Friday, April 24, 2015

Brooke's Messages To Mom

Brooke likes to use my phone to send messages to me. They are usually emoticons and then she explains what it means. Today I wrote down what she said verbatim as she walked through her important message to mom:

Mom this is for Ballet and for you watching me do ballet, this is for sisters, this is for family, mom and dad, this is for queen, (note crown to keep you on track) dressing up, go swimming together, if you get wet bring an umbrella, if you want lipstick we can put it on, three loves, lots of love, more love, kisses, more kisses, remind Micah of dragons, go to the zoo together and find all the animals, find more animals and dogs, flowers for love, moon and sun for God, shooting stars and build a snowman together, find rainbows, go on a ride in Ravey sometime!, if we have an emergency call the fireman and the police and go on a boat together and go on a pirate ship together and another boat, go on three planes together to see Aunt Rachel, and if we get hurt go to the hospital, and if we lose our house we can take a picture of it and love, and find rainbows with all our family and pick flowers if you like them for the Rose Parade and get bows for our hair, and get new hats and I hope mom has a good work (If you are lost this is the red high heels), and I hope dad has a good work too and I hope we can go to the zoo sometime-wait, I am too tired I think we need to stop but (she skips down to the bottom) I hope we can make happy faces and silly faces and smile sometime and take a picture of us smiling.

I love this kid........

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