Sunday, November 23, 2014

So Larry Is Moving Today.......

I have enough friends not in my zip code, I didn't need to add this one. This guy has been by my side since 2002. Always available for lunch, always ready to stop by, free coffee at any time, one phone call and he was there. One of the most dependable people I have ever known and he has NEVER let me down.

Larry, you are an amazing friend and more. As much as I am going to miss you I am so happy to see you start this next awesome chapter in your life. You deserve it so much!!!! Thanks for having lunch with Brooke and I on your last working day in So Cal!!!

I truly love you and I cherish your friendship more than you will ever know. Stay close to the airport your boss may summons you to California for some emergency coffee soon. ;)

The last picture is a perfect depiction of how this makes me feel :( 


Sara Watson said...

:( RO at sad pic

Jane said...

I get to see Larry more!!! Im npot doing a sad face