Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday (Grey Thursday???)

We ran into Andrew at Grace at the Target in Azusa. It was Grace's first Black Friday adventure and it couldn't have been better! As much as I was completely against the stores opening early it was actually great for us. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon so heading to Target afterwards was much more convienient than midnight or 5AM. Crowds were bad and we took the Target #Salefie in an attempt to win 10K. After Target we hit the mall briefly and then we were home by 10:00. 

PS. For those that think we are crazy for participating in Black Friday this is a long tradition for us and it is fun! I totally enjoy this night out shopping with Becca, Mom and James (and now, Andrew and Grace) Thanks for Kim Evans for encouraging the online shopping-we did this too!


Jane said...

Our adventure was uneventful - leave it to the Evans to make it work :)

Sara Watson said...

that is a great salefie! I like your necklace.