Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Disneyland Night of Firsts

  1. The girls first time on Grizzly River Run
  2. Our first time eating at Storytellers Cafe (likely last, it was just ok)
  3. My first time buying clothes because I was soaked
  4. My first time entering Disneyland and not getting past the Magic shop on Main Street
  5. The girls first time seeing Paint the Night
  6. The girls first time seeing Disneyland Forever
Brooke loved Paint the Night
Sydney loved Disneyland Forever (I even cried happy tears holding her) It was awesome watching it from Main Street (we couldn't even see the castle but it was amazing and I liked it much better than the Matterhorn view (although Mount Wannahockaloogie on the Matterhorn was awesome)

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Jane said...

lol getting soaked