Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I had a great 41st birthday. There is no fanfare for 41 but it was a fun family day. First we went to Grand Park in downtown LA. I have been wanting to visit there for awhile so we put the check on that box-it's not too exciting but it was fun. After Grand Park we went to Grand Market and had barbecue for lunch-it was pretty good. This was followed by Santa pictures and Brooke getting her ears pierced then our traditional birthday evening at the Americana. Last but not least we decided to look at Christmas lights on our way home.


Sara Watson said...

How Grand :) Brooke's ears pierced - yay! and you forgot to mention our phone call in the list of ways you celebrated :) ILY & Happy Birthday!

PS: my robot word verification was "uhate".... nice!

Jane said...

Happy birthday!!