Sunday, November 29, 2015

Season Of The Force

Season of the Force is awesome! The Darth Vader experience was really cool and Herspace Mountain was amazing! We all agreed it was the best ride layover ever-the Star Wars music made it absolutely perfect. We can't wait to go back and ride it again.

Great Disneyland Day!

We had a great day today at Disneyland! It was so much fun and that didn't include the Season of the Force! Second post on that coming soon! I love seeing Sydney love the fast rides-She has gotten so brave! Always a good time with the Kruegers and mom and dad.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Kicking Off Christmas

We had our second annual kick off Christmas party last night! Good times with some of our great friends!!!! Love this crew!

Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm Impressed

Jason has quite the Star Wars tree going.  I immediately went for my camera when I saw it-and way to go Becca on always making sure you get them on the 26th!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

As Seen At El Portal


Very Specific Candidate Wanted


I'm Trying Not To Be Fat

I said this to Grace the other day when I turned down a cookie. My next line "Look at my dinner from last night"


What We Are Thankful For


Yesterday I asked two people (and only two) what they were doing for Thanksgiving. Both of them responded by saying they were having Tofurkey. One was excited to cook it for her family the other was thrilled to have gotten the last one at Whole Foods.

No Thank You. I am not worried that I am missing out.

We Love Anabelle



Thomas Family Teams


I Choose Irish Cream

Will You Be My Hazelnut?


BFF Sleepover

These girls have really missed each other! They had so much fun on this sleepover.


As Seen In Sacramento

Order online and have the groceries delivered to your car-yes, this is awesome!


I Live In California, How Can I Help You?



Happy Halloween!





My Halloween Costume

Starbucks Fun With Mom

Brooke and I sat at Starbucks making letters the other day. Doesn't matter what you are doing this kid loves any kind of game.


Fun With The Trump Insult Generator



it's Just A Little Guy

Because there is a drought in California Starbucks in Sierra Madre is now serving shot sized waters.



Warming My Heart



In Case There is No BBQ


Shutterfly Screw Up

The cover of our Alaskan Cruise is not black but skulls and crossbones.


Bridge To The Future

I couldn't have more respect or admiration for this group. Last month we walked the Golden Gate Bridge symbolizing change and moving forward for our customer, our team and each other. I love their committment to excellence and the EUS way. 



Somebody Went To NY & All I Got Was This Lousy Picture

Well played!!!!