Sunday, January 31, 2010

Most Postiest Month Ever (KT Version)

Earlier today, Queen B posted that she had the highest posts ever during the month of January 2010. I did a quick comparison on my blog and I too can claim this achievement. Previous high: December 2009 with 44 blogs. Current high: January 2010 with 47 blogs.

Happy Anniversary, Mama and Papa!

Hope you have a great day today and a great year!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mom And I Went For a Pedicure

So mom and I went for a pedicure today. I needed that an eyebrow wax like you wouldn't believe. I like going with mom because it's great talk and relax time but the last two times we have been we haven't been able to sit next to each other. Thats really a bummer.

Today, we couldn't have been any further apart. If you look carefully, you might be able to see mom at the end.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Please Don't Reply All (2)

As Jane pointed out in the comments section of last nights post, we ended up with 79 emails on the subject. I will not paste all the copies but get the gist that 90% of them said either "Stop replying all", "this wasn't intended for me", "me either" or "Please remove me from this email". So you don't feel like you missed anything, here are some of my favorties from today:


*Me either. Maybe someone should send it to the right person. Maybe *Jane Doe* the person who signed for this delivery in the first place. That would make maybe a little sense. Here it is *Jane Doe*. It has your Signature on it. I don't know how it's going to so many wrong people.


*Please STOP hitting 'reply to all'! Some body has way too much time on their hands. I've already deleted over 20 emails on this subject this morning and they are still coming in. Thank you.


*Please keep sending me these emails.

*Maybe this is a virus

*I tried not to respond to the bazillion emails BUT some has to point out the obvious. If everyone will STOP answering and asking for everyone to stop sending them THEY WILL STOP. As long as oneone feels the need to say STOP, they won't.

*STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE THIS IS REDICULUS. I CAN NOT EVEN GET CAUGHT UP ON MY OWN IMPORTANT EMAILS.

*Anyone else find this oddly entertaining? Any guesses how long before people stop replying to this? I figure some time tomorrow around 10am. I’ll start a chart

*It is pretty entertaining; imagine what would happen if everyone stopped replying!

*Please remove me from this list. This has nothing to do with what I do.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Please Don't Reply All

I receive emails intended for the wrong person all of the time. When this happens I do one of two things: (1) Reply to the sender stating I shouldn't have received this. (For example: I did this a few weeks ago when someones secretary sent me their bosses American Express login) or (2) Just delete the message.

Tonight, I received an email that was sent to the wrong distribution list. Truth be told, I have no idea what the original email was about but here are the emails that followed:

Email Reply #1: I don't think I was suppose to get the invoice, or information below.

Email Reply #2: Nor I

Email Reply #3: I don’t know anything about this either. I think I received it by mistake.

Email Reply #4: Same.

Email Reply #5: Everybody stop replying to ALL, thx

Email Reply #6: Everyone knows this went to the wrong distribution list. Please just delete it and stop replying to all.

Email Reply #7: Looks like you’re sending these emails to EVERYONE. I don’t think everyone needs to be informed of this incident. Thanks.

Email Reply #8: Many received this message in error. Please recall this message and re-send to the intended recipients. To everyone who received in error, please do not “Reply to All” otherwise everyone’s going to get their inboxes loaded with everyone’s response that the message was received in error.

Email Reply #9: Would everyone quit hitting “Reply All”.

Email Reply #10: I don’t know anything about this.

Email Reply #11: Please….No MORE!

Email Reply #12: FYI, I have been getting all of these emails!!!!!!! For some reason you all have included me and I do not know anything about this, please stop.

Email Reply #13: Me either.

Email Reply #14: Please accept my apologies, I just auto forwarded the to your distribution list. This message was sent in error, please ignore.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Congratulations, Kevin!!!!

In December, Kevin got his masters degree. It took me about as long to get this post up as it did for him to earn his masters (OK, not really). We are so proud of you, congratulations on this awesome accomplishment.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, MJM!

We love you tons and hope you have the most fabulous birthday of all times!!!!!!! Wish we were with you to celebrate properly!

Happy Happy Birthday!!! May you get cash, Hollister, purses (ick) and everything else your heart desires.

Happy Birthday, Jane!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Generation Z or Generation E?

According to Wikipedia, Generation Z is represented by children born during the late 90's and through 2009. Sydney fits the bill for Generation Z except that David and I think she should actually be part of Generation E. You know, it's the electronic age, there's e-commerce, there's IBM's e-servers, e-vites, e-discovery, e-harmony....I could go on and on. Sydney belongs to this generation, generation E.

The epiphany that she belonged to this generation occurred several weeks ago and it was David's epiphany. We began noticing that MANY of Sydney's words suddenly began starting with "E".

Sydney doesn't say, "Mom Help", Sydney says "Mom E-Help".
Sydney doesn't say, "Mom Ice Please", Sydney says "Mom E-Ice Please"
Sydney doesn't say, "Daddy, Book Please", Sydney says "Daddy, E-Book"
Sydney doesn't point to a heart and say "Heart", she says "E-Heart"

These are just a idea why or how this started, it just began suddenly around Christmas.

