Sunday, December 10, 2006

Customer Service at Verizon

They are the worst! Today, we went in there so David could get a new Blackberry. (He does not need one but he wants the new one and you know that David always gets what he wants) Anyway, we go in, finally get called (you go into a queue there) and head up to the counter. The following conversation ensues:

Kim: We would like to upgrade his phone.
Customer Service Rep: Well, you may not be eligible, the phone he has looks pretty new
Kim: (Thinking: yeah no kidding, he does not need this, why are we buying it?) Says: Yes, we are eligible, I checked online.
Customer Service Rep: Yes, I see that you are eligible but oops we have a problem.
Kim: What's the problem?
Customer Service Rep: Well, your account is past due and even if you pay it right now, it won't show up on the screen for 24 hours so you can't get the phone today.
Kim: How could we be past due? We are on Verizon's Auto Pay Service.
Customer Service Rep: Well this is going to sound stupid but it looks like we took out 174.82 and you owed 175.22.
Kim: Huh? So, they didn't take enough out? And we are past due by 40 cents?
Customer Service Rep: Yes, that is correct.
Kim: Verizon, took out the wrong amount, I did not pay the wrong amount. I am prepared to spend $250.00 on a new phone right now and I can't because of this 40 cents, which again is your error, not mine.
Customer Service Rep: I'm sorry, but you can't get the new phone.
David: So, I can't get the phone?
Customer Service Rep: I'm sorry but until it shows zero in my computer I can't upgrade you and that will not show up as paid until tomorrow, at the earliest. All balances must be paid on time.
David: Is there anybody else we can talk to?
Customer Service Rep: No
Kim: Verizon Wireless, we never stop working for you. (Leaves the counter)


James said...

OMG LOLOLOLOLOL 40 cents!!! hahahahahaha...Dsvid must of almost shot her!! haha lol that is too funny

cap'n jeff said...

and all this time I felt Verizon had flagged my account so that only lame, clueless, and utterly useless individuals would offer to assist me. The last time Verizon did something similiar I sent an email message to their Regional VP and copied the Store Manager. I see the Web Site has changed and they no longer list their brilliant leaders. I will bet you can still get a name! They need to know. ML that representative!

dawn :) said...

this makes absolutely no sense to me!! idiots! couldn't she have just charged you $250.40??! good lord!


Anonymous said...

Excuse me! Why is everyone assuming the customer rep is a WOMAN? Where in the blog is the sex mentioned?

Dora said...

LOL -"We never stop working for you..."

Queen B said...

HA! When I read the header I was thinking I could counter with a crappy story about Sprint, but this one certainly makes Sprint look like rocket scientists. I truly did not think that was possible.