cove (Our new backyard),  in January when visiting Pebble Beach I decided that we needed a cove. What a great decision! We love Thomas Cove and we have spent many hours this year enjoying it

< 2. Camping in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. We had a great time visiting the Tetons and Yellowstone this summer. What made it the most special was spending it with the Krueger's and Mom and James.

3. Family trips to Phoenix, Chicago and San Diego were awesome and jam packed. Phoenix Zoo, Willis Tower, Chicago Cubs game, Science Museum, Sea World, San Diego Kids Museum are highlights

< 4. Seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavour . First we saw it flying on the back of a 747 by JPL and then a few weeks later we saw it in LA That was really really cool, what an experience seeing the shuttle driving down the street in Los Angeles. I am so glad we were able to go do this. (Had it been on time we wouldn't have been able to see it)
5. Watching the kids grow way too fast! They tell you in goes quickly but until you have kids to watch grow you don't realize it. Brooke is such a big girl and talking to Sydney and listening to her thought processes and answer her questions is so much fun. I HATE how fast these girls are growing.

New Years Eve 2012

Another New Years Eve in Pasadena is here. We have a new spot on the parade route (closer to our house than usual but not what we wanted) and it has turned out well. Dinner consisted of Becca's Chili (and not my leek soup which was awful and dumped down the drain). The hot chocolate bar didn't get made until 9:00PM and now everyone is in bed but me, I am waiting until midnight to put out the chairs. Becca is getting up for the 6:00AM shift-this to ensure everyone gets their seats for the parade! PS as I was chatting with our Rose Parade neighbor tonight and we discovered that she knows the Skinner family and her daughter goes to school with REM and MJM.

I Love Lucy Trivia Challenge

Every year on New Years Eve James and I compete in an I Love Lucy Trivia game. Sometimes Becca plays and today was one of those sometimes. We all did competed pretty evenly tonight but James came out the winner. The questions are typical not easy, unless you have really watched I Love Lucy you don't have a chance. The way we play is when you get to the final spot on the board you have to answer every question on the card to be declared the winner. These were James' final questions tonight: (1) In Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation, Ricky sand "I get the blues when it rains" on the "Be a Good Neighbor" show hosted by Freddie Fillmore. (Answer: True) (2) What was Fred's full name (Answer: Frederick Hobart EJ Mertz the 1st) (3) Where was Cornel Wilde staying? (Answer: In the penthouse) (4) Where did Lucy keep the milk int he hotel room when she faked her hunger strike (Answer: The Flower Vase)

Congratulations on your win, James!

Hanging On The Parade Route

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Huntington Library

We went on an outing today to the Huntington Library. (This is some place I definitely need to take Andrea Braun). Even though it is less than 3 miles from my house the last time I was there was when I was in the second grade, I remembered the Japanese garden and that was about it. I expected this would be a 2 hour adventure but it was a good 4 1/2 hours and we still didn't get to do everything. The girls were pretty good in the libraries and really enjoyed most of the day. Good times, we might even go back!

Sleepover Time!

It's safe to say that the girls loved spending the night together.

Winter Fireside Chat

Last night I made "Kansas City Steak Soup" out of my leftover Prime Rib. After the soup (which was great) we headed outside for some hot chocolate and cuddling by the fire pit. Conversation was about the presents that we received for Christmas and then we sang some Christmas songs. Fun evening for sure.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Washing Your Access Point?

No, they weren't washing an access point but there was a broken pipe in the ceiling above it caused the Bakersfield team to drain their AP :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Am Merida, First Born Descendent.....

Sydney and Liz received "Brave" bow and arrows for Christmas and immediately Sydney went outside and enacted the movie. (Liz did too but not as long as Sydney). Sydney's first words (in a Scottish voice) were "Curse this dress" and she pretended the dress was keeping her from shooting just like Merida in the movie. For those that haven't seen the movie she is reenacting a scene in which Merida competes for her own hand in marriage rather than taking one of the potential husbands. I can't wait to see Sydney tomorrow in her Merida dress and wig.

Christmas Morning at the Thomas House

Christmas morning at the Thomas house. The girls top items were Disney dolls and a dollhouse, David got the Polar Express Train and I got some cast iron cookware. Very Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Jesus!