Sunday, December 21, 2014

Shredding Old Checks

What a bummer that I didn't think of this blog earlier in the process. Brooke and I shredded 100's of checks yesterday from  the last 18 years. During the final minute I started getting entertained. Here are a few remember when's:

*we used to give siblings birthday gifts? Here is a check to Kevin for $25.00
*I used to write checks to the gift shop to get cash. This one was for $10.00.
*Housing was $585.00 a month
*Restaurants took checks
*Fedco existed
*Costco was Price Club

Darn that I didn't take some of the other gems. There were many.


Jane said...

Laughing again

Sara Watson said...

When we cleaned out my Grandmom's house, we came across hundreds of checks from when my dad was in college (in the 1960s). They all had his SSN on them, so there was a lot of shredding involved.