Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Is This Blog Dead?

I have blogged since September 2006. I love my blog but I am having challenges with my blogging app and subsequently I find that I only like the blog if I blog from my PC and it frustrates me. Then I get behind....and when I get behind I truly want to catch up. Good grief, I didn't even get Brooke's birthday blogged this year. I had 3 posts in February.......my lowest month before that was once when I had 19. Somethings got to change, thats all I have to say. The question of the day, do I go back and blog February or do we just have a bad start of the year and I pick it up from here?


Sara Watson said...

You need to blog Brooke's birthday. That is my only advice! Do you think another blogging platform would make mobile blogging easier?

Jane said...

Yeah - Rachel didn't one from me either