Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mom's Organization Methods=Madness

This highlights my conversation this morning, at Starbucks, with my mom.

Mom: I accidentally deleted my Christmas list, did I tell you that?
Kim: No. Have you checked the recycle bin, Did you do a search for the file name?
Mom: No
Kim: I'm sure it's probably there, I'll look later and see if I can find it. Is it in excel?
Mom: No, it's in the box thing. The yellow box.
Kim: (thinking: well, this is a new one)
Mom: You know, where the calendar and phone numbers are.
Kim: Oh, Outlook. Why is your Christmas list in Outlook?
Mom: Well, I don't want anyone to find it so I just pick a day and put everything on that day
Kim: You what? (Incredulous and thinking: I bet that won't sync well with my Treo, I can't wait to write about this)
Mom: Well, this year, I put my Christmas list on August 27th

I stop the conversation there because you get the point. TOTAL MADNESS. I am absolutely out of my mind as I listen to this. Apparently, she handles other things this way too, she sets an appointment up on a random day for say all of her vacation planning and another appointment for lists and such. She puts all the data into the notes section of the appointment. The date is not even significant (like I said random) she just "remembers" which day she picked for what. I am totally amazed that this type of activity goes on, I quote an organizational expert from earlier this week, "We have rookie users everywhere". I am surrounded by people that are in desperate need of technology training.

Back to mom, I remember several years ago (when she was first "computing") she would start her excel spreadsheets on some random row like 568 so that if someone opened the file they would think it was empty. She is very serious about data security. LOL. Needless to say, when I discovered this I about died and I tried to teach her to use row number 1 and a file password. I am not sure what the current status is of these items but I am not very hopeful that we have reached a satisfactory resolution.

I guess, I'll go over to my moms later today and check her Outlook deleted items because there is no doubt, the mysterious Christmas list appointment, on August 27th is sitting in that folder.


kays said...

OMG-"You should take this show on the road!" What a crack up your interactions with your Mom are!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a level of out of the box thinking that I have never heard of before. --Rachel

Queen B said...

I do have to say that this sounds like something my mom would do... alas, she is a computing rookie as well.

Do we want to put money on if your mom is using random dates as her excel file passwords?

PS: whatever you do, do not let her add you as an invitee to her Christmas list. Your Treo will probably explode.

Dora said...

LOL! "It's in the box thing. The yellow one." That is hilarious!! You have to admit her high level of security is awesome. I mean what hacker would think of scrolling down to line 700 of an excel spreadsheet to look for data?

James Evans said...

i dont even know what to say...all i can think of is why the yellow box? and why AUGUST 27th? LOL

Teri said...

I did the Outlook appointment thing once.

James Evans said...

i laugh so much every time i read this