Friday, August 22, 2014

Giada Vegas!!

In early 2013 I heard Giada was opening a restaurant in Vegas and I have been waiting to go ever since. It actually opened in May and I was lucky enough to get reservations during a work a trip to Las Vegas.

Being a Giada fan I was absolutely thrilled to go. I began following Giada Vegas on Instagram and Twitter and I had determined that i was getting the Tuscan Ribeye or the Tasting menu. The reviews I read were mixed and so I wasn't sure what to expect. I can tell you that I loved it and I will go back (at least for lunch). 

We decided to go for the Tasting Menu which included Giada's Antipasti sampler, a pasta, main entree and 5 desserts each!! For the Antipasti we had the following: 

*Wood Roasted Mushrooms-I don't eat mushrooms but had some and they were awesome!
*Bacon Wrapped Dates-Amazing
*Citrus Marinated Calamari-good
*Two different Crostini's-Both were excellent. I could have eaten a plate of them
*Tallegio-very good 

The pasta was Rigatoni Vegetable Bolognese and Lemon shrimp spaghetti. Both were very good, the lemon spaghetti was out of this world.

Entrees were Seares salmon and lamb chops. Both were good and we were all full as our 20 desserts were selected. This was like getting Ashed without getting Ashed. We tried most everything including: lemon ricotta cookie, chocolate  chip cookie, three different tiramisu, gelato, almond/chocolate tart, chocolate that included 14 karat gold, berry tart and I honestly can't remember what else but everything was fantastic! 

The restaurant was decorated like Giada's house and while elegant was homey. We had a great time and were so lucky being able to experience it with Ash and Laura. Thank you guys for a great evening!


Jane said...

Giada and Ash may be related

Sara Watson said...

Gotta do the tasting menu