Friday, September 12, 2014

Running Missions on Friday Night

Last year I started "Running Missions" with these five. Missions generally consist of getting in the car and going a whole bunch of interesting places. Last Friday, we ran the following missions:
  • Sneaked through the Black Cow (right past James) without being seen
  • Dinner at Zeke's Smokehouse (first time we have been there-it was good)
  • Running up the ramps at Zeke's
  • Return trip to Black Cow for ice cream
  • Trip by my office to pick up some supplies for my team meeting
  • Yelling funny words in the parking structure to hear the echo
  • First Tee-Pee trip ever was at the Tanaka's.


Diane said...

Ice cream yum!

Sara Watson said...

love this idea! what adventures :)

Jane said...

Great tradition!!