Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dinner with Mom and James

My plane touched down from Phoenix tonight and on my way out of the airport I made a couple of calls, the first to David (who didn't answer) and then to my mom. Mom told me that she and James were going to dinner at Ernie Jr's in Eagle Rock. Ernie Jr's is located right off the 134 freeway and directly on my way home so I suggested that maybe I should join them. Mom seemed pleased and so I called David again (he answered this time) and I told him I was going to meet up with them for dinner and I would bring him something home. He was fine with that and so I called mom back, told her to order for me and then drove to Ernie Jr's.

I arrived at Ernie Jr's and sat down. Dinner was on the table and they were starting to eat so I engaged in some brief conversation about my flight home (which I will discuss in a later blog) and then I started to eat. After a couple of bites the following conversation ensued:

James: What time is it?
Mom: 6:45
James: 6:45???? (sounding alarmed)
Mom: Yes, we're late, we better go.
Kim: Where are you going?
James: A meeting for winter sports, at school.
Kim: I just got here!
Mom: Oh, we're sorry
Kim: So I am supposed to sit here and eat alone? (Incredulous)
James: Hurry, mom!
Mom: Kim, I'm just gonna let you get dinner. I'll pay you later.
Kim: Are you kidding me? Not only am I here alone, I have to pay???!?!?
Mom: I'm really sorry (as she laughs)
James: (laughs)
Mom: Oh, I am also going to need you to wait for Dad's food.
Kim: Huh?
Mom: I ordered him six tacos to go
Mom: I'll pick them up from your house after the meeting. (laughs some more)
James: Bye

**5 minutes later**
Waiter: Did they leave you?
Kim: Yes



Becca said...

Ok...that is stinkin hilarious!!!!!!
I made Jason come in and read it.
All I have to say is...OH MY!!!!!!!

kays said...

OMG! This is hysterical! Thank your Mom for me will you?

dawn :) said...

first the starbucks story (thank you james), now this?! your mom is priceless!! :) you think this is payback for all those years you drove HER nuts? naaaah! i didn't think so either!


James Evans said...

lol that is really exactly how it happened too...hahahah

SquareBob said...

So, they left you AND made you pay.... Way to go Mom....

Dora said...

LOL -gotta love mom!! I'm taking notes...Alyssa beware.

Julie said...

:: takes notes on how to get Kim to pay for dinner during my next California trip ::

Teri said...

I almost died laughing.