Monday, February 16, 2015

4 Parks, 1 Day!

 On Monday it rained from about 1:30PM until at least 9:00PM. There was no way that Rachel could take Kellan out in the rain so we decided that I would take Brooke and Nathan out. We started by putting on ponchos and heading to Hollywood Studios. There we went on the Movie Ride (shocking no line since it's an inside ride and queue) and Star Tours before heading to the Starbucks and then going over to Epcot. It was wet and a bit cold. 

At Epcot we went on Living with the Land (Didn't see any giant lemons but did some giant cucumbers-James) and then had dinner and went on Spaceship earth-hilarious pictures below. 

On the way to the Magic Kingdom so Nathan could ride the Mine Train Brooke announced that she had lost her Magic Band-I managed to not get too mad considering I had told her to put it back on when she took it off in the bathroom. Fortunately, guest services was prepared and we were able to get into the Magic Kingdom with no problem. We were so excited that they let the kids ride together on the Main Train, fireworks went off and they loved it so we went again (Line was less than 30 minutes), after the Mine Train we headed to Big Thunder and then got ice cream and saw a little bit of the Electrical Light Parade on the way out-it was awesome. Leaving Nathan announced, "I can't believe we went to all four parks in one day-this is the best". Indeed, Nathan. Good Times.


Sara Watson said...

I'm a sucker for those photo op cut outs! love it :)

Jane said...

You definitely had your quota of fun