Sunday, March 22, 2015

When Your Evening Walk Gets Scary

So tonight on my evening walk I walked through this spot that had the sidewalk under construction. When I saw these footprints I started thinking crime scene then the rest of the walk I was freaking out. Then I started watching every car that drove by in great detail....then I started thinking about Criminal Minds and if a car stopped and I ran to a house for help that it might be a trap to get me in that was a really relaxing walk home. 


Andrea said...

Criminal Minds is the best and worst because it is very educational and exciting and worst because it makes a person constantly question whether they are walking into the hands if a serial killer....or maybe that is just me.

Sara Watson said...

RO! I knew ABBA would be all over this :)

Amy Judd said...

Yikes, I watched Criminal Minds a couple weeks ago and it gave me nightmares. Never again.