Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Last 36 Hours of Vacation

Included the following:
  • Sydney and Brooke played headbands with Kiersten and Nathan
  • Everybody split back up and went their own ways
  • David and Sydney watched some Elk
  • Brooke, David and I went to dinner at Old Faithful Inn
  • We stayed at Bridge Bay campground for the first time
  • I went to the urgent care at Jackson Lake Lodge
  • We went to a late lunch at the Town Square Tavern-I have been wanting to eat there for awhile but we are usually not in town long enough to do it. I could have sat there for hours.
  • We headed home


Sara Watson said...

yikes :( tough way to end vaca

James Evans said...

You forgot abot the broken mirror and the first victim of no-mirrored Ravy

Jane said...

Damn ankle