Happy January Birthday, Ruth

Just for you, today I am celebrating the almighty 23.

Friday, January 22, 2010


An IDP is an abreviation for Individual Development Plan. We do these every year at work (or you are supposed to at least) As part of the IDP you need to identify any future job aspirations you may have. Because I love my current job, this has always been a struggle for me.....until now.

This week I became aware of two jobs that exist at Dell that I would be very interested in persuing: (1) Vice President of Social Media and (2) Chief Blogger

Flashback Friday (42)

Two years ago (January 19th, 2008) we had the first HCBC gathering: Before Abba, Agent Dragonfly, Bianka, Diane, KFUJ, and Andrea. (Not pictured: Ann and Ruth Anne) Diane was there but not an HCBC member at the time. This was also the first party Jane threw in her new home-Nice Job!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Two Pics Depicting The Storm

As you know, things are storming in the "Southland" and in AZ. For Southern California it is the most rain since 1932. (I'm having a hard time buying that but thats what they're saying)

Knotts Berry Farm closed a couple days this week, Disneyland kicked people out early (gave them a free pass to come back another day), had some tornados, lots of hail but the sun will be back on Saturday!

Here are my favorite pics from the TV: The first shows 22 lightening strikes, the second shows what it looks like in Big Bear.

For Jenn Ann

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Becca!!!!!

Happy Birthday to the best first sister ever!!!!!!!! Thank you for everything you do for me and my family. You are truly an example to us all. I love you more than words!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome To Hermosa Vista (2)

And they always close the loop. One of today's messages:

Subject: Re: Orange Purse

Message Body: I found one! Thanks to everybody who checked for me!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome To Hermosa Vista

The Hermosa Vista email address is Jane's Neighborhood distribution list. There are several emails that come out everyday on this list and she was so amused by many of them that several months ago she had me added to the distribution list.

Since than I have seen numerous items for sale (just yesterday there were 22 inch tires), missing and found pets, several opportunities for house sitting, charity opportunities, ride sharing (I am driving to Utah and looking for a travel companion), today there were two goodies: (1) someone looking for a "mini tramp" (I can only guess an exercise trampoline) but the pièce de ·sis·tance was:

Subject: Orange Purse

Message Body: Ok - I have all colors of purses except orange. Ok... who doesn't have an orange purse??? If anyone out there has one (kind of large-ish) that I can borrow for Wednesday night and promptly return that same night, I would be forever indebted. Please call or e-mail me back

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take That Favre Haters!!!!

Love this man! Favre does "Pants on the Ground" from American Idol after kicking Dallas.

In The News

This really cool site allows you to click on FrontPage Newpapers throughout the world to see the days headlines.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti Earthquake

Words can't describe........the devastation and suffering is unfathomable. This is an AP photo (see original here and article) of a two year old boy who was rescued today from the rubble of his home. He smiled when he saw his moms face.

How to donate to relief efforts: See Googles Crisis Response site

24 Starts Tomorrow!!!!!

Reminder everyone!!!! 24 Season 8 Premiers tomorrow night on Fox. Don't miss it!

Refrigerator Incident

A notice from corporate communications in the Pasadena office:

7th Floor Kitchen
Incident Thursday, January 14th

For Your Information:

There was food (belonging to an employee) from Sharkey’s restaurant in a bag in the refrigerator that was rifled through and some food was taken.

If the bag is not marked (with a name) and you are uncertain if the food belongs to someone, please ask.

Helpful Suggestions:

Check containers/bags for names
If container/bag is not marked, ask to see if it belongs to someone

Your Cooperation is appreciated

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Boy After My Own Heart

Coleman left his wallet at my house. The only difference between me and him is that he actually remembered leaving at my house on the couch (I would have no clue). I dug through the couch and found it!!!! We'll get it in the mail!

She Really Didn't Want To Be Snow White

This is a belated halloween post......

Why Aren't They Models?

Even with the Toy Story Mania glasses these two manage to take the perfect picture.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Multi-Purpose Strollers

Mom went on a major shopping spree before Christmas at Disneyland. She went alone but decided to take the stroller anyway. Good idea. LOL

Remember last time.........

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Fudge Rum Sundae At Northwoods Inn

I have never seen dessert at Northwoods Inn. This is because of the two salads, fabulous cheesebread, baked potato with cheese butter, rice and steak (or lobster, shrimp, etc.)

Tonight, Dora decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert. Yummo, I want to go in for a nightcap sometime and try the Blackberry Sundae. The Fudge Rum Sundae looked fantastic.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Offshore or Nearshore?

This is the air conditioning unit in the rooms at the Hilton Pasadena.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Denver Dream vs San Diego Seduction

These were the two teams playing last night in the Lingerie Football League.

The Lingerie Football League plays every Friday night and who knew that there was a Football team still in Los Angeles, oh yeah, The Los Angeles Temptations. RO!

Let's Eat Food!

I think Sydney had a New Years Resolution, to eat. Since January 2nd Sydney has eaten more food than she has in the past month or any other month since birth. She is frequently saying "Food" and actually sitting down and eating her meal. (This is a major accomplishment).

The amazing thing is right before she started eating I was talking to mom and we both said "Starting Tuesday (This was the day the Braun's were leaving) no matter how painful it is she is going to sit down, eat her food and have all snacks taken away until she can eat normal food". Since that conversation she has eaten every meal, sitting down with no problem. I am chalking it up to Sydney's New Years Resolution. Way to go, girl!

Friday, January 08, 2010

No Disneyland During Bed Rest

I missed the Disneyland Christmas Parade this year due to bedrest. In fact I totally missed Disneyland at Christmas-something I absolutely love. Darn. Enter 2010:

This week I missed out on two Disneyland trips! The first was with the Braun's and the second was with the family. Here are a couple of shots of what I missed out on today. (BTW: Congrats to Becca for getting a pass, lots of Disney fun planned for this year!)

Week 33-PG Update

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was on bedrest. Basically, at week 30 I started having some pre-term labor and the doctor imposed bedrest on me. This week he allowed me to return to work on a work from home basis so thats where we are at. This stage of the bedrest will probably last 2-3 more weeks and then we'll see what happens.

Katherine has been breach the entire pregnancy. The doctor thinks she turned last week because of where he picked up the heartbeat. That is fantastic news since I want to avoid the C-Section if at all possible.

The heartburn this pregnancy has been horrific. I've been doing the 2 Pepcid's a day and tums and it hasn't been enough, I have been absolutely miserable.

If she is born at 36 weeks, it will be Laura's birthday. If she is born at 37 weeks it will be dad's birthday and if she is born at 40 weeks it will be 2/22.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Sees Candy Bordeaux

I had been wanting some Sees candy for days and so on my birthday Becca went and got me a half pound of my most favorite candy in the world, The Bordeaux. The Bordeaux consists of brown sugar and butter cream covered in milk chocolate. A half pound is 9 pieces.

Since my birthday, 17 days ago, I have eaten 6 pieces and my mom has had 2 of them. I have one left and will probably eat it over the weekend. How long would they last in your house?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Randy Johnson Retires

This is notable for two (and only two) reasons.
The first one is that I find Randy Johnson (and I realize this isn't nice) one of the most visibly unpleasant people I have ever seen. This is because of his terrible stringy and nasty hair. The way it hangs all over the place and looks under his hat is just horrible, especially when it is soaked in sweat. CUT THE HAIR, Randy.

The second reason is that he is retiring after 22 years.

Happy Birthday, CEM!

We Love You!!!!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Tonight I took an excursion out of the house to my favorite steakhouse, Pinnacle Peak. The steakhouse is an old stagecoach stop on Route 66 in San Dimas and I have been going there for years. I have gone many times for my birthday and figured a western steakhouse would be a great place to take our east coast company.

It didn't disappoint! Great company, steaks, ribs, bread, salad and Sydney loved the western beans (Great). As a bonus, I got out of the house for a couple hours!!!!!!

Happy New Year!

I Missed New Years Eve

Lots happened while I was in bed on my second favorite day of the year (First being Christmas). Most of it is recapped on the Braun blog. I made sure Becca took a picture of Thanks to Mom and Becca for taking care of all of the food, it certainly looks VERY good. I was able to try everything yesterday (except the creamed spinach-darn) and it was all delicious.

Another special thanks to Becca who got here at 3:45AM on New Years Eve to ensure that everyone was able to watch the parade from the first or second row. And one more thanks to mom who prepared all the food for New Years morning as well!

Sydney's First In-N-Out

The Braun's enjoyed In-N-Out so much they wanted it again for lunch today. To celebrate the joy of In-N-Out we decided that Sydney needed to have her first one today. She looked really excited when it was first presented to her but......

Unfortunately, she was not pleased for long. She refused to try it proclaiming over and over "No Food", "No Food", "No Food". After the meal was over (and she had eaten ONE french fry) she decided she was hungry but would only eat the patty....and that was after she pulled off any scrap of cheese from the patty. I guess she enjoyed that but it's not really an In-N-Out is it?

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Patient Eleven

Patient Zero

HCBC: The Numbers 2009

No surprise that Andrea Braun ends 2009 with the most blogs posted (Second year in a row). As I said last year, I knew she was going to be fierce competion, however I did underestimate Jane in 09 who bypassed me for second place. Bianka managed to squeak past Lospace who brought up the rear.

Who Has More Fun: 446
Jane Says: 431
Kim1Champ: 422
Rachel Made Me Do This: 297
Kfuj: 187
Queen B: 169
Diane's Online Diary: 166
Abba: 109
Random Thoughts: 99
Skinner Family News: 88
Agent Dragonfly: 68
Bianka's Beeswax: 35
LoSpace: 34