Sunday, December 14, 2014

WDW: Day 3-Sydney Overcomes Her Roller Coaster Fear

Several months ago Sydney and I came to an agreement that I wouldn't make her go on any ride she didn't want to at Disney World but she had to go on the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train with the family. She has said for years that roller coasters "Scare her tummy" and she doesnt like them. She was super nervous getting on the mine train but half way through I realized she liked it. I was so happy for her! She immediately wanted to go again and later she went on Thunder Mountain (3 times actually) and loved it! She says Thunder Mountain was the highlight of her trip and can't wait to go to Disneyland to go on it again. This was the highlight of my trip-I am so proud of her. 


Jane said...

So proud!!

Diane said...


Sara Watson said...

she is so darn cute! yay for conquering fears